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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 10


💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
😲Chapter Ten (Hard punch)🤛🏿😥
Elena pov🥰
What should I do? Should I really leave him? This might be my chance to see my dad again.

Will it be heartless if I leave him here, after all he is the one that kidnapped me.
But still, how can I leave him here and let him die? My conscience will eat me up.
I have never been in these situation before so I don’t know how to react but am totally not leaving him here.

“Am not leaving without you” I said and pulled him up.
I carried him to the car and believe me he is really heavy.

I opened the car door and put him inside the front seat and went to the driver seat.
“Klaus” I called patting his cheeks after helping him with the seatbelt.
“Wh…at?” He asked weak.

“Where do I go?” I asked but got no reply.
“Ok Elena, you can do it. First thing first, go to the hospital, you can go there” I encourage myself about to start the car but Klaus held my hand.

“Go to anywhere apart the hospital or the police” he said and closed his eyes with his hands on his wound.
“But first, you see a towel in the back seat. Get me that” he said and I did as told.

He put the towel to his wound and apply pressure with it, to stop the bleeding.
“Are you alright?” I asked worried and scared
“We should leave, this place isn’t safe” he adviced and I nod.
“Ok” I said and start the driving to only God knows.

We’ve been on the ride for some minutes now, leaving to nowhere. Klaus just keep telling me to keep on driving.
God knows how badly I missed home, I wish I had left him then. But if I had then I will never have a rest of mind.

“I just hope I won’t get hurt hanging around with him, “Stop” he said and I stepped on the brake and park over.
“We can’t take that road” he groaned in pains.

I look at my front and saw some mens in police uniform, my heart leaps in joys.
“What do you mean by we can’t take that road, this is the exact road we are taking. The police can protect us”
“No” he roared angrily and groaned in pain. I quickered when he shouts.

“Am sorry for shouting, but we can’t take that road. Turn around” he apologized more like a request.
I did as he ask, and turn back as he requested.

What was that? Why was he that angry?
He really frightened me, I don’t know when but I felt my tears streaming down my eyes lids, crying.
I’ve never been in this situation before, today is just too much for me.
“Stop the car”

“Just do it” he responded in calm tone which kind of melt my heart and stopped the car.
He picked his phone from his pocket and dial a number.

“Hey, it is me” he said in a weak voice.
“I need your help”
Written by Rachel Fadipe.
“Yes, am ok. She is also with me”
“Can you come now, ok” he asked and looked outside the glass.

“I think we are in front of a motel, Luca Helios motel”
“Please come fast” he said weakly and hung up.
“Who was that?” I asked curious.
“Help, he will be here so…….” He trace off and fainted.

“Klaus, Klaus!!!!!!!!!!!!”
😬Douglas pov😬
I head out as soon as I received a call from Klaus, he doesn’t sound well.
I wonder if he is alright, this is all my fault if only I had keep a eye on Carvin as planned then I will have known about the attack sooner.

Shit, am a fool. I really ruined everything, I really wish to get there soon to make up for my mistake.
I ignite the engine and head to where Klaus was.
I got to the front of the motel and saw a familiar car parked in front of it.
I got down and ran to the car aware that it was Klaus car.

I could hear Elena making some call, I quickly collect the phone from her and turn it off then throw it away.
“What was that for?” She yelled upset.
“You can’t make any call” I stated and she glared at me confused.

“Why? I was trying to save your friend ass by calling an ambulance but I can’t. Am sick and tired of you and your stupid friend telling me what to do” she snapped.

“I get you are angry but we aren’t safe here, either are you? We have to leave this place and go to somewhere safe”
“How do I know you and your friend aren’t the bad guy?”
“Believe me, we are bad but you can trust us”

“That isn’t assuring but I have no choice, the only person I know in this sh*thole is you and him. So that leaves me with no choice than to follow you” She exhaled heavily.

“Good, help me with Klaus” I requested as we both went to the car and carried Klaus to my car. I made sure I left no evidence that I was here behind and left for a safe place.

“How is he doing?” Elena asked with worries visible on her face
“He is fine, the doctor said the gun didn’t penetrate deep except that he lost some blood but he will be fine” I explained.
“I see” she replied feeling down.

“What is it?” I asked.
“It is nothing, just that I missed home. I really want to go home, my dad is probably worried, Camila will blame herself for what happened to me Luna

will be lonely and sad. I wish I could go back home, it will be ok to be grounded by my dad than this. It is better hearing his complains than this, I had to see two men died in front me, I could still recall them, their bloods then Klaus.”

“He almost died, am scared because apparently this doesn’t means like the end. I have this feeling that more bad thing are going to occur and I might be the next victim” she cries and seriously I felt pity for her.

This must be hard for her, she has never been through this before.
I pulled her into a warm hug trying to console her.

“I will protect you, I will make sure to protect you” I assured and she hug me back me when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and a force pulled me away from Elena recieving a hard punch.
What the hell?

Omg, who punched Douglas?😮😱

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