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It is such a beautiful night, the light in the street beamed brightly.
The air blew her red dress, revealing her thighs but she care less.
It blew again but it doesn’t catch her attention that her thighs were exposed, all her attention was fixed on the sea below her.
Tears streamed from her face, her hair were all messy but yet makes her more beautiful.
Her tears and the river below met thereby making some sounds, standing on the bridge ready to take her life. It is all useless after all, her life is a mess.
Ending it here, at her favourite place will be a blessing.
Even if she dies, no one will care. No one ever cares, they all think of her as a attention whore, a witch craving for her, the sadist, the lady in red.
‘For the sake of everyone, I should at least end this miserable life.’ She thought about to fall when she heard a sweet calmly voice.
“Are you going to take your life?”
Lincoln Mansion
“Lora, why are you doing this? We have been dating for five years now. You can’t just break up with me” Lincoln said holding Lora his girlfriend back but she pushed him away and gave him a slap.”
“Yes, we have been dating for five fucking years. But yet no s3x, I stayed in a relationship for no good s3x. You always complained you are too tired to do anything but it was lie”
“The fact is just you can’t have S3x because you are impotent” She mocked and tears dropped from Lincoln face.
The truth was just that he has low sperm since he was a kid. No one except his friends know but now the last person he wants to know about it is hurting him with it.
“Lora, try to listen to me. It isn’t like that”
“Not like that, am I lying? That is just the truth, you want to know how I found out. Jasper told me, he told me you are a bastard that is impotent. Your friend told me, I was such a fool.”
“I should have known, it been five years”
“Five years, I will play with toys to satisfy myself or touch myself. Do you know how frustrating and disgusting that is? I can’t do this anymore, I want to live my life now so please get the fuck out of my life.”
“You impotent” she yelled and left while Lincoln fell on his knee.
His best friend just tell on him, and his girlfriend just broke up with him.
Why will he do such, Lora must be lying to break up with him.
“This can’t be, she can’t just leave” I uttered and stood to my feet.
I ran after her and to my surprise, I saw Lora with Jasper.
“You did well” he encouraged Lora. “Let go out of here” He said and kissed my girlfriend.
Tears flowed freely from my face, my best friend just betrayed me, he tell on me and cheated with my girlfriend.
My life is a mess, I have nothing to live for.
My five years relationship is over and my best friend just betrayed me.
He laughed like a lunatic, he went back inside and took a drink and start drinking.
He couldn’t believe what just happened to him, who will? Death is better than this, no death is merciful.
He took a bottle and head out of his house, it was already dark.
He headed to the bridge near his place, everyone was looking at him like a mad man.
No, he is close to being one. He got to the bridge and saw a lady standing on the bridge.
He couldn’t see her face but her beautiful red dress, she was well curved and well shaped.
His eyes was fixed on her beautiful body that he forgot why he is here.
He could hear her crying, why is she crying? She closed her eyes ready to jump down.
“Are you trying to kill yourself?” He said which caught the lady attention.
“If you are going to die, then let’s die together. It will be good to die with someone rather than dying alone” He said while the lady look at him amused.
He climbed the bridge and hold the lady hands, “let die together” he smiled and the lady removed his hand which let him lose balance and he almost fall but regained his balance.
“Are you crazy?” The lady shouted after she got down.
“What, don’t you want to die again. You were standing on the bridge so I thought you were ready to die. I guess you weren’t but instead I just die alone” he said about to jump but the lady held his hand and pull him back before he jumped.
“Are you crazy?” The lady shouted.
“Yes, I am. Why does my best friend have to betrayed me, why do my girlfriend have to leave me because of my condition”
“Why, why?” He yelled crying.
She looked at him surprised and confused, ‘he must be passing through a lot’ she thought. He looks hurt and sad, She doesn’t know why but she found herself hugging him.
Trying to comfort him, “it isn’t your fault”
“It was never your fault” She console him and he cried more.
They both sat at the side of the bridge, silent before Lincoln decide to stay a conversation.
“Why are you here?” He asked and the lady looked at him.
She wonder if she should tell him about herself or keep shut. She doesn’t want him to hate her too even if they have only if they have only meet not long ago and they don’t know each other. She still want to be with him, all night.
“Nothing” she looked away.
“You are lying, you can trust me” he re-assured and she sighed.
“I came to kill myself”
“I know, the real reason you want to kill yourself”
“Because am tired of my life, my mom hates me because she think am trying to ruin her relationship”
“My dad died a ten years ago and she remarried after few months. Funny right? After a year after their marriage, her husband became to treat me wrong. He will try to assualt me but if I tell my mom she won’t listen. Yesterday he almost have his way but I stabbed him and my mom sent me out from her house saying what exactly is my benefits? That am trying to destroy her marriage, calling me attention whore” She cried and Lincoln hugged her.
