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👙💋A Night With Xander Adams👙💋💞

🌆🌆 A night with
Xander Adams 💋💋
🧥🧥 The most powerful man in NY with the innocent stripper 👙👙
🥀🥀A one time read story🥀🥀
Gianna Collins climbs on the stage nervously, she wished she could be anywhere else but this goddamn club, sadly not all wishes come true. Her mum is in the hospital laying helplessly on a hospital bed barely breathing.
Her hands grips the pole, her legs encircles the long pole nervously, trying to push away the fact that a lot of eyes were on her. At first she moves slowly to the music playing in the background, twirling around the pole in a sensual way. She could feel the eyes of those mannerless men eyes on her, hungry eyes to be precise.
The thought of those eyes on her expose flesh made her falter a bit in her dancing. One would think after a week of her being a stripper, she should have gotten used to it. She’s not. How could she get use to a lot of hungry eyes staring at her exposed flesh.
Gianna imagined she was the only one in the room, then proceeds to give the audience the best striptease ever.
Xander Adams sits on the bar chair, drink in hand but his eyes on the stripper. The way her body moves to the beat makes his member raise. He wish he could see the face behind that mask, he wish he would have her lips on his dick. Xander groans rubbing the back of his neck. He shouldn’t be having such thoughts, his wife just died yesterday and it was all his damn fault.
Xander takes a look at the stripper one more time, gulps down his drink then walked out of the club, in need of fresh air.
Gianna walks to the back of the club, still in her stripper uniform. She needs air, she looks up at the sky and wondered why her life has to be like this, why couldn’t she just get a normal job like normal people and save her mother the only woman so dear to her.
Gianna falls to the floor in tears, she has to save her mum and she has to be really fast about it. She cried the more, feeling so frustrated.
“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be out here crying.” Xander states, looking up at the beautiful stars that adorns the evening sky. He was shocked to see it’s the same stripper that caught his attention earlier but why is she crying?, he didn’t have an answer to that.
“None of your business.” Gianna says harshly, getting up from the ground.
“No need to be harsh, I was just concerned that’s all.” Xander defends his self, raising his hands up.
“Well keep your concern to yourself.” Gianna says walking away, she just wants to be far away from the poke noising man.
“Stop.” Xander yells, Gianna sighs then turned around, “what do you want.”
“A night with you.” He blurts out.
“I’m not prostitute, I’m a stripper. There’s a difference.” Gianna says boredly, turning around. “I will pay you half a million dollars.” Xander yelled.
Gianna stopped, then turned around to stare at the man. How can he pay half a million dollars for just a night with her, “I can see you’re drunk.” Gianna rolls her eyes at the man then made to leave again but Xander wouldn’t let the stripper leave, he doesn’t know why he wants her in his house, he just had this craving to have her for the night.
“One million dollar.” Xander yells again, Gianna halted immediately.
“Just stop this okay, I know you’re drunk and is the drink you had that’s making you say rubbish.” Gianna yells really annoyed by the man consistency.
“My name is Xander Adams, you can search me up online I’m not just a drunkard.”
“I don’t have my phone with me.” Gianna says, her bag is not with her.
“You can have mine.” Xander unlocks his phone then hands it over to the stripper girl. Gianna eyes the man wearily taking it from him. Still staring at Xander through her mask, she searched the name *Xander Adams*
“You are the most powerful man in NY.” She asked shocked, this man is stinkingly rich.
“So.. are you going to take my offer.” Xander drawls. Gianna fingers twist together. With a million dollars, she could pay for her mom’s operation, she could send her little sister to school, she could also repair the small cottage where her, her mum and her sister lives in, and so many other things.
“It’s a deal.”
Gianna looked around Xander’s room in awe, everything looked so expensive. Xander had taking her to his house, and now she’s in his room. Gianna immediately starts to pull off her clothes, she pulls her shirt then takes off her trouser next.
“What are you doing.” Xander question staring at her intently.
“What do you think. I’m taking off my clothes.” She replies boredly, she just wants to get this night over with.
