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Afraid To Love – Episode 3

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      💦🌺💦Episode 3💦🌺🌺

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Edwin Broderick smiled weakly. He was on drip. He reached for his son’s hands.

“Don’t worry about me, dear son. How was your date? Purity, I guess she looked so pretty.”

Jeremy raked his other hand through his hair. Seeing the sorry state his father was in, Jeremy couldn’t dare let him know that the date ended in disaster. It never even began, there was never a date between them. How was he even sure that woman was Purity? Her evil smile and tongue lashing words told him so. He beamed at Edwin.
“Um…it was quite a success.” Remembering that breathtaking kiss, he beamed even more. “At least, I enjoyed that.”

Struggling to sit up, Edwin questioned, “What?” his eyes twinkled with delight. He suddenly looked like a two year old. “Tell me son, what did you enjoy?” his grip tightened.

Aww. Jeremy was touched. This Purity got his father all excited and full of strength. What she had that made his father this way, he didn’t know. He was glad he was no more sad. If getting married to Purity would heal his father, then marry her, he would.
Jeremy grinned. “Ah, dad. Its a secret.”

Edwin shot up a brow. “Is it what I’m thinking?”

Jeremy flushed. “I don’t know what you’re thinking.” He released his hand from his father’s and looked away. He felt like a boy in his teens.

Edwin laughed. He choked a little. “I am feeling much better,” he expertly changed the topic, answering his son’s earlier question.

Glad that his father did, Jeremy turned to face him. “I’m happy about that. What did the doctor say is wrong with you?”

“Nothing yet.”

“I’ll see him later. Papa, have you eaten? I brought food.”

“My ever caring son. I have, but will eat what you brought for me.”

“Great!” Jeremy rushed to the chair where he’d dropped te lemon cake he’d bought on his way. “Here, father.”

He laid them on the bed. Helped his father to sit up straight.

“Yummy. This is delicious.” Edwin commended Jeremy.

“Here’s a cup of coffee too.”

“Thanks son. Here, come eat with me.” Edwin offered.

Knowing his father wouldn’t take no for an answer, Jeremy joined him on the bed and started eating.

“I’m a dying old man.”

Jeremy’s throat dried, he coughed. “What do you mean by that?”

“Marry Purity and I’ll live.”


“Let me in!” Jeremy found himself arguing with purity secretary on Monday morning. The woman wouldn’t let him see purity. How did he even get himself into this? It was Edwin Broderick – his father. The man had always dreamed of having a daughter in-law and now he chose Purity. If not for her, he’d die. Jeremy could not afford to lose his father. The mother had died of b—-t cancer four years ago. He had managed to scale through the pains it caused him and now his father? No, at least not yet. He must give the man grand children. Purity must marry him- he hates her, but must love her for his father.
“NO! I can’t do that.” Heather protested.

Jeremy raked his hair with his left hand. “How could you not? Call her, let her know she has a visitor.”

Heather shook her head stubbornly. “You want to make me lose my job? I’ve called her and she says no. She doesn’t want to see anybody.” she stressed that last word.

“You didn’t tell her my name.” Jeremy was aware that he was the last person Purity would want to see. But if she heard his name, she might bounce out of her office to scold him. He had to risk that. “Tell her its Jeremy Broderick. I’m her fiance for goodness sake!”

“Fiance?” Heather stared at him, eyes with shock. “My boss has a fiance?” she ruffled her hair and laughed. “Are you sure you’re in the right room?”

Jeremy glowered at the secretary. “Do what I asked!” he commanded in a hostile voice.

Heather quickly dialed Purity’s office line again with shaky hands. She couldn’t look Jeremy in the eye, he frightened her.
Purity could hear the ugly conversation going on between her secretary- Heather and Jeremy. She was stunned when she first heard his voice. How could he show up here after what he’d done last night? She hadn’t forgiven him and had not mapped out what to do to him. And he show his sorry face at her company.

She had directed Heather not to let him in. She wasn’t going to see him. She’d frustrate him, deal with him. Let him know that no one takes advantage of her. When he was done making noise and disturbing, he’d quietly leave. She needed to think.

She smiled to herself with contentment.

Now, she had to think, think about how to handle this Jeremy and then her father. She sighed and rested on her swivel chair. She picked up a pen and notepad. She began writing down things. The inter com began ringing. She answered excitedly; hoping to get news that Jeremy Broderick was gone.

“Has he left?”

“No, ma’am.” Heather grudgingly replied. “’am… He says he is Jeremy Broderick.”

She violently struck the pen on her desk. It broke.
“I know that! Tell him to get out!”