“Don’t cry, you don’t deserve to but your mom who didn’t believe you” He console her.
She pulled away from him and Lincoln saw her face, “wow” he murmured looking at her beautiful face.
Is she human?’
“What about you?” She asked and he cleared his throat.
“Just friend issue” he stated not willing to tell her about him. He doesn’t want her to see him as a fool.
“I see” she said and they took silent again.
“F*ck this” Lincoln stood up and the lady looked at him confused.
“Why do we have to feel bad because of nothing? We did nothing wrong, they are the one that is supposed to feel bad. Let forget about everything, let just enjoy tonight” He said and the lady smiled which makes him formed butterflies.
“What is funny?” He asked and she stood up.
“You aren’t the type that is good with words” She answered and Lincoln laughed.
“Is it obvious?” he asked laughing and she joined him.
They both stopped and look at each other, filled with emotions.
“Ok, let forget about everything and enjoy tonight. Too bad, am not that familiar with any place here” She pouts and Lincoln couldn’t help but to steal a glare.
He composed himself” I know a perfect place for that” he said and hold her hand as they both walked side by side smiling at each other like lovers.
Even if they are stranger to each other.
Lincoln took her to his penthouse, the only place he comes to calm himself whenever he is depressed.
“Welcome to my gracious house”
“Wow, it looks beautiful” she compliment smiling.
Lincoln want to the wine cellar and brought a bottle for them.
He pour them both some wine and put on some music.
“What are you doing?” The lady asked witty.
“What else, we want to forget all that happened to us right then music, drink and dance is the perfect way” he winked and move his body in a funny way while she laughs.
“May I have this dance?” He stretched his hands awaiting for her answer.
“Sure” She held his hand and he draw her closer, his hands on her waist causing some sparks.
They both started dancing a funny crazy, it was obvious none of them was a good dancer.
But they look happy.
“Haha” Both Me and Lincoln laughed.
Yes, he told me his name even though I haven’t tell him mine.
I can’t believe am in a stranger house, I don’t know why but I just seems to trust him. He is nice, jovial, and handsome, he doesn’t seems like the guy who tried to kill himself earlier and either do I.
I feel safe around him, I won’t lie my heart seems warm to him until every other guy I met.
I have always hate guys because of my step dad but that doesn’t means the case with Lincoln.
“That was so funny” I laughed. “Yes” he added starring at my me.
Why is he looking at me like that? He has been looking at me since we settle down for a drink after the long dancing.
“What is it?” I asked. “Nothing” he lied and I frowned.
“Oops, my drinks is finished”
“I will go get you another one” I stood up heading to where the drink was but fall down on his laps due to the drink.
He starred at me amused, I could feel his manhood.
I looked at him innocently not knowing if I should stand or not.
“I think am drunk” I uttered stupidly.
“I think am also drunk” he said still starring at my face or not my face but my lips.
I was right, his gaze was on my lips.
He brought his head closer and stole a kiss, he pulled away and looked at me.
I couldn’t speak, it was like my mouth was glue. “Am sorry” I finally said and stood up from his laps while he did the same.
“What do you mean?” He asked.”This was a bad idea, I shouldn’t have come. Am really sorry” I apologise heading for the door but he pulled me close to him making my heart beat fast and my eyes blinking repeatedly.
My hands on his chest, “Am not sorry I don’t know what is wrong with me but I haven’t feel like this for some years. I haven’t feel like this for a long time and I don’t want it to stop. I don’t care if you see me as the bad guy but I can’t stop” he said and drew me closer for another kiss.
I tried resisting but I have no strength against him so I gave in. Am kissing a stranger I know nothing about except his penthouse and name, am kissing a stranger but am kissing a stranger but I love the feeling. It felt amazing and new, I don’t want it to end. I know Lincoln is drunk, by tomorrow he might not remember well it is only a guess.
But still I don’t want it to end.
The kiss got more intense as Lincoln move his hand to my ‘ss, he pressed it softly. Even though I tried removing his hand, he just won’t give in.
He is stronger than me, he carried me and wrapped my legs around his torso.
He carried me to a room and place him on his bed, this all felt new to me.
Because I have never had sex before, but am giving myself to a stranger I hardly know.
He removed his shirt looking at me with pure lust, he went back to his previous position.
He kissed me and I respond back to his kiss, I felt his hand under my gown. I don’t know how it got there, I stop the kiss when I felt his finger on my clit.
I looked at him scared, “it is ok” he whispered.
“We will be done soon” he said and kissed me.
His hand slipped inside my underwater and I moaned, without a warning he put his finger inside my clit and start fingering me.
“Ah” I moaned surprised by what he was doing.
He moved his hand away and removed my dress, he kissed my hard boobs, and bite the n**ples.
I moaned enjoying everything he is doing, am I going to have s3x with a stranger?
