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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 20 Finale


💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
😩Season one: Finale chapter🤐
💋Chapter Twenty (I want both)😁
(Unedited, beware of errors)
Elena pov🥰
I finished bathing, put on the top that Klaus gave me, it was revealing my thighs but I had no choice.

I head out of the room and went to the living room. I couldn’t find anyone there but I heard a sound coming from a room, I can’t really say, I traced the sound to where it was coming from.

It was Klaus cutting some vegetables, he is damn hot. Am really falling, really fast.
So I have decided, I won’t run from my feelings and i will just embrace it.
“Hey” I said and went to his side.
“Hey, I didn’t noticed when you came in”
“That is because, I have magic legs” I joked but he wasn’t laughing.

“Seems like that wasn’t funny” I pout while he nod.
“Where is Douglas?” I asked trying to get rid of the awkward situation.
“He went out to check how things are” he answered.

“What are you cooking?”
“You will see when it is ready” he continued while I scoffed.
“Do you even know how to cook?” I asked while he stopped and looked at me.

“You are disturbing”
“Oh, am sorry”
“Can you just help by getting me the oil there?”
“Where?” I asked.
“Over there” he said pointing at the cabinet over us.

“Ok” I said stretching my hand to carry the oil but my hand couldn’t just reached it.
“Let me help” Klaus said seeing the situation before I could move away for me to pick it, he was already at my back.
Our body meet, my back and his chest, his hand slightly touched my b*tt which gave me this sensual sensitive. I turned to him trying to avoid the situation but it only worsen.

I was too close, just to close, my br*st were touching his chest, our lips close.
I have this urge to kiss his lips, I could see am not the only one with the way he was looking at me.

There was this weird sensation between us.
“You are tempting, too tempting” he breathed heavily while I clamped my lips together.

“I have a question”
“What” I asked starring at his lips.
“When you kissed me the other time, was it about the question I asked the other time?”
“If it is about the question I asked, then you haven’t given me your answer. I didn’t asked when you kissed me, that means you kissed me willing. It has nothing to do with my question” he said cutely while I laughed.

“What is funny?” He questioned. I held him by his collar and pulled him for a kiss, a hot demanding one.
I stopped and pulled away.
He exhaled deeply, looking at me surprised while I blushed and looked down shy.

“About your question” I stopped drawing visible lines on his chest.
I looked up at him, knowing he was curious for my answer.

“I want both”
“Both a kiss or a night together, I want both.
“Let do both”
“A kiss and a night together, that is my choice.”
Who is ready for season 2?

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