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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 18

A Kiss Or A Night Together

💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
💋Chapter Eighteen (The kiss that changes everything)😋
(Unedited, beware of errors)
🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
I walked into the place Mike texted me, I know this could be a trap but am willing to do anything to get Elena back.
Strangely, I wasn’t attacked by any guard or anyone to stop me, is he underestimate me or what?
I got to particular place and saw many door.

He got to be kidding me, a particular door caught my attention.
It was the only come painted different, red.

I head for it without thinking ahead, I opened boiling in anger when I saw Mike with a gun on Elena head, she was also crying.
Shit, am going to

kill that bastard.
“You this f*cker” I roared heading to him.
“No” Elena shouts while Mike smirked before I knew it I fell on the group
Sh*t, I was wrong I underestimated him not the other way round
Written by Rachel Fadipe
I woke up and found myself tied to a chair, my hands and legs were both tied hard.
“Klaus”Elena called.
I raise my hand and our face met, she was in front of me, also tied
God, if I ever get out of this. I will make sure to kill that motherf*cker.

“Are you ok?” I asked perplexed.
“Yes, you? You got hit with…..”
“Am sorry, this is all because of me” she said with a guilt look which makes her more pretty.
Am not sure if that is what I should be thinking about in this situation but f that.
“It isn’t your fault, so feeling guilt and let just find a way out of this”
“That will be hard” Mike said from behind.

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Bastard is still here.
“Dear k, ever thought I see you again especially in this circumstance”
“Really? Well I have always wanted to see you again so I could remove your one eye left.

“Guess today is my luck day”
“Wow, am scared” he laughs.
“You should be, I promise you I will kill you”
“Um, maybe after I killed your pretty doll here first” he said and hit Elena in her face with his gun which make her bleed.
“You this bastard” I enraged.

“Cool down Klaus, this is just the beginning. Am going to hurt her and am going to enjoy making you suffer also”
“You can do whatever you want with me, just let her go”
“Awwn, how sweet” he mocked.
“Too bad, I can’t do that. Seeing how you came here without thinking means you care for her” he said and Elena looked at me surprised.
“And also I was paid to kill her, what you couldn’t do. In order way, an helping and also hurting” he winked.
“Touch her again and I will make you pay” I threatened.

“How?” He said and slapped her.
“I will kill you, son of a b**ch”
Unknown pov😔
“Sir, sir” Carvin dashed into my office.
“I told you to always knocked before you entered, fool” I snapped.
“Am sorry sir, they have caught them”

“The hitman Klaus and Elena”
“What? Where are they? Why are they not here?”
“We couldn’t bring them to you to avoid suspicious, Ryan is suspecting us”
“Ok, so where are they?”
“The guy we went just sent is the location.”
“What are we waiting?”
“Let go” I said while he bowed and opened the door for me.
“Wait” I stopped.

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“Let me call Walker”
“Let me call Walker, we are going to make it look like Klaus killed his daughter then we are coming to make him kill Klaus then I will kill him” I laughed manically.
🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
You bastard, I swear I will kill you” I shouts at Mike when he touched Elena again.
He was hitting her in her stomach making her bleeding.

No, you won’t. You can’t, you are tied up here”
The only reason you are not dead is because I haven’t received the order, just wait a bit more” he said and left.
Are you ok?” I asked Elena.
Y…” she replied faintly.
Am going to get you out of here, I promise”

It is ok, as long as you ok then…… am ok” she said weak.
“This isn’t going to do, I have to find a way to get us out”
I thought and a ideal struck my mind, when I saw a table with broken glass on it.

I managed to move my chair to where the table is, I started shaking the table for the glass to fall to my hand.
It was easy but I need succed, I used the glass in untied the ropes in my hand, I mistakenly cut my hand.
“Ah” I winced.

“Are you ok?” Elena asked.
“Yes” I said and stood up from the chair after cutting the rope lose.
“Let me untie you” I said trying to remove the ropes but I felt a cold touch on my head.

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“Don’t you move” I heard Mike saying.
“Ok” I said and stood up slowly.
“Turn around slowly” he ordered and I did.
I was going to wait for Carvin to come but I guess I won’t be able to do that.
“Goodbye” Mike laughed.

“No” Elena shouts when we suddenly heard a gunshot.
Saw Mike on his knees, revealing Douglas.
“Don’t you ever leave me behind again” he said.
“I won’t but first

I kill his bastard” I said and pick the gun on the floor.
“I will go take care of the fools outside” Douglas said and left.
“You bastard, go to hell” Mike groaned and I shot him in his eyes.
Then in his brain, all over his body till the bullet was finished.
But yet I wasn’t satisfied, I want to kill him over and again.
He dare touches her.

“Klaus” Elena called and I ran to her and loose her ropes.
She hugged me when I free her.
“It is ok” I tightened the hug.
She disengaged and pulled me by my collar and crashed her lips on mine.
My eye widened in shock.
Elena just kissed me, what does that mean?
Has she finally gave me her answer?
Has she finally made a choice?

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