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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 8




A Kiss Or A Night Together

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💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
⚠️Chapter Eight (Danger) ⚔️
Unknown pov😟
“What!!!, your hit man betrayed you?” I shout furious.

“Yes, I just got the information from the other person sent on the mission with him, Douglas”
“How could you send an untrustworthy person for this important mission?”
“I didn’t know he will betray me, he is one of my best man” he said stupidly.

“Shut it, now our problem isn’t Elena only but that guy if walker end up knowing about this then we’re definitely done for”

“He will ruin us for try to kill his daughter, right now if the guy goes to Dave then we are in danger we must make sure to get rid of him”
“So what do you plan to do?” He asked.
“Put a bounty on his head, make it twice Elena price. Make sure they don’t know

the one who gave you the job is me, it doesn’t come from our organisation.”
“Am sure your useless self can do that”
“Yes sir” he bowed.

“With all your might make sure you kill both of them.”
None of them should live.
Elena pov🥰
“Thank you for the food” I muttered and stood up I was done with the terrible food.

I must confess it was the worst food of year, why will he cook when he knows he can’t
The salt is only in one part, gosh I miss Luna and her food. I had to eat because I was terribly hungry.
“Yea” he said and carry the dishes. He look disturbed, I wonder what he is thinking?
Is he thinking of letting me go, is that what he is thinking about?
Should I ask? Should I?
“Sir” I said and he looked back surprised.
“Who?” He asked.

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“You of course, since I don’t know your name. But that doesn’t really matter, I mean you are going to me go soon……right?”
“Haha” he laughed hysterically, ok what is funny’
“You want to go home” he asked moving closer to me while I took a step back.
“If you want to go home” he stopped and use his hands to block me from moving when my back has already hit the wall.

“Then” he said and pulled me by my waist Making my br**st rest on his chest.
“Have a night with me or maybe kiss me” he said with his hand on my hair.
“What?” I asked shocked.
‘You heard me right that is the price you have to pay if you want to go home” he moved away and went back to the dishes.

“Me, Elena? Are you a psychopath or what?”
“Let just say am charmed, think about my offer and also don’t wear dress like this. You only keep increasing my urge to have you” he uttered and I cover my thighs with my hand.

“I wear this because I have nothing to wear, Crazy jerk” I cursed and went back to my room or the room where I actually feel comfortable.
Stupid hot crazy dude.

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“Gosh, I even admit he is hot” I pouts ruffling my hair.
“Daddy, where are you?”
Come save me from this hellhole and this crazy psycho.
🔫🔔Klaus pov 🔔🔫
F*ck, I don’t think I can control myself. I just want to have her in my bed, naked.
I want to suck her succulent br**st, f*ck her holes. I don’t think I can do this anymore, I thought and took up from my bed.

I look outside and noticed it was dawn already.
I can’t believe, I started all night without a good sleep. All I could think of was how to screw her.
I went out of the room and met Elena coming out from her room. She was with the same top yesterday.
I remember her words.

“I wear this because I have nothing to wear, Crazy jerk”
Shit, there is no way am going to get her new clothes.
“But you have, you brought her here” my inner mind said.

I brought her to fuck her, not be her pop’s or her guardian.
“But still you don’t want to leave her like this, especially when Douglas is around”
No way, she can’t be like this to other men except me.

I went back to my room, pick a black hoody and with a leather Jean and left after making sure I locked the whole doors.
It is old but not that easy for anyone to penetrate.
I got to a store to buy her some things, “what will you like sir?” A lady asked.

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“Just give me everything in this stores” I said and the lady look at me confused.
“Will you be more specific sir?”
“Um, just get me some clothes and underwears.”
“Ok, I will get on it”
“Gosh, I can’t believe am doing this”
Am supposed to use this money for emergency, but….

What exactly is she doing to me?
I got back home and went straight to her room.
“Can’t you knock” she asked when I entered.
“Here” I stretched the bag in my hands and she collected it.

“What are this for?”
“You will know when you see it” I said and left her for my room.
Just forget it, this is just nothing compared to the things I have pass through.

My phone rings and I picked the call knowing it was Douglas.
📲Klaus, where are you?”
📲At the place you left us, where else?”
📲”What is it?” I asked.
📲”Leave now, you are in danger. They know where you are, you have to leave right now” he warned and I heard Elena shouts.

My heart beats fast when I heard her shout.
“I guess that is too late”

Love you all 💝💋

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