He was still sucking when he slipped his hand inside my clit again and start doing what he was doing before, this time he was fast.
I could feel my whole shaking, like am about to explode.
“Ah” I moaned loudly as I c*m.
“Damn” Lincoln said and spank me.
Is it Lincoln talking or the drink?
He removed his trouser releasing his d*ck and I looked at him scared.
Am I going to have something this big inside me.
He laid me down and place his d*ck in the entrance of my p*ssy he was about to go inside me but I stopped him.
“Am a virgin” I said but that doesn’t means like it is going to stop him.
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” he promised and bite my n*poles and I moaned enjoying it when Lincoln suddenly slipped his d*ck inside me.
I shout out and tears welled up in my eye, he promised he won’t hurt me.
Does that really matter, I just lose my virginity to a stranger.
He was riding me slow, then increase his pace when I was a little bit comfortable.
After some minutes of sex, we both rest on the bed cuddling each other.
“You taste good, um” he stopped. You do know you haven’t tell me your name” he said.
That is right, I haven’t.
“What is your name?” He asked.
“Um, my name is Rose” I answered but got no reply.
I turned to him and saw him sleeping, my gaze fell on his lips.
Rose, what is wrong with you?
You don’t know him, by tomorrow you will never see him again.
The Next Morning
The rays of the sun shone into Lincoln room.
“Ooooh it’s morning already” Lincoln yawned waking up from sleep. He noticed he was naked, how come?’
“Ah” He winced trying to remember last night.
“Shit, did I sleep wake naked? Lora issue really got me hard.” He stood up from the bed, went to his bathroom, took a his bath and came out of his bathroom with a towel tied on his waist.
‘Wait, how do I get to the penthouse?’ He thought trying to recollect what happen yesterday but all he could think of was Lora issue. He just can’t get over the fact that his girlfriend or rather Ex cheated on him these years they have been together.
A flash just came to his head, A lady standing on the bench.
“Shit” he cursed angrily trying to remember which memory was that.
“Damn it Lincoln think harder” He spat out but all his efforts to remember her was fruitless.
Maybe it is nothing important.
“Lincoln” He heard someone calling his name halfway to his room. The door opened revealing his best friend.
“Michael” He called happily and his friend suddenly hugged him.
Lincoln blinked surprised by his actions.
“What wrong?” I asked confused shocked by Michael actions.
He pulled away and looked at me with pity, “I heard about what happened between you and Lora.”
“That she broke up with you” he said and I sighed sad. Am still sad about Lora, but it isn’t like she will come back to me.
“It is ok, just that am disappointed in Jasper, I trusted him so much and I can’t believe he did this to me” I explained with pain and regrets.
“I know you must be hurt, but am sure you will get over it” He reassured and I smiled.
“Of course” I smiled and patted him.
I headed to my bed to sit when I saw something red on it.
It looks like a blood stain, “Ah” I winced when I had a sudden headache.
“What is it?” Matthew asked worried. I remembered her, the girl I had sex with. I had sex with a stranger.
I remember her but not her face.
The lady in red.
Somewhere near a beach, a lady was seated dressed in red.
Her long hair, curvy body, her beautiful face. It was clearly Rose, her face were all long and sad.
It was feel with regrets and guilt, all of a sudden she started crying.
She regret it all, she lose her virginity to a stranger. A stranger she knows no she lose her virginity to a stranger. A stranger she knows nothing about, she has to sneak her out the next body because she thought Lincoln won’t probably like her present.
Without knowing anything about him, she allow him to have his way with her.
She hate herself, why didn’t she kill herself? She has no one, no one to go to.
Her unfinished business, it is high time she do it.
Commit suicide, end her useless life once and for all.
Lincoln penthouse
“What…. you had a night with a lady in red?” Matthew asked shocked.
“Yes, I did”
“How is that possible, you are impotent and you haven’t had anything with a girl in your life”
“Thanks for the harsh words but am not a kid. I know what happened yesterday, I did have S3x with that girl.”
“We had s3x” I said abruptly. “Do you even know what S3x is?” Matt asked anxious for my answer.
“Well, it was both female and male do to reproduce or for pleasure” I stated stupidly and Matt laughed
“Guy, this isn’t funny” I shouts. “Maybe, I don’t know what S3x is about but I do know what I had with that girl. it was more than sex, it was good, fantastic, I had something special with her which I haven’t with anyone even Lora and I need to find her and make her mine”
“Lincoln, you are impotent. There is no way, you will have S3x with her” Matt retorted.
“But I did, the stain here is true. Please, Matthew help me.”
“I need to find this girl, make her mine. This might be my only chance to prove am not a impotent” I pleaded and he sighed.
“Ok, What do you want me to do?” He asked and I smiled.
“Help me find her.”
