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A Girl In A Boy's School

A Girl In A Boy’s School Episode 9




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πŸ‘‘πŸ’•πŸ’‹ A Girl In A Boy’s School” Episode 9 πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ‘‘

Naijalanded writes ✍️

Episode 9 πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ‘‘

Sleepily, I combed my hair. It was 6am. And here I was, getting ready for school. No wait, a boarding school. NO WAIT, a BOYS boarding school.

‘You ready?’ My dad said. Yes, I was here in my dad’s aparment. Who would ever know it?! ‘You look great in that uniform. Just erm.. cut down on the makeup.’ He said awkwardly.

I rolled my eyes. ‘I’m just wearing eyeliner.’ I said. I rolled my eyes.

‘Thats great. You ready to go?’ He said getting my school bag for me.

‘Wait.’ I sighed. ‘They do know, that, you know, I’m a girl in this school. They do know a girl is actually coming to this school. I mean, I don’t want them to be surprised or think that I’m in the wrong school or something.’ I said nervously.

‘I know. I was supposed to tell them about you coming but I never knew you were going to come or not. I couldn’t reach your mum and when she gave me a message saying you will be coming tomorrow, I rushed to the airport. So I’m sorry. But we have female teachers so don’t think your the only girl here. Well actually you are but your not the only female here, I mean, you are a girl but your here in a boy’s school and its kind of -‘

‘Your rambling.’ I said before he tells me his life story.

‘Sorry, I’m just really stupid at times and I want to make it up to my only daughter.’ He looked tired. Okay, I guess he was trying but still..

‘Fine, if you want to make it up with me, then buy me a chocolate icecream.’ I said cheekily and randomly. Whatever happened in the past, I shouldn’t be mad at my dad. He had a reason and I’ve got to stop getting mad at him for no reason.

‘Deal.’ He smiled. ‘Shall we go?’

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I nodded and followed him out the room. We went down the stairs. Some teachers greeted Dad and they gave me a strange look. But I guess I should get used to them.

‘Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine.’ Dad said reassuringly.

‘I’m not nervous.’ I lied. ‘I just don’t like it when people stare at me.’ Well, it was the truth too. I hated it when people looked at me in that ‘are you from another planet’ look. It annoys the crap out of me. I used to get it all the time in the other schools. I’m not a bad girl, I just get really mad sometimes and can’t stop myself. And I always have a reason for my madness. For example, the last school I just went to. He was treating me different from the rest of the students and it made me so mad. Once, is a warning. Twice, will end with blood. And it did.

We went through a lot of rooms and then my Dad stopped and told me to wait here. He went to the other side of the corridor and was talking to this lady. The lady was very beautiful in the natural way. She had black hair and brown eyes. When they stopped talking, my Dad went through the door. Wait a minute, where am I supposed to go? Shall I follow him?

The brown hair lady walked to me and smiled. She put her hand out to shake.

‘Hi, you must be CeCe.’ She said. She has a strong Scottish accent that reminded me of Finn. Will he be here? What if I see him? I shook her hand and smiled.

‘And you are?’ I said.

‘I’m Miss Rain but you could call me Selma.’ She said. ‘Its really nice to meet you. You dad has told me a lot about you.’

I was surprised with this. He talked about me to people. ‘Really? What did he say?’ I said curiously.

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‘Just the general, that you are a great girl and he can’t wait to meet you.’ She said happily. ‘But, hes told me your not happy about coming here.’

‘Yeah. Its just a boy’s only school. And its a boarding school too. 2 things that I’m not used to.’ I said honestly.For some reason, I felt safe near her.

She nodded. ‘I understand. When I came to this school, I was kind of nervous.’

‘But thats different. Your a teacher. I’m a girl. A student. In a boy’s school.’ I said stressfully. I know I keep on repeating that its a boy’s school but its just hard to take in. I was a misfit in the other schools and I will be beyond a misfit in this school.

‘Don’t worry, sweetheart. In a few days, you’ll fit in in like everyone else. Just don’t get worried. Wow, nice necklace.’ She said. I looked at my angel shaped necklace.

‘Thanks, my mum gave me it on my 14th birthday.’ I said. I never knew a simple compliment like that would make me so happy. I was beaming. That reminded me. I have to phone Mum. I was thinking of not calling her because I was angry about the not telling me about the fact that I was travelling in a boy’s school. If I was in a car, I would tell the driver to take me home. But I was in an aeroplane. I couldn’t just go up to the pilot and say ‘excuse me, can you turn the aeroplane around, I need to go shout at my mum.’ He would think I’m crazy. But Mum, what is the reason for not telling me?

‘Well its great.’ She said. It took me a while, to find out what she was talking about. The necklace. This Selma is nice. Its great to talk to her. She wasn’t bored or annoyed or anything like a teacher, really. I heard boys talking from the end of the door where my dad went through.

‘Oh, the boys must be here. Now, don’t let them think that your easy to get over. You’ve got to treat boys like you don’t care about them.’ She said, acting like a love guru.

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I laughed. ‘Whatever. Is that something you do with your boyfriend.?’ I said.

‘Nope, don’t have one but I have had men who think they are all that, but eh! they ain’t.’ She said. I smiled. The boys were at the other end of the door. They were talking loudly and laughing. And then I heard a big voice.

‘Boys settle down!’ It took a minute to realise that it was my Dad’s. Wow.

‘Selma, Whats my dad like in this school?’

She grinned. ‘He’s different. I mean, he understands people and he loves this school. He’ll do anything for it. Hes a wierd guy but don’t tell him I said that.’

I took her words in. He’ll do anything for his school. He’ll do anything for his school and nothing for his daughter for years. Yes, he is a weird guy and I am surely going to tell him that one day.

‘Right, lets go.’ She said. ‘You ready?’

I looked at her for a second. Was I ready? 3 words but such a hard question to answer. But automatically, like I did with the other schools, I said ‘Yes.’

She gave me a smile before getting my hand. ‘You’ll do great, kiddo. Be strong.’

It was weird that she was holding my hands but I guess I needed it. She was the first ever person to hold my hand and actually mean it. My mum holded my hand whenever something bad was going to happen. But this didn’t seem so bad. I felt happy.

We walked to the door. And Selma opened it and there it was. The moment that I knew would come. About 300 boys, all eyes on me.

To be continued…….
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