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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 15

A Kiss Or A Night Together

💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
💋Chapter Fifteen (A kiss Or a night together)
Elena pov🥰
I couldn’t stop blushing as Klaus compliment me and my dress earlier.

‘Elena, what is wrong with you? Are you falling for him? at first he kidnapped you, you should hate him but no matter how hard I try, this stupid heart won’t listen.

Keep pumping fast when I sees him, I don’t want to fall for Klaus. He kidnapped me but honestly I don’t feel like I was kidnapped even if I was.
Some part of me feels happy, that I was kidnapped.

“Stupid me” I cussed using my head to pick the table totally forgot that I was with Klaus and Douglas.
We were eating breakfast but seems like am about to ruin it, I could tell by the way they glared me with questions.

“Are you ok?” Both Klaus and Douglas asked at the same time.
They both looked at each other, Klaus gave Douglas a dangerous look while Douglas cleared his throat and went back to his food.

“Yes” I answered while Klaus nod. “I think am done with my food” I stood packing my dishes.
“Leave it, Douglas will take care of it” Klaus ordered.

“What? Why me?” He asked.
“Just do it” Klaus grinned. “I will do it, you guys should continue with your food” I said and took my dish to the kitchen, wash the plate then went back to the living room

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I could hear some noise coming the from the TV.
Next on the news today, the talk of the street miss Elena Walker, the only child of the popular Mr Walker has been declared missing.

“This was….” Klaus switched off the TV when he saw me.
Why did he do that? My family are looking for me, why would he switch off the TV.

Won’t you he let me go? Does he have any intention of letting me go?
“Are you done already, how about we have some drink?” He asked.
“Am ok” I said.

“I need to be alone, if you will excuse me” I said going to the room am staying.
“Wait Elena, listen to me” he said and hold my hand.
“I need to be alone, please” I said and remove his hand off mine.
I slammed the door at him, “won’t he just let him go?”

I miss home, I miss my daddy, I miss everyone.
I really want to go back.
Mr walker pov 🌚
Is my past finally haunting me? I could still remember his eyes after I killed Xavier.

His eyes reminds me of someone, his eyes reminds me of myself. That day I knew I created a monster, and now that monster finally came for me, my daughter.

“Sir, this might not be real?” Ryan assumed.
“Yes, it might be right or wrong but right now your daughter might be in danger or the worst” Kelvin said smirking.
“Sir, don’t trust him. This maybe one of his trick, we haven’t find him yet. How can he do that easily?” Ryan persist while I sighed.

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“I have made a decision, I want you to hunt him down and kill him. Anyone associated with him”
“Sir?” Ryan called.

“Do it, either he kidnapped my daughter or not. He is still a threat, a threat I should have taken care a long time ago”
Am sorry Xavier but I have to send your nephew to where you are.

🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
“Do you think she is alright?” Douglas asked. “Probably not, but I don’t care” I answered sincerely.
“Don’t you think you should just let her go, her family are looking for her. She will be safe with her…”
“Don’t” I roared.

“Don’t finished that”
“I am not letting her go, not until I get what I want”
“You are really selfish, at least console her then” he said and left.

I know Elena is hurt after watching the news, I know what am doing is selfish, not letting her go is selfish but I can’t stop myself.

I don’t mind getting more selfish, no am probably going to get more selfish.
I went to her door and knocked on it, I could heard her cry.

“Can I come in?”
“Even if I say no, you will still come in?” She asked.
“I guess so” I scoffed
“Come in” she said and I opened the door.

I saw her cleaning her tears, her face was all bluffing.
“Are you alright?” I asked worried.
“No, am not. I miss home, I miss my dad, Camila, Luna, I miss my life. I miss everything, I want to go back home pls”
“Just let me go, um”

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Elena, I can’t. Am also trying to protect you here”
“How? Why? Why did you kidnapped me in the first place? You know what I don’t care anymore, you are just like every other men I have seen, selfish, greedy.”
“What else are you trying to protect me from? Because to me, the only thing I need protection from is you” She said and my heart breaks.

“I hate meeting you” she sniffs and I felt hurt.
Did she just say that to me? It really hurts.
“Guess, I have no right but to let you go then” I said and her face lightened up.
“Really, you are going to let me go?”
“Yes, but on one condition”

“Condition, ok what is that?” She asked.
I move closer to her on her bed, I tucked her black thick hair behind her hair.
“I need your answer” I said breathing heavily, she shivered when I touch her skin.

She looked at where my hands went next.
“Answer to what?” She bit her lips breathing heavily.
A kiss or a night together.
What will Elena answer be?

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