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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 14

A Kiss Or A Night Together

💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
💋Chapter Fourteen (Stupid f*cking word “love”)😘
Mr walker pov 🌚
“How did this get to the press?” I asked curious.

“I don’t know sir, we, the workers at the mansion, Miss camila and the police are the only one who knows about it and I trust our men. They will never do such, they have no reason to” he clarified.
“Then who the f*ck did this?”
“I don’t know, am so confused” he stated. “I want you to find out who leak this out and also make sure her mother’s relative never find out about this” I ordered.

“Ok sir”
“That will be too late” I heard Kelvin voice.
He entered with his sister or witches, they have always been a torn in my neck. They act like they care about Elena but that is lie, they have always been waiting for this kind of opportunity, a chance to get rid of Elena.

They are Elena biggest enemy.
“Why won’t we take a seat and talk about how you failed to protect the only heir to our family business” Kelvin said with a sly grin.

“Why are you guys here?” I asked after offering them some drinks.
“Why else? We heard the new. Elena is missing and you didn’t told us anything about it?” Vera the most annoying among them said.
“I see no reason to, because Elena is safe.”
“If she is safe as you claimed then where is she?” Tamara asked the oldest among them asked crossing her leg.

Tamara is the eldest, always acting like she is the boss when she knows nothing, she is been used by Kelvin and Vera.
Kelvin, the real snake among them, he hates Florence when she was still alive because their father acknowledge her instead of him.

I regret ever working for him once, because through him I made a big mistake. He is smart, real smart and tricky though he looks young, he is in his late 50’s.
He is the dangerous among them and Vera, she is just an annoying spoilt brat, manipulative, smart, she is the youngest among them.

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They all despite Florence when she still lives, to put straight they were the reason for her death.
“Why? Are you also looking for her so you could kill her? Isn’t that so? After all that has always been your plan”
“What? Are you accusing us for trying to kill our niece” Vera shouts while Kelvin laughs and we all fixed our attention on him.

“Dave, you never cease to amaze me. We have nothing to do to this, but I think you do” he smirked and bring something out from his coat pocket.

“Here, that is the man who kidnapped your daughter” he claimed and throw me a pic. I looked at it and saw a guy, he kind of looks familiar.

Don’t let your guard down Dave, you don’t know if he is the one who took your daughter. My men’s hasn’t even find him, so how is it possible that Kelvin has already found him?

“How will I believe this? How do I know this isn’t one of your tricks?” I asked not convinced.
“I see, come in” he said and one of this man came in with some papers in his hands, hand it over to me and left.
“What is it?” I required. “You know when you see it” he drank his coffee.

I looked at paper going through it and my jaw dropped when I saw the shocking thing of my life.
One of the thing I regret ever doing, is my past finally haunting me?
🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
I stayed in the shower, as the cold water ran through my body. I couldn’t take my mind off yesterday as regrets washed over him.

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I promised that I will avenge him, but I have seem to have forget about it.
The man with the cross, I have forgotten about him. The real reason I became this, I forget everything but how did that happen? I totally forgot it untill yesterday, what took my mind off it?
I off the water running, I need it to calm myself.

I came out with a towel tied on my body, “Klaus” Elena called and entered without knocking.
“Jesus” She said and use her hands to close her eyes
I looked around wondering why he did that, then I smiled when I noticed I was the reason why she covered her face.
“You know, am not entirely naked” I teased.

“What?” She asked.
“Am not entirely naked and it isn’t like you haven’t never seen a guy like this before so why closing your eyes unless you are thinking of…..”
“Here” she uttered after she opened her eye.

“What are you insulating” she coughs blushing while I smiled.
“Can you put on some clothes, it is kind of weird”
“What is weird? What exactly are you thinking?”
“Nothing, it isn’t like it is a crime asking you to put some clothes” she grunted angrily.

“Ok, I will put on some clothes” I agree and pick a shirt on the bed.
I smirked when I saw Elena still here, looking around.
“Miss, are you going to stay here while I dress or you leave? Well both are fine by ….” I didn’t finished my words before she left.

“So cute” I smiled when I suddenly get goosebumps.
Klaus, what is wrong with you? Don’t be stupid, I shakes my head.
I was done dressing and went out of my room.

“Why were you in my room?” I asked Elena who was serving some chicken and pizza.
“To call you out for breakfast and also about earlier. Are you ok?” She asked referring to what happened earlier.
Should I tell about my past? Is there a need to? I want to tell her everything but I just can’t.

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I don’t want to tell her about how horrible I am, how many people I killed just because I wanted to get revenge for my uncle? Or how about how my uncle died before me?
“It is just a bad dream as you claimed, it was nothing really” I answered lying while she nod.

“I see” she said and went back to serving.
“You looked pretty in that dress” I compliment and she blushed.
“Thank you” she muttered blushing hard.

“It is nothing complimenting a beautiful lady in a beautiful dress” I said while she blushed hard.
Gosh, why is she so beautiful? God, I want to take her right now. I don’t know I keep controling myself till this moment.
“Wait, that dress is new?” I asked.
“Yes, Douglas bought it for me. I totally love it” she smiled while I clenched my fist angry.

“Excuse me” Elena said leaving him in the dinning room.
That f*cking son of a b*tch. Why does he has to buy her a dress? What does that mean?
Gosh, why am getting angry?
“Am i by any chance jealous? Jealous of what exactly?”
“The fact that Douglas brought Elena dress or the fact she likes or it looks good on her.”
“Or because you like her” Douglas said behind me.

“Maybe you like her that is why you are jealous.”
“Because you are in love” he stated pick the chicken drum and took a bit.
Is he right? Am i in love? Of course not, all I want is her body and of course her lips.

Just a taste is all I need, am not in love.
“Am not in love, don’t you ever say that Stupid f*cking word called “love” to me again” I groaned and collect the chicken from him.

“You don’t deserve to eat this” I growled and left him.
Am not in love, never.

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