“There’s no need for that, please put on your clothes.” Gianna face morphs into a huge frown, she should have checked online if the man is mentally deranged.
“You said you wanted a night with me or have you suddenly changed your mind.” He couldn’t have changed his mind right? She really needs the money.
“No I haven’t. I don’t want to have s*x with you, I just want to talk to you that’s all.” Xander clarifies.
“So you’re going to pay me a million dollars, just for talking with you.” Gianna says, Xander nods. She gives up this man is definitely crazy.
“I know you think I’m crazy but I’m not, my wife died yesterday, I just feel so frustrated, so angry and lonely. I just need someone to talk to or I might just go mad.” Xander utters, right there Gianna knew he is a broken man. The death of the wife must have been really hard on him.
“Okay, I guess there’s nothing bad in lending you an ear, although I still think you’re crazy.” Gianna puts on her clothes then sits on the soft bed.
“Can you take off your mask.” Xander request.
“No.” Gianna replies quickly, her sharp tone making Xander wonder why she doesn’t want to reveal who she is.
“Why?”, He inquires.
“I–”, Gianna falters a bit and moves her right hand to her mask, “I just can’t”.
From the very first time Xander had set his eyes on Gianna, he thought the face mask was just to make her an item to make her look even more sexy but seeing her act so protective, he knows there is something more behind that black mask and decides to stop asking her any questions pertaining it, “okay”.
Gianna nods stiffly, glad that Xander didn’t ask her to take off her mask again, “you can talk now. I’m listening”.
He mutters an “okay” again, still baffled by how comfortable he is with a total stranger, even to the extent of wanting to open up to her.
“My wife thought I was cheating on her”, Xander begins after a long while. His voice detached as if he had just asked someone to pass the salt.
Gianna glances at his face that is now full with sadness and lips that are pulled back in a disapproving curve.
“She accused me of sleeping with my personal assistant”, he whispers so low that she had to strain towards him to hear.
“I had tried to explain. Told her that she was just being delusional And we got into an argument”.
It is unusual for Gianna to be silent, no matter the occasion, but she can sense that whatever he is about to tell her made a huge impact in his life and therefore swallows every question she is itching to ask.
“A heated one”, Xander goes on after a moment of silence, “I said things I shouldn’t have said out of anger and she drove out of the house with a scowl on her face”.
He swallows the bile in his throat as he recalls the angry look on his wife’s face before she stormed out of the house, “few minutes after she left, her caller ID popped up on my phone”.
And he pauses again.
Gianna realizes he is making those lengthy pauses before he spoke because he was gathering his thoughts. Whereas she blurted out whatever came to her mind without thinking, he carefully arranges his thoughts before giving them to her.
Xander breathes in long and deep, his back muscles shifting as his chest expands and deflates in time with his breaths, “I made a quick decision to apologise for raising my voice at her and even made a mental note to prepare her favorite food, as a way of making up but when I hit the answer button, it wasn’t her voice I heard”.
He takes another pause.
“The person who called told me that the owner of the phone had been taken to the hospital after a very deadly accident”.
The pause he takes this time is longer than the previous ones.
“He read the hospital address out to me but when I got there, I was told Lillian didn’t….”, Xander’s voice breaks. He lowers his head.
Gianna heart aches for him but there is nothing she could do, she is just going to wait and let him pour out everything in his heart.
“She didn’t make it”, a muscle in his jaw ticks, “they couldn’t save the baby in her too”.
When Gianna’s face snaps towards him, horrified at what she heard, his face has gone blank. Devoid of any emotion. A mask.
“They died because of me”, his voice too has gone flat. Full of self-hatred. Of blame.
Tears glistened in her eyes and she was glad she had her mask safely in place, else he’d have seen her in this state. He had a really touching and emotional story.
“So_ you’re feeling guilty about all of it? Have you ever thought or had the feeling you’re not entirely to be blamed?” She asked, looking deeply into his eyes as he scoffed. “Never. Even the devil knows am at fault. She died because of me.” He whispered, almost breaking down.
