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A wife for the king – Episode 5

♥️❤️🌺 A wife for the king – Episode 5 🙏🌹❤️


BY THE TIME PAMILERIN GOT HOME the sun has already gone down, giving way to dusk. She voiced her appreciation to her chaffeur as the Car came to a stop in front of her father’s house. Stepping out of the car before he could come down to open the door for her. She gently wave him away, before finding her way into the house. It was a Terrace Apartment, definitely not a mansion but its home and they are comfortable.
“So how was your first day at work dear?—did you meet the king, and is he as handsome as he looks on television?” Pamilerin’s mother , Ireti demanded the minute she walk in to the house.
“Mom!” She groan in exasperation, “One question at a time” dragging her tired form into the direction of her bedroom.
“don’t mom me— are you saying you did not notice that he is good looking?, even I noticed” she replied with a knowing smile.
“Alright mother, what as working with him, got to do with if I noticed his good looks, any way to answer your questions, yes I met him” . Toeing her shoes off as she enters her room, rearranging it on the shoe rack, purposely avoiding the last part of her mother’s enquiry.

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. But her mother is like a bull dog once she has an idea stuck in her head to disabuse her of it is always difficult.
“You have not answered me pamilerin?..”
“Fine mother, he is good looking if you like the old s*xy look type, but he is on a power trip ” she grudging added

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. “So are you happy now” raising her hands, and dropping it back.
Ireti knew that the king must have made an impression on her daughter for her to be like this, but she does not want to press her luck, may be next time when she is more relaxed and less suspicious of her motives.
“Uhm, that’s quite an observation from you, being the first day.” Ireti observed, “But you do realize that you did not mention anything about how your day went?” Eyes twinkling, with mischief.
“God mother!”
“Fine I’m going, i will just assume your day went well, love you darling. Freshen up and come out for dinner” closing the door behind her.
Pamilerin could hear her mother’s chuckling as she leaves, sighing tiredly, she removes her cloth and step into the adjoining bathroom. Her mother is up to something, what’s up with the fifty questions? She refuse to play her mind games today.  She toweled her body dry after washing,  leaving the bathroom. Pamilerin selects a cutton short gown to wear, it’s one of her favorite comfortable casual gown. She is sure that her mother will update her dad on the conversation they just had, her parent are just like that, they enjoy gossiping, she smiled at the thought. She loves the way they adore each other, and she hope to find the kind of love they had someday, not that she is thinking of getting married soon. In the main time she will enjoy her singleness.

“Darling situation report?” David asked his wife has they prepare for bed,
“Which report, you this old man have you now turn me to a reporter” she asked with mock irritation, standing before the vanity mirror to wipe off her makeup.
“Come on love, you know am not in her good book tonight, seeing how she blames me, for making her  take the job, and that is why we agree you should cajole her to tell you , so it will be unfair not to tell me” standing behind her, before drawing her into his arms. Their gaze locks with each other through the vanity mirror where she stood. He pressed a kiss on her nape causing her shiver with desire. “Pretty please, tell me” he whispered,  knowing she can’t resist his charms.
“Fine, I will tell you” giggling like a girl.
David knew his daughter can be stubborn when things are not going her way, but this time around he is sure she has met her match and it will  be delightful to see how things will play out.
“Are you sure it will work out like you planned darling?” Ireti asked her husband,  worried that her husband’s plan may back fire on them, leaving her daughter hurt and broken.
“Yes it will my dear, stop worrying, just watch how your man will do it” he grinned lovingly at his wife, as they both got entwined in each others arms.

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