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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 13


💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
😲Chapter Thirteen (The man with the cross)🤞🏾
Mr walker pov 🌚
“It been a week now and you have no clue, where my daughter is?” I shouted at the stupid police officer.

“Am sorry sir, we are trying”
“Get out” I shouts and he went out of my office.
Ryan, my best trusted man came in after he left. “Any news?” I asked him. “No progress sir, we got no trace of her nor the person that took her”

“It will have been better if we involve the media, but you said no”
“We can’t, we can’t involve the media. If we do that, we might be putting her in more trouble.”

“This is so frustrating, we have to find her real fast. If one of her mother relative find out she is missing then there will be a big war”
“Yes sir, I understand. I will make sure to find her” He assured.

“Ok, you can leave” I said and he exited.
“Florence, am sorry I didn’t keep my promise. To protect our daughter from any harm, am really sorry. I hope you forgive me” I mumbled holding the cross she gave to me.

Florence was my late wife, she died because of this family war. Because she was the heir to her father business, she died a really painful death and on her last breath she made to promise I will protect our daughter which am failing woefully on it.

I sighed and put on my glass, and start working on the files in front of me. Honestly, my mind wasn’t on what I was doing.
I miss my daughter, even when tried acting strong, I still miss her. She is the only family I have left, my redemption of all the bad things I have done, the best gift in my life I can’t lose her.

I must find her no matter what.
The door suddenly opened and Ryan dashed in.
“What is wrong?” I asked surprised by his actions.
“Am afraid to say but” he stopped and went to the romote, pick it and put on the news.

I removed my glass, shocked by what the reporter was reporting.
“Someone just broke the news about your daughter missing”
“Holy sh*t”
Unknown pov🤓
“Sir” Carvin said after he came inside my office without my permission.

“What is it?” I asked stood up from my seat and went to where he was standing.
“Sir, I did as you requested. I gave the information to a trustful reporter” he smiled while I hissed irritated.
That is his only usefulness.

“What about the information I asked you to get on hitman?”
“Here it is” he said and hand me a file. I opened the file, and something catch my attention.

“He is a nephew to Xavier?” I asked.
“Why does the name Xavier sounds familiar?”
“That is because he used to work for us, he is one of our best man then. He was your father trusted man before he was murdered.”

“And also he and Dave(Elena father) were closed acquantes before he was murdered”
“Wait, the same Xavier?” I said surprised.
“Seems like things are getting more interesting. Fate is a really strong word, Xavier nephew, Dave daughter.

“Prepare my car, am going out”
🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
“No, no don’t kill him.”
“Don’t kill my uncle.”
“Klaus, run. No, no.”
“Am sorry but I have to do it, forgive me and wait for me in hell” the man with a cross in his left hand said and fired the gun in his hand.

“No” young Klaus shouts.
“Am sorry Klaus, I hope you survive this cruel world without me as your guide. I love….you as my own son”
“No!!!!!!!!!!” I cried out of my nightmares.
“Klaus, Klaus” I heard Elena voice and I opened my eyes.

“Are you ok?” She asked and I suddenly hugged her.
She gasped amused by my actions.
I was panting heavily hugging her tight, she patted my back and hugged me back.
“You are ok, it was a all dream. Just a bad dream”

“No, it was more than a dream. It was my reason for becoming who I was today, emotionless, a perfect killer machine because I want to have my vengeance on the man who killed my uncle, my only family.

The man who made me a monster, the man with the cross.
And am going to make sure I kill him, take everything he has, just as he did to me.
The man with the cross.
What is going on? Is it what am thinking? 😯
Mr walker is…..
Love you all 🥰🥰.

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