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A Kiss Or A Night Together Episode 9

💋A Kiss Or A Night Together 🛌🏾
{Her choice to make}💖
By Rachel Fadipe😋🤣
😴Chapter Nine (A choice to make)🤦🏿‍♀️
Elena pov🥰
I smiled happily checking out the things the ‘hot crazy dude’ bought for me. Since I don’t know his name, I just keep calling him that.

I brought out the underwear he bought for me, how does he know my size was the first thought that came to my mind.
“Is he a pervert?”
‘No, Elena don’t think otherwise.’ I snapped out of it.

Wow, they look beautiful I thought and changed into a baggy jeans and a tank top.
‘I look hot in this’ I thought.
But yesterday, he was like ‘if you don’t have a night with me or kiss me then I won’t let you go.’
Why is he acting nice now?
“I don’t care” I said checking out the other clothes.

The door opened and I smile thinking it was him, my smile faded away when I saw two armed men.
Klaus pov🔔🔫
I pick up my gun from the drawer and opened the door slowly incase they were outside of my door, luckily no one was outside the door.

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Someone suddenly opened the door, he shot at me with his gun but I was lucky to quickly get behind the chair.
“I know you are behind the chair, stand up now if you don’t want me to shoot your girlfriend” a man said.

“Mister, save me” said Elena in a panic.
‘Shit’ I thought
“Ok” I said and stood up from my hidden place, I saw two guys, a man holding Elena with a gun to her head.

“Toss your gun to me” the man pointing the gun at Elena ordered.
I did as told.
“It is ok” I assured Elena whose eyes was closed shivering in fears.
“No, it is not” he said and held Elena more tight.

Am going to kill that bastard, I promise.
“I can’t believe I get to see the almighty Klaus, an AAA assassin, deadly, kills with no emotions.”
“How come you end up like this? You became weak because of a girl” he laughed with his partner.

“Well, let’s just say I changed a bit. But that doesn’t mean am not the old Klaus. You know what I’ll give you a chance, just let her go, walk out of the house and I don’t come after you guys” I chuckled and he laughed.

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“I don’t think, you have the right to say that. You are on the losing end and the bounty on you is quite tempting to resist” he scoffed while I scratched my nose bridge.

“Put your hands back up!” he shouts.
“Yeah, you are right. Am on the losing end, but still you are scared of me”
“Shut up and put your f*cking hands back to where it belongs or I f*cking blow her head off”

“Hey easy man, it is just that my hand won’t stay in one position” I lied swinging my hands.
“Shit, go tie him up” he ordered the other guy.
“What, why do I have to do that?” The other one asked.
“As you can see I can’t do that because of the girl, fool!”

“What? What did you just call me?” The other guy asked and they start arguing.
I slowly reached out for the knife in my pocket.
“What are you doing?” The guys asked when they saw me.
“Shit!” I uttered and quickly brought out my knife and throw at the guy holding Elena.

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“Ah!” he winced and left go of Elena.
The other guy tried to shoot Elena but I got to him and we started fighting for the gun when I suddenly heard a gun shot.
Elena pov🥰

I was about to run away when I heard three gunshot fired, I turned back and I saw the two guy who came at me on the ground in the pool of their blood.
“Jesus!” I gasped shocked. I saw Klaus on his knees, I got to know his name because the guys that came at me called him that, I saw him bleeding.

I ran to him before he could fall, “are you ok?” I asked worried.
I don’t know why but am worried, I panicked more when I saw my hands filled with blood.

I put pressure on his wound but he moved my hand away.
“If you really want to escape from me then you should leave.”
“What? I can’t just leave you”
“Am giving you a choice, leave me or you never get to do so again” he warned.
What should I do? Should I really leave him?

I have to make a choice.
What is it going to be?

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