“Ma’am, not only that.” Heather’s voice was shaking.

Purity was shocked. What else? Last night, he had introduced himself as her fiance. Has he done the same again? s–t! Heather was known for her big mouth. The whole staff would have heard the latest by the next day. Jeremy! She hoped not.
“What else?” she asked, losing her patience.

“He says he’s your fiance.”


s–t! Purity slammed down the receiver. God! She got off her seat to the window. She stared down the busy streets of New York hoping that she’d be able to calm her nerves cause she wanted nothing than murder Jeremy Broderick. She folded her arms, trying to steady her breathing.

While looking down, she heard noises directly at the front of her door. She turned her head to the direction of the door and listened. The sound was becoming clearer and clearer. Sounds of shoes scrapping the floor.

Sounds like two people struggling. Oh, my goodness! I’d forgotten to lock the door.

Purity hurried to the door. As she got there, it swung open. Her eyes popped out. She could see Heather fiercely fighting with Jeremy, trying to prevent him from pulling down the door. He won- the man.

As they saw her, the struggle died down. They stood apart, conscious that someone else was watching them.

“I’m sorry. I tried to stop him, he didn’t listen.” Heather pointed an accusing finger at Jeremy. “He’s just too strong and so stubborn.” she wanted to cry. She feared she’d lose her job.

Purity scanned Jeremy. She noticed how handsome he looked as his hair was out of place. His suit, light blue shirt and black tie slightly rough. All that made him charming. Charming? That was supposed to be despicable. How…? She quickly composed herself.

To Heather, she said, “Its alright. I can handle this.” She glanced at her. Reading her eyes, she knew Heather was waiting for an answer regarding her job. She smirked. “Heather dear, you’ve still got your job as long as you don’t open your big mouth to tell any one what you heard this lunatic say about us.”

Heather felt slightly relieved. She was certain her smile didn’t come from her heart. “I promise.”

“You can leave now. Shut the door as you go. In fact, you have the day off.” Purity couldn’t risk Heather listening to the upcoming conversation she was going to have with Jeremy. Fiance indeed. “Don’t forget to shut your mouth.”

Heather nodded. She walked out and shut the door. Purity ran to lock it quickly. She turned to Jeremy and eyed him intently.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Purity, calm down. I need to talk to you.”

She laughed sardonically. She met his eyes. “I don’t even know you.”

He paced around for few seconds looking confused. “Gosh! I’m Jeremy Broderick. Your-”

“Would you stop that? I am not going to marry you. Where did you even get the guts from to introduce yourself as my husband-to-be?” she furiously questioned.

“Yeah. You are right. I’m not supposed to say that but that’s what’s bringing us together.”

She marched to her desk and sat on it. He followed her but kept standing.

“I don’t understand.”

“My father talked to me about marrying you.”

“And you agreed.” she rolled her eyes.

He took his hands in his pockets. “For a reason.”

She scoffed. “No one does anything without a reason.” She smiled mockingly.

He drew closer to her. “Don’t you want to know that reason?” He could perceive her feminine scent.

She shook her head i oppose- left and right. “I don’t want to know. Simple.”

“Miss. You have to know it this time.”

What is wrong with this guy? How many times do I have to tell him ‘no’? Purity was in no mood for such argument. She decided to shut up her mouth and just nod sideways.

“I’m d–n serious!”Jeremy was beginning to get impatient.

I am too, she wanted to say but she just shook her head left and right.

This was it! He couldn’t take it any longer. “Will you stop being a b—h! Stop acting like you’re miss world or the queen of everyone. Act like a human for once and listen to me!”

A b—h? Miss world? Queen of everyone? Act like a human? Jeremy’s words registered on her head gradually. Of course she was miss world and a princess- soon to be a queen. If she wasn’t acting like a human, then how was she acting? Like an insane one or animalistically? Then this idiot called her a b—h! Who dares call her names? No one. Except her dad- he was an exception cause he was her dad. d–n! Jeremy was crossing his limits. From crushing her cell, to unexpectedly kissing her-no, she hadn’t forgotten it-to carrying her, introducing himself as her God d–n fiance, to calling her names! For God’s sake she was tired of this nonsense and she’d bruised her lip cause of him. She was still trying to get over it.

“Excuse me? Did you just call me a b—h?” She jumped down from her desk.

Jeremy moved backwards.

“Listen to me-”

“I’m not going to listen to you unless you listen to me.”

“Oh, shut up! I am not going to listen to the rubbish you want to tell me. Its about the all-mighty reason why you want me to marry you.” She raised her hands in disgust. Then dropped them.

…to be continued

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