Reviews review if Legit or Scam (How to Register & Earn with Afric Gold) review if Legit or Scam. have not been recorded as Scam, let check it out below. is a mining/affiliate program that was launched on the 14th of September 2021. barely 5 Months ago.

It is a promising site that has started to pay its members; some testimonies on members’ social media status have said it all.

And on this review am going to give my review on Afric Gold using the following analysis points found on the table of content below.


Please use the table of content to jump to a different section of this post, eg how to earn? How to register, etc.


Is Afric Gold URL Index on Google?

Afric Gold has a very impressive index on Google, meaning all their relevant pages (Contact us, about us, FAQ, etc) have been listed under the home page.


This will make interested people have more trust since their site are reachable in this web giant SERP.

Although this isn’t a solid fact that should determine if Afric Gold is a Legit income site or just another sham strategy.

Does Afric Gold have a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) installed?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection.

Afric Gold does have a secure connection so any data collected by the website from you are safely secured i.e credit card details, your passwords, etc.

What is Afric Gold?


Afric Gold is like a mining platform that enables registered members to mine cryptocurrency online and get paid for it.

They are two ways to earn with Afric Gold, the first is mining and the second is through Affiliate Marketing, meaning you refer and earn.

Afric Gold claims to be Africa leading mining platform and a Gold-backed digital mining application designed to be a highly secure platform which is design for future miners


How does Afric Gold Works | How to Earn Money from Afric Gold


There are only two ways to earn with the mining platform which are (1) Mining and (2) Affiliate marketing (referral).

Afric Gold pays you once you are able to mine or referral enough to reach their payment threshold which wasn’t specified but according to my inquiries, it’s N10,000.

  • You can Earn Mining cryptocurrency or Affiliate marketing
  • You can earn ₦4500 daily according to your subscription plan

How much is the Sign-up fee for Afric Gold?

On like most mining platforms, Afric Gold doesn’t have a free membership plan, meaning you pay to become a member.

The registration fee is ₦3000, ₦5000, or ₦10,000

Honestly speaking, I do prefer platforms with paid memberships to platforms with free membership; the latter will be more serious.

Who can register with 5 Billion sales?

For now, everybody in almost all countries in Africa can register, that is why it is called Afric Gold.


Who is the owner (CEO) of Afric Gold?

The owner/CEO of Afric Gold mining platform is yet to be known. The only source we can use to communicate with Afric Gold mining platform is their social media channels. Maybe as time goes on we would get more information about them.

Afric Gold Sign Up | How to Register an Account on Afric Gold

How to Earn with

How to register

To learn how to Sign up for Afric Gold follow this guide.

  1. Click on this link to be redirected to Afric Gold sign-up page.
  2. Input your username, first name, last name, country, Email Address, Phone Number, Password, agree to terms and conditions.
  3. Input your purchase code (see how to get purchase code in the next section) then click on Register.
  4. That’s all; make sure you check your email after creating an account with Afric Gold for verification.

How to get purchase code

  1. Click on this link to be redirected to Afric Gold dispatchers page
  2. Select any dispatcher on the list (note don’t pay money to anyone not on this list,
  3. Contact them through WhatsApp or Phone call (which ever works for you).
  4. Pay either 3000, 5000 or 10,000 for the pin.

 Afric Gold Login | How to Login to 5 Billion Sales

To learn how to Login in Afric Gold mining platform follow this guide.


1. Go to Afric Gold login page, by clicking on this link.

2. Input your username and password, and then click on login. That’s how to log in to the Afric Gold mining platform.

Payment proof for Afric Gold is said to be a Legit online business for now not yet a Scam business but we don’t know if it will later be scam, check payment proof below.

This mining platform (Afric Gold) is new and has already been paying it members, I saw a video of a lady who got an iPhone 12 with Afric Payment.

Also, I saw a payment proof of 29,250 posted on Facebook by a member of Afric Gold. See picture below:

Afric Gold Payment proof

Is Afric Gold legit or a Scam? review if Legit or Scam

At this point in time, we can say is legit and safe to work on. Although, the reason why we said this is because Afric Gold is a mining platform that pays its members while you mine.

But mainly, I saw Google AdSense on their web pages, which means they have a physically seen income means.

They also claim to have a functional cash reservoir and claimed not to depend on Google Adsense before paying her members.


And that amount of AFGOLD supply daily is what they can afford to pay.

The company is monetized in different ways to ensure consistent mining cash flow (which one of the seen ways is this Google AdSense).

But we’ll keep watching this website to see if there is anything that goes wrong in the future.

Does Afric Gold have a Social Media Account?

No, as of when writing this review if Legit or Scam, they don’t have any social media pages.

In the footer section of their website, you will find out that they created a Linkedin icon, an Instagram icon, a Twitter icon, and a Facebook icon but the links that should redirect visitors to Afric Gold respective handle is empty, except they will update it in the near future.

Does Afric Gold site have the relevant web pages of a website?

Yes, the FAQ , About us, contact us, how it works pages are all updated, remember to read through the terms and conditions to see if you can run with Afric Gold mining platform.

Is Afric Gold safe to venture into it?

This is the big question, all things we have written down, so far in this review post, review if Legit or Scam, comes down to this question.

Afric Gold is a legit platform, nothing is infinite though, However, it’s a decentralized platform meaning You MINE, EARN, and withdraw as you wish.

So yes, Afric Gold is safe to venture into now, especially while it’s still hot.

Conclusion review if Legit or Scam

Thanks so much for reading this article till the end, that’s all for the review if Legit or Scam, if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below.

Hopefully you find this Article helpful

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