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A wife for the king – Episode 15

🌹💋❣️ A wife for the king – Episode 15❣️💋🌹


Pamilerin felt as if she was floating. She just had the most romantic dinner date ever, but what does she expect from a man like Alexander after all, besides he is not an ordinary man. Joy radiates all over her, she eased the door open, and finds her parent still up, pretending to be engrossed with the news.
“Hey baby girl you are back! Trust you had a great time” her mother asked, turning to face her.
“Yes I did mum, thank you” pamilerin sighed in defeat, it no use trying to hide things from her parents. Taking her seat opposite them . “I need to talk to both of you —Dad can I have your attention please? Thank you. As you know I went out on a date with the King tonight, and yes there is something going on between us, but we are taking things slow and I hope you won’t put pressure on me” giving her mother a pointed look, at the last statement.
“Its alright dear, your mother and I will support your decision, we just want you to be happy” David told her.
“Thank you, now you can go back to pretending to be watching the news, when you were actually waiting for me. I too will go to my room to freshen up and call it a night” rising from the sofa smiling sardonically at them.
“You know us too well. Good night dear”
“Good night mother” leaving them both in the living room, certain her parents will go to their room the moment she leaves

. It always amuse her, the way they are with each other.
Pamilerin was just wiping her make up away with a facial wipe when her phone rang. She check to confirm the  ID of the person calling and discovered that it was Alexander. Her heart skips a bit when she saw his number.
“Hello your Highness” she mutters, sounding breathless.
“Hello pamilerin, how are you?” His voice rumbles.
“I’m fine , thank you for dinner, I had a great time” she whispered.
“I’m glad you did, and I enjoyed your company as well, we will do it soon again. He promised. “Do take care of yourself and sleep well”
Pamilerin continues to stare at her phone with a goofy smile on her face, long after the call has ended. She wished he can just continue talking to her, she loves hearing his voice. The way it always sound gruff and deep. She giggles at herself, “God help me,but I can’t stop thinking about him” she mutters to herself. She traced her lips with her finger slowly, thinking of the kiss they shared before she left him. It was so intense like the rest. Pamilerin was certain that Alexander will be a passionate lover, he will be intense like everything he does.
A shiver course through her at the thought of him as a lover. She wonders if he will be patient with her as a lover,  if he discovers she is not experienced.
TIME DEFINITELY FLIES WHEN YOU ARE HAVING A good time. Pamilerin has never being so pampered and loved like Alexander was doing to her. Everyday was one surprise to another, despite her protest for him not to buy gifts for her, he simply wave her off with a smile. His kisses still makes her toes to curl, making her resolve to wait, to weakens anytime he kisses and caress her.
It’s obvious now to everybody that they are an item, but she was past caring. It is not like she was doing anything wrong, besides he is still a man, despite being King. He had assured laid her fear to rest, when she told him, she did not want the paparazzi to find out about them just yet. Alexander accept that neither does he wants his business to be all over the news as well.
It been a month and some days, since they have being seeing each other, and pamilerin was certain that she is in love with Alexander. She has never felt this way before about any man. One touch, or glance from him, causes her heart to flutters, and makes her to stutter. She can seem to help herself around him.
Pamilerin was even more surprised when Alexander invites her parents over for dinner. “I have to meet your parents at some point, why not now” he said, when she asked him. It was all so surreal to her, but her parents seems not to be so surprised about it. Over the weeks she got more close to Adebayo and finds his company soothing. It feels good to have a friend someone she can talk to. She is not the type that keeps friends, the only close friend she has—Tricia has travelled out of the country the minute they graduated. Though they keep in touch via mails and chats.

. The others were just acquaintances.
The dinner with her parents went smoothly than she anticipated, what she did not see coming was the ring. A part of her felt it was too soon, it’s not like he has said the three little word to her but he shows her he cares in every little thing he does for her. She could not bring herself to say no to him, when she knew its of no use pretending she didn’t love him. And she does, with every fiber of her being. She nod and mutters her consent, smiling amidst the cheers and clapping of her parents and Adebayo who was present at the cosy dinner.
The huge diamond ring winked at her, sparkling on her finger as she stares at it. Tricia almost tear her ear drum with her scream of excitement on the phone when she told her, promising to come for her wedding to meet her Prince charmingy, though this time it was a King–charming, she said naughtily.
Life is good what could go wrong for her. The intercom buzz, brought her out of her reverie. “Your Highness?” She insists on being formal with him him when they are outside, but alone she accepts to use his given name.
“See me in my office” he sounded a bit curt and strained.
“On my way” she straightened her green skirt suit, worried a bit at how he sounded on the phone, and saunters out of the office. She knocks on his door, and pushed it open when he call out for her to enter. “Your highness” she said, closing the door behind her. He gesture to their now favorite sofa in the corner, making pamilerin to know it is a personal matter not official.
She smiled nervously at him, “what is it Alexander?”
“I’m afraid we have a slight problem” he told her, worry line etched on his face, as he sat beside her.


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