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A Girl In A Boy's School

A Girl In A Boy’s School Episode 7




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πŸ’‹β™₯️ A Girl In A Boy’s School” Episode 7 β™₯οΈπŸ’‹

Episode 7 β™₯οΈπŸ’‹

We were in the airport. ‘Well I guess its bye.’ I said putting my hand our for Finn to shake.

He laughed. ‘I never knew I would be saying this to a girl but I’ll see you in school.’ He said. ‘And its not that bad, we have lady teachers and maybe your dad has an explanation of why he didn’t tell you. Think about it. Its an important fact that was just ‘forgotton’ by your parents. I smell a plan.’ He said.

‘Finn. Lets go. We’ve got a taxi.’ I heard his parents say.

‘Well bye and I’ll see you around in school but if not, it was a pleasure sitting next to you.’ He said before shaking my hand and running to his parents. I smiled. I guess its not going to be that bad. For the first time, i’ve made a friend. A true one who doesn’t care about my past or that I nearly killed someone or I’ve tried drugs once. Wait, he doesn’t even know that. I sat on one of them chairs. A old looking man sat a few seat away. He looked really nervous. He was sweating. Wow, something might be really haunting him. I got a tissue out of my bag and gave it to the man.

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‘Wow, thank you.’ He said giving me a smile. He had a gold tooth that was really unexpected, because he seemed like a decent man who looked after himself.

‘Excuse me, Have you seen a girl who is about your age. She looks like this.’ He showed me a picture. I was about to say no when I noticed something. ‘OMG! Thats me. Where did you get this picture?’ I said. It was me 2 years ago with my brown hair. I changed the colour a while ago and I lost some weight too. This picture looks nothing like me but in a way, everything like me.

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‘Wait, you’re Celia?’ He said. His face was amazed.

‘Wait, your my- my dad?’ I said. But I already knew it. He was.

‘Its very nice to meet you Celia.’ He said. His smile was really big. I smiled back.

‘Its very nice to meet you too…’ I said. I was about to say dad when it just didn’t feel right yet. He noticed and sat on the seat next to me.

‘Wow, this is amazing. You’ve grown so much. Your mother raised a beautiful girl.’ He said.

‘Thanks.’ I said. ‘You look great. Better than the last time I saw you.’

His smile went upside down. ‘I hate myself for leaving you but I-‘

‘Can we not talk about this? I’m kind of tired.’ I said trying to avoid this conversation. I knew what I was getting into. I’m sorry Celia, I was trying my best but I didn’t want to hurt you. I did it for you. I was thinking of your future.And thats the last thing I wanted to hear.

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‘Oh sorry, I was just… nevermind. Lets get you home. Well not home but boarding school. And theres something I have to tell you.’ He looked down nervously.

‘Its okay, I know.’ I said.’As annoyed as I am, I’m fine that it is an only boy’s school.’

‘You found out? How? Did your mother tell you?’ He said.

‘No, a student from your school told me.’ I said. I crossed my arms. I was really mad now. ‘Why did you hide it from me?’

‘Oh Celia-‘

‘Its CeCe. We should go.’ I said. I picked up my suitcase and my bag. I know I’m being too mean but thats what I am. Mean. And I knew who I got it from.

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