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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 3

💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
👉🏿Chapter Three (Change of plan) 👀
😳Elena pov😳

I did as Camila instructed, without getting caught. It was almost easy, almost because I could have got caught by my guards but got lucky.
I got outside the gate and Camila driver was waiting for me, she has told her driver about it.

I got in and he took me to the club, I felt nervous. If my dad end up finding out, I will never step out again but I have to do it for Camila.
We got to the Club, I step out of the car. “Elena” I heard my name been called.
I turned back slowly. “Blake?” I called with non assurity.

“Wow” She hugged me. “I can’t believe I really met you, like I have heard a lot about you”
“This is my lucky day” She hugged me again.
“Yea” I faked a smile.

Just keep get these goosebumps, I just hope I won’t regret coming to this party.
“Let go in” She giggled holding my hand and lead me inside the club.
The music was playing loud and there were some girls dancing. Some guys eyes were fixed on me, looking at me like they want to eat me up.

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Well I don’t blame them, having this kind of body is a problem.
Almost got raped because of it by my Ex, part of the reasons I am glad I have my father.

“Am so glad that I finally meet you” Blake said excited.
“Same here, has Camila called you?” I asked nervous.
“Yes, she told me everything. Am glad you took the risk” She smiled and I smiled back.

“How about a drink, no let dance” She said and dragged me to the dancing floor.
I looked around and their eyes were still on me, Elena forget about it.
“Am really glad seeing you” She said and I smiled.
She is too cute, let enjoy the party at least for the risk I took.

Unknown pov😒
“How is the job going?”
“From what I heard, they’re planning on take her tonight” Carvin explained.
“I hope they do a good job, I must pay David back for what he did to me and have back my position”
“Don’t worry, I assure you. You will hear good news tonight” he re-assured
“I will trust you on that and also I want you to kill the guy sent to kill her after the job is done.”

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“Why? If I may ask” Carvin asked with horrifinces.
“If David knows he works for me, then both of us won’t be safe. He will track us down and kill us”
“Ok, I will work on it” He said.
David walker, this is the price you pay when you mess with the wrong person. I should treat you a lesson, just like Six years ago.

🔫🔔Klaus pov🔔🔫
“So?” I asked when Douglas entered the car. He removed his glows and collect the beer in my hand.
I sighed angrily, “the girl is inside the club seems like we don’t have to worry about the security and her bodyguards.

This is the perfect time to kill her” he stated about to finish my beer but I collect it from him.
“Still, we can’t kill her in a public place.” I resisted. I just don’t know why but I find myself hesitating to kill her after seeing her today.

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“What do you mean? This is the perfect place to kill her if not here where else” he stated and I exhaled deeply and looked at the front.
My eyes met with the drunk miss Elena with a guy trying to molest her outside.
Wow, is she real? How come she is f**king beautiful.

Instantly I felt aroused.
I felt angry that the guy is trying to molest her. Who the f*ck is he?
God, why the f*ck is she beautiful? Gosh I want to f*cking fuck her.

Seeing her makes me damn hard.
Why is she beautiful and hot? Shit I really want to bury myself inside her.
“Changes of plan” I said and Douglas looked at me confused.

“We aren’t killing her but kidnapping her” I smirked.

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