The squealing of car was heard.
Licncoln and Micheal was on the run to find The Lady In Red whom Lincoln neither remember her face nor her name.
“Lincoln, how do you think it is possible for you to find her? And beside this street is so large finding someone you barely knew their identity will be difficult”
“I will definately find her no matter what is takes, no I have to find her”
“Let start from there”Lincoln said.
The two friends began their search for the lady in red asking anyone they met on the road if they have seen a lady with curvy body wearing a red dress.
Some people looked at them as if they’ve gone insane. Really they might!
But Lincoln doesn’t care, all he want is to find her.
His hope.
3 hours later
“Lincoln am tired?” Micheal complained.
“We have been wandering in the street looking for a girl we don’t even know her name. Am so exhausted, we need to go back”
“We can’t go back Micheal, you know how desperate I am to see her. I can’t just let go like that, I will continue alone” I retorted.
“I hope you find her”I heard Micheal shout from behind.
‘It got to a point that I decided to rest at a shade. Why must this happen?’ I thought.
I really miss her voice, her smile, the way her lips tastes. I really miss her a lot, I can’t decline it I have this soft spot for her.
But why can’t I find her? I desperately want to make her mine.
“She just made me realised that am not impotent, She gave me me hope. I can’t give now, no I won’t give up”I reassured myself.
I kept searching for her at all nooks and cranny, both in the supermaket, roadside and I even knocked at some houses in search for her.
Seems crazy right? It got at dawn, I felt tired and I lost hope. Will I ever find her?was it only going to be a night?
A night with a stranger, a night with her?Is she only going to be a stranger I had a night with.
Why does she have to leave? Why exactly? Why does she has to give me hope and take it away from me? why is my life so messed up? why? why?’ I thought as tears streams out.
I hate this life, even if it was just a night. I missed her, I want to see her away. I want to feel her again, kiss her lips.
I really want to.
I didn’t even how but I found myself at the same bridge yesterday.
“I must really missed her badly for me to come here”
I was about to go back home when I saw someone standing on the beach with the same red dress, that curves.
Could it be her?
I have shed a lot of tears since morning and now the sun is setting and I have made up my mind to end this my miserable life.
“Am looking up at the sky today, my life has been so miserable, my heart has been filled with regrets and agony, I got no one to call a family, i got no one to call my love, i got no one to look unto”
“Rose you have to die and leave this world” I cried out.
“What if there is someone that loves you and want to make you his”I heard his voice again.
Even if it was a night, I can’t forget that voice.
I turned to him, the same stranger I met yesterday.
“How did we get to meet again?” I asked him in a surprised tone.
“Why do you keep on coming into my way whenever I want to kill myself?” I asked him furiously.
“It is because we are destined to be together. If not it makes no sense that I kept coming your way, it makes no sense that we spend the night together without knowing each other”
“Why do you follow me if you feel nothing for me? isn’t it obvious”He said with tears falling from his face.
“It doesn’t matter, my life is a mess. I don’t want to yours a mess too, so please don’t try to stop me”
“Wait, I know how you think. You think the works is against you, you have no reason to live but you don’t know it. But you actually gave someone hope, hope to live on.”
“You gave me hope, and if you die now. My world will be shattered, we meet yesterday but it feels like forever. I want to hold you in my arms all night, cuddle you.”
“I know it is weird because we met today but tell you don’t to. Tell me you don’t want the same and I will leave you alone, you can go ahead and do whatever you want” he persuaded.
”Let me heal you, let me take the pain away” he added
He seems so sincere, I will be stupid to say no.
No one has ever treat me like am someone, even my own mother. I have been alone ever since my dad died, to know I have someone to lean on makes me happy and I won’t lose that for a anything.
“I also feel the same even though am not sure what the feeling is, but I also want someone to lean on and if that person is you then I will be the most happiest person on earth” I said and get down.
He hugged me as soon as I got down.
“Thank you, I promise to make you happy” he said looking at my eyes together with my lips
“Just do it already” I smiled and without a warning he crushed his lips on mine as we both kissed passionately.
It was a night with a stranger, someone I didn’t know. But however I know we could more, more than a stranger I have a night with.
Through him, I could find love I have always yearn for.
Through the stranger I had know, but I have decided to love him.
I know it won’t be easy, we are both hurt. But we could learn to take each other pain away, love one another and care for each other.
We could build a happy home together.
Even if I hardly know him, I won’t regret meeting him or giving my virginity to him.
Finally, the lady in Red found love with a stranger she had a night.
The beginning of our love story, now our love story is another story willing to be tell.
The lady in red.
A night with a stranger.
Our happy ending.
The end.
Thank you for reading this story.
We hope you guys enjoy it.
If you do, go to the comments box and tell what you love and what you learn.
Happy independence Day.
Love you all💋🥰.

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