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After Dusk – Episode 2

After Dusk – Episode 2

(My fallen angel)

By, Ariel Mirabel



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“Mom! I'm back home!!” Savannah said as she came in the house.

Their house was not that huge but it was comfortable and cozy, just the way she like it. She immediately began drooling when she perceive the smell of chicken.

“Chicken…” Savannah ran in to the kitchen.

Connor who followed her all the way here, stood by the door looking around. Soon enough, a middle aged woman came out of a room. She smiled when she saw Connor…

“Connor, you're here” Audrey said.

“Yes aunt, I'm starving!” Connor said rubbing his tummy.

“Oh I made some chicken, it's in the kitchen.” She said.

“Thanks aunt!! You're the best!!” Connor said and ran in the kitchen.

He met Savannah already devouring the chicken.

“Hey make space for me!!” Connor said and sat near her. They began eating like hungry lions…

Audrey stood by the door, smiling as he stared at them. Even though they knew connor for just a short span of time, he became family to them.

Few minutes later, they were both resting on their seats while rubbing their tummy.

“After a hectic day of being chased… I really deserve it.” Savannah said.

“Chased?” Audrey questioned.

“Uhh…” Savannah bit her lips.

“We were being chased by a dog” Connor replied.

“Oh..” Audrey chuckled.

Savannah gave him the “thanks dude” look.

“Where's dad?” Savannah asked.

“He's gone to work” Audrey said.

“Really? He works even on Sundays? That's sad” Savannah pouted.

At home, she's a different person..acting sweet, cute, gentle but in the street she's a rascal, a psycho and overly dramatic.

Savannah's father (Rowan) is the president's assistant that's why he's always busy.

“Let's go pay a visit to my dad Connor” Savannah said.

“Ermm, I'm not sure they'll let two commoners in the white house.” Connor said.

“Beside I have a date now, gotta go…” Connor winked and stood.

“Bye Anna… Bye aunt” He pecked Audrey before leaving the house.

Audrey looked back at Connor leaving, smiling widely.

“Connor is such a gentleman… Why don't you,,, you know” Audrey said.

Savannah rolled her eyes and stood.

“Mom… I'm leaving, I missed spending time with dad so I'm going to meet him.. Bye” Savannah picked her cap, wore it before leaving..


Brittany just finished the interview she had today so she was leaving. She wore her face mask so as not to attract attention.

Suddenly a car parked in front of her, the car window scrolled down revealing him.

“Babe” Brittany exclaimed brightly.

Brittany got in the car and removed her face mask. She turned to and he immediately cupped her cheek, kissing her deeply.

“I missed you so much” Aidan muttered, rubbing her cheek affectionately.

“Me too, sorry i had a really hectic day today” Brittany muttered.

“I understand… Don't just stress yourself too much” Aidan said.

Brittany smiled and nodded. He released her and ignited the car's engine.

“How about we spend the rest of the day together” Aidan said.

“I love it!!” Brittany nodded.

Aidan nodded and drove off. The ride was silent, with Brittany touching and playing with her engagement ring.

“C'mon!! I'm gonna throw it out of the window, it's stealing your attention away from me” Aidan pouted with his eyes on the road.

“Jealous baby” Brittany smirked and laughed..



By the time Savannah got there, it was already 5pm. She looked at the huge house in front of her and couldn't help but gasp.

This place was like 5 or 6 times the size of her house and let's not talk about the height, so tall

She got back to her senses and walked up to the guards at the entrance of the house.

“Commoners are not allowed to enter the white house” One of the guards said before she could even speak.

“Commoner? My dad is the president's right hand man… I wanna pass him a message, it's urgent” Savannah crossed her hand under her chest.

“You'll have to wait, they're currently in an important meeting” One of the guard said.

“But-” Savannah said, short of words.

She frowned and left their sight. She went to the fence and began climbing it

“Hey!!” Another guard spotted her.

She was about to climb further when the guard held her by the waist and pulled her off the fence.

“Get off!!” The guard said and dropped her harshly on the floor.

She staggered and almost fell if not for the person who caught her. She turned to see who it was and immediately forgot how to breath.

To her, this was the most handsome man she's ever laid her eyes on. She didn't even know from where to start describing.

“His beauty is blinding me!!!” Her mind screaming.

“… Miss? Miss!” His sweet angelic voice came up.

“Uhh yeah?” Savannah came back to her sense..

“I've been calling you for two minutes. Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes… Much better now I see you,,, I mean yeah… Yeah!” She stuttered nervously.

“Since when I'm I a nervous person?” Her mind asked her.

He chuckled and released her.

“Welcome back Sir” The guards greeted.

“Thanks, what is this lady doing here?” He asked.

“She came to see the Mr Rowan Addison” They replied.

“Oh my dad's assistant” He said.

“You can go in” He turned to Savannah and said.

“Really? Uh, thank you…Sir” Savannah said.

“Call me Kenneth” He smiled and turned back.

“Nick, let's go” He said.

That's when Savannah noticed there was someone standing behind him all along.

The man referred to as Nick stopped in front of her and scanned her from head to toe.

“You're not my type but you're cute… Hope we meet another day” He licked his lips and winked before following Kenneth behind.

Savannah stood still, staring into space… Still picturing Kenneth's face in her mind.


Aidan opened the door of his room with his leg and walked in, carrying Brittany in his arms as they kissed passionately.

He dropped her on the bed and broke the kiss. He smiled at her as he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“I love you Britt” He said.

“I love you too, just kiss me” Brittany pulled his closer and reconnected their lips.

She removed her jacket and threw it away then dipped her hand in his hair..

Aidan broke the kiss and kissed shoulders, stripping her off her clothes. Soon, she was naked before him.

Without wasting time he took in one of her br**sts in, sucking on it while licking her n**ples.

“Babe!!” Brittany moaned out…

He did the same justice to her other br**st before pulling down his trouser, burrying himself inside her.

“Ohhh….” Brittany bit her lips as she held onto him tightly.

He kissed her forehead before he began moving in and out of her.


“Faster babe….gosh!!”

“F*ck!! Yes!!”



“Yoooo Hoooo yeah!!!” Valerie danced with a bottle of alcohol in her hand.

The music was blaring at all corners of the club, people could be seen dancing, some chatting, some kissing and other stuffs.

“This is life!!” She said and drank from her bottle.

She turned to her friend and they both danced, drinking from their bottles.

“Let's party till we can't no more!!” Ruby, Valerie's best friend said.

“I'm a queen!!!” Valerie shouted.

It was obvious that both of them were wasted…

Suddenly a handsome guy joined them on the dance floor.

“Mind if I join in” He smiled, grabbing Ruby's waist.

Ruby frowned immediately.

“Don't touch me!! I have a boyfriend!!” Ruby snapped and before they knew it, she smashed the bottle on the man's head.

“What the f*ck!!!” The man screamed, blood gushing out of his head.

“Me next!!” Valerie giggled drunkenly and smashed her own bottle on his head.

The man passed out..

“Someone call the cops!!!” One person screamed as he saw the scene..

Before they knew it, the whole club was in a disarray..


Because of hookup, somebody's son don enter one chance😹🤣

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