“Hey you shouldn’t feel so bad and angry at yourself. Yes, you had a fight with your wife but you can’t really blame yourself for her death. I’m sure if you knew that would be the last argument between the both of you, you would have done everything in your power to avert it.” Gianna spoke softly placing a hand on Xander’s shoulder.
Xander rubs his face really frustrated, no matter how he looks at it the truth will never change. He killed his wife and his unborn baby.
Gianna saw the frustration on his face, it made her wonder how he must have felt the moment it happened. He must have felt like giving up just the way she’d feel if her mom dies.
“You think you’re the only one who has it bad. My dad had died several years back.” Gianna takes in a deep breath, eventhough the incident had happened years ago, it’s till fresh in her memories.
Xander looks at the stripper sitting on his bed, he could feel her despair.
Gianna looks up at the ceiling then continued her tale, “I was at the pack with my mum and my little sis, everything was going smoothly, I could as well say it was the best day of my life.” Gianna paused, then smile sadly still staring at the ceiling.
“I requested for an ice cream, my dad being the best dad i could ever ask for decided to cross the road, so he could get my ice cream from the ice cream truck that was packed right there. He was able to cross the road and purchased my ice cream but he wasn’t so lucky when he was crossing back. A drunk driver ran over him. Right there before my eyes I watched my father get hit by a car, and I couldn’t do anything.” Tears falls down her face as she recalls the past. Had a great urge to wipe away her tears with the back of her palm but if she does that she would end up removing her mask so she stops herself from doing so.
“I wish I never asked for that Ice cream, maybe then he would still be alive.”
“I’m so sorry about that.” Xander spoke softly.
“There’s no need to be, you didn’t kill him and his been dead for a really long time now. Xander I know you feel it’s your fault but you can’t keep on blaming yourself for it, you have to let go of your guilt or it would only end up eating you.” Gianna advised. Xander stares at her for a while taking her words into consideration.
“Why did you go into stripping.” Xander asks breaking the unnerving silence that has grown between them.
“That is for me to know, only.” Gianna says simply.
“I thought we were….”
“Stop thinking anything.” Gianna cuts him off. It’s already enough she told him about her dad, there’s absolutely no need for him to know why she’s a stripper.
Both of them kept quiet, each in their own thought.
Gianna watched Xander from the corner of her eyes, she could still see the guilt in his eyes. She wondered if there’s any other thing she could do to ease his pains away, She had never been around emotional guys. Hell she’d only had the company of women, strippers and waitresses to be precise.
This is crazy, absolutely crazy. Xander thinks inwardly. He wondered why he is sharing all this with stripper, a stripper he can’t even see her face.
“Do you have wine.” Gianna suddenly asks making Xander to stare at her confuse as hell. “Yeah, I do.”
“Come with me.”
“To where?.” Xander asks Gianna.
“To the balcony, but first we are going to get the wine and two glasses.” Gianna replies already out of the room, Xander had no choice but to follow.
A minute later.
“Wine, checked. Glasses, checked. Seats, checked. An awesome view, checked. Our both awesome sad self’s, checked.” Gianna says taking her seat in the balcony. Xander chuckles, also sitting down.
Xander watched her with extreme focus as she poured him a glass of wine then hands it over to him, she pours another glass of wine for her self. “You haven’t told me why we are here.” Xander asks.
“We are here to get drunk.” Gianna says simply, gulping down her glass of wine. She pours herself another glass of wine then gulped it down immediately. Tonight she wants to forget her pains, she wants to forget her mum is laying down on the hospital bed in need of medical attention. For to night, she just want to be happy.
Xander stared at the wine suspiciously for a minute before drowning down the whole content of the glass. Maybe getting drunk isn’t really a bad idea. He thinks.
An hour later.
Gianna and Xander could be seen sprawled down on the floor drunked, Xander had made a quick stop for three more bottles of wine and now their stomach and their body can’t take another glass of wine.
“Wow, I have ten fingers.” Gianna says giggling waving her finger in front of her eyes.
“No you don’t. You have 20 fingers.” Xander corrects chuckling.
“Wow, that is a lot of fingers.” Gianna says staring at him in surprise.
“Get up.” She instructs Xander, getting up drunkenly. Her body sways a little but but she caught herself quickly. “Why? I love it down here.” Xander let’s out pouting like a child.
“Stand up, Xander Adams! Or I will be force to kick you butt. I said butt.” Gianna placed a hand on her mouth laughing really hard Xander joins her in her laughter.
“Okay, I will get up before you kick my behind.” Xander says grinning, Gianna let’s out another round laughter.
“I’m up, okay I think I’ve forgotten how to stand.” Xander cries out as he sways around the balcony.
“Oh shit! I also don’t know how to stand, quick hold something, anything.” Gianna yells holding on to the wall next to her, Xander does as she says and held the chair next to him.
“So…. Why did you ask me to get up.” Xander asks solemnly holding the chair really hard afraid he would fall, who knows maybe aliens had eaten his leg off.
“Cause I want us to do this. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Gianna shouts really hard. “Damn this feel good. Try it.” She says smiling happily.
Xander thinks for a while, then sighed shrugging his shoulder. Well, there’s no harm in shouting like a mad man in the night, no harm.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow this feels good.” Xander says breathing so hard, holding on to his chest forgetting the fact that he can’t walk.
“I told you so.” Gianna replies with a lopsided grin letting go of the wall she’s holding.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE YOU DAD AND I WISH YOU NEVER DIED, TODAY WILL BE THE DAY I WILL LET GO OF MY GUILT. I love you so much.” Gianna whispered the last part, tears threatening to fall down her eyes.
“I LOVE YOU SYLVIA, I’M SORRY THE LAST MEMORY YOU HAD OF US WAS US FIGHTING. I MISS YOU TERRIBLY. Aghhhhhhhhhhh.” Xander yells frustrated, staring at the sky. “I’m letting go of this guilt Sylvia, I can’t continue like this please forgive me.” He whispers looking up at the sky, Gianna placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, smiling at him through her face mask.
“So.. how do you feel letting it out?.” She asked after a while of silence. The night had gone deep that neither of them could tell the exact time.
“I feel librated. I really needed the relief thanks a lot stripper I don’t know” He whispered, already feeling sleepy as she smiled and kissed his forehead.
Xander yawned and scratched his eyes before sitting up, he noticed he was still in the balcony, he also noticed he was alone.
“what_” he stands up feeling a slight pain on his head. Okay the pain is definitely not slight.
Xander searched around the house in search of the masked stripper who had elevated him from his pain. He didn’t find her.
He face palmed himself after an hour of searching the house. She left without a goodbye. He felt hurt and kind of empty.
His thoughts were a mess and every fvcking thing irritated him. He realized she never gave him her contact, address or bank details.
Sighing fraustratedly,he walked into the house to take care of his hygiene.
By evening, after work he walked into the buzzing bar, looking around especially at the pole where she’d been curved on the night he saw her.
Another stripper occupied that space and it made him wonder why. Walking up to the manager office, he composed himself before knocking.
“Come on in.” He heard the deep voice say before pushing the door in and walking in. “Oh Mr Adam. It’s_” he raised his hands, shutting the man up Immediately.
“Where’s the fvcking stripper. The one with the mask?” He asked as the manager frowned. “Oh that? She’s gone, she no longer works here.” He replied, looking at the envelope in xavier hand.
“Where in hell did she go to?” He asked, growing impatient as the manager shrugged.
“Probably into Oblivion. She’s not here but there are other strip_” Xander walked out of the office, banging the door behind him.
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months,three months to be precise. Xander made sure to keep the bundle of money intact, he also didn’t forget the date the stripper left. To him, he lost two important women almost the same period.
He worked his ass off, often sleeping in the office. He sometimes drowned himself on a bottle of vodka or tequila, silently and secretly wishing the anonymous stripper would walk into his life again.
Today, he had an important meeting with a huge firm and he needed to get there on time.
He rushed out of the house and into his car as the driver started the ignition. One thing he didn’t do was to remove his wedding ring. He still felt married but not until a few days ago.
He’d been eating his dinner when his wife’s picture fell from it’s frame. He’d been surprised about it but that night, he didn’t dream about her as usual. Instead he dreamt about the mysterious stripper. The only thing he had in his memory of her was her voice, eyes and probably body shape.
The car pulled into the parking lot and he alighted it. Walking quickly into the building, he bumped into a lady. She had her face buried in her phone and had a livid expression. It seemed as if she’d pull down the whole building if care was not taken.
Her eyes dilated for a bit before she ducked her head and walked away. She looked oddly familiar to xavier but he couldn’t place where exactly he’d seen her.
The meeting went quite well and soon he was on his way heading to his office but the face of that lady never left his memory. It kept replaying and replaying even now as he sitted in his office going through some mails.
He still wondered what the stripper would look like and what exactly made her leave.
Gianna walked into the huge firm, looking for a particular man who she had delivered rice cakes to but still hasn’t paid.
Her mind drifted to when she bumed into Xavnder in front of the mayor’s office. Her heart had skipped and fluttered at the same time. Her heart raced but after realizing that he didn’t recognize her, she’d quickly ran away.
Three months ago, on that fateful night when he’d fallen asleep,she had received a call from the hospital that her mom passed away some minutes back. She’d been devastated, sad and pitiful.
She never wanted to bother him with her worries and burdens so she’d left the house unnoticed.
On getting to the hospital,she made up her mind not to go back to the bar. She detested the fact that her working as a stripper was void. Her mom still had to go. With tears in her eyes, she’d left the town and moved to a province to start a new life.
Of course it had been hard and a little bit impossible but she’d pushed through. Started off working as a janitress in a local hospital but now she’d had her own business of selling rice cakes. Although it wasn’t their food,the people of Santa Louis really loved it.
“Hey you, hey!!.” Gianna yells sighting the idiot who hasn’t paid her, her money yet, the man stops and turns to look at Gianna. “Where’s my money sir, you haven’t paid for the rice cake yet.”
“Ohh, so sorry miss. Here is your money.” The man quickly counts some and gave it to her, feeling a little bit embarrassed.
Gianna snatched the money from the man’s hand then walked away counting it, she was so engrossed in counting her money she didn’t realize when she bummed into a man. “Oh my God I’m so sorry.” So apologise to the man.
“It’s okay miss.” The man says raising his head up, she gasped. Xander Adams.
“Do I know you, your eyes looks really familiar.” Xander says staring into the girl eyes, she looks oddly familiar.
“No you don’t, we haven’t met before.” Gianna says hastily then tried to walk away, only to be stopped by Xander, he held her hand.
That voice, he knows that voice and he has definitely seen those pairs of eyes before, “Gianna.” He called.
“My name isn’t Gianna sir, I’m sorry but you’ve got the wrong person.” Gianna says smoothly not turning back to look at him.
“Come on, I might not have seen your face but I know your voice and your eyes isn’t something I will ever forget. You know I still haven’t paid you your money.”
Gianna sighs, “A million dollars, I thought by now you would have regretted making such an offer and probably thanking your stars you didn’t see me again.”
“Why would i? You gave me a second chance to be happy. There’s a cafe really close by, why don’t we go over there and talk.” Xander suggest.
“Uhm, from the way you’re dress I can tell you’re going somewhere important, don’t you think should be there.”
“Nope, I think this is where I’m supposed to be. You’re not running away, again.” Xander said smirking at her, Gianna laughs.
“You know you never did tell me your name.” Xander says thoughtfully.
“My name is Gianna, Gianna Williams.” She introduced.
“Gianna Williams, Gianna Williams. I think Gianna Adams would sound more better. What do you think?.” He asked staring at her face, now he knows why he had really strong urge to her face that night. She has a pretty face.
“Hmm, it might happen, it might not.”
“I will make it happen.” Xander says in a flirtatious manner, kissing the back of her palm.
“We will see about that.” Gianna replies chuckling.
The End❣️❣️
Maybe sometimes you just need another broken heart to make yours whole ☺️☺️
✍️Thanks for reading ✍️

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