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After Dusk – Episode 3

After Dusk – Episode 3

(My fallen angel)

By, Ariel Mirabel



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“Think it's time I go home… Have this b*tch I'm f*cking by 8pm” He said..

“Nick you'll never change…” Kenneth shook his head, sipping from his drink.

“P**sy is my life” He muttered and stood up.

“Let me see you off” Kenneth stood.

“Oh my goodness!! The president's son wants to see me off… Ohh” Nick said in a girly way, fanning himself.

“Crazíness is your best friend!” Kenneth laughed.

“Let's go…” He added.

Suddenly his phone began ringing. He saw it was an unknown number, with a frown on his face he picked it..

“Mr Kenneth Gustavo?” A male voice said.

“Yes?” Kenneth said.

“Miss Ruby Jay just got arrested” He said.

“What?! How? Why? I'm coming!!” He said and hung up.

“Ruby just got arrested” Kenneth said worriedly.

“Your girlfriend?” Nick said with furrowed brows.

“Yeah, bro we'll chat later.. Gotta go bail her out… Bye!!” He said and left.


“You're really cr@zy Anna..” Rowan laughed as he left the white house with Savannah.

“I just really missed you” Savannah pouted.

“Couldn't you wait till i come back?” Rowan poked her nose.

“You know patience isn't my potion dad” Savannah said.

They were busy discussing when she spotted a car leaving the house. She immediately recognized the driver to be Kenneth.

“Dad… Do you know Kenneth” Savannah asked.

“Oh young master.. Yeah, he's quite cool.. How do you know him?” Rowan asked.

“He helped me to get in here… Is he single?” Savannah asked..

“Nope, not really. He just got into a relationship last two days” Rowan said.

“Oh…” Savannah pouted sadly.

“Don't tell me it is what I think” Rowan said.

“But he's just so handsome dad.. I couldn't help it” Savannah said.

“My baby is growing”

“Hey! I'm 20!!”

“20 and jobless…” Rowan smirked.


Rowan laughed..


“Babe!!” Ruby exclaimed when Kenneth got to her.

She jumped on him and hugged him tightly.. They broke the hug and Kenneth smacked her forehead.

“Ouch…” She pouted.

“That's for having the talent of always getting yourself into trouble. The police officer told me everything.. Why did you hit that guy? What if you kílled him… I bet you got drunk again” Kenneth said.

“But… He touched me, only one person is allowed to touch me and that's you” Ruby pouted cutely.

Kenneth smiled and poked her cheek.

“I can't be m@d at you for long.. You're so cute” Kenneth smiled.

Ruby smiled and pecked his lips.

“Where's your friend.. Heard you got arrested with a friend” Kenneth asked.

“Oh her dad bailed her out” Ruby replied.

“Okay, come let's go…” Kenneth offered her his hand which she gladly took and they left the police station..



“This is the third time this week that you're getting yourself into trouble!!” Oliver yelled.

“But dad I didn't mean it… I was drunk and-”

“This is the fourth time this week that you are drunk!!” Oliver added.


“You'll soon be 21 for f*ck sake!! Why can't you just try and make something meaningful out of your life rather than spending it clubbing, buying unