A Weekend To Remember Epilogue


(Caught in a dilemma 😪)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


After they got to the city, they took Roman to the hospital and he was attended to immediately. They wanted to take Beatrice home but she refused.

“I am not going anywhere until Roman is awake. You can call my parents now.” She said to the Cop and he nodded.

She sat next to Roman’s hospital bed after they removed the bullet from his tummy. She held his hand and stared at his face with tears in her eyes.

“You did it Roman. You saved me, even though it almost cost you your life. You fulfilled your promise by risking everything. You can’t just leave me, I love you and I don’t want to lose you.” She said kissing his hand.

She looked at him again, and then she felt his hand hold hers too. She looked at him eagerly and saw him open his eyes weakly.

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“Roman.” Beatrice called in excitement and immediately he saw her he smiled.

“I felt you around.” He said and Beatrice chuckled kissing his lips happily.

“Thank God you are okay.” She said with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Beauties don’t cry.” He said smiling and Beatrice smiled cleaning the tears that rolled down her eyes.

“What of Tokyo?” He asked weakly.

“The bastard has been thrown into prison. He and his co-criminals.” She said and Roman stared at her.

“And Daniel?” he asked and she was lost.

“Who is Daniel?” She asked.

“He is my friend. He helped me save you, he gave me the cellphone I used at the expense of his life. He should suffer with them, he is a good person.” Roman explained in a low tone.

“I would request for his release immediately. I never knew.” She said picking up her phone when she heard her Mother call her.

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Her parents barged into the room and saw their baby looking so unkempt.

“Baby.” Her mother called In tears as Beatrice gave them a big hug.
“I missed you so much Mom.” She said and they nodded.

“We missed you too daughter. I promise you Tokyo and his people will never get out of the prison.” Her father said.

“There is an exception. His name is Daniel, he helped Roman save me too. He is a good person Dad, I want him released.” She said and he nodded.

Her father looked ad Roman and smiled at him.

“Thank you for saving my daughter. I have many things for you.” He said and Roman smiled in return.


“I hereby sentence Tokyo Denise to life imprisonment as he is found guilty of the kidnap of Miss Beatrice Robert. And his co-criminals to 24 years imprisonment.” The judge said hammering the gavel.

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Roman hugged Daniel and Beatrice hugged her family. They were happy, the enemy has been put to shame.

Roman you would be managing one of my companies. It is yours now.” Her father said as they walked out of the court.

“omg… thank you so much Sir.” Roman replied happily looking at Daniel.

“Looks like I have am assistant already.” He said looking at Daniel and Daniel laughed.

“Yes you do.” Dan replied and Beatrice came closer.

“Last weekend was the worse moment of my lif, but remains the best moment of my life. I met you, that overshadows every other suffering.” She said and Roman pulled her into his arms kissing her deeply right in front of everyone.

“A weekend to remember.”

Finally finished 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

Let’s comment the moral lessons, the best comment would be given a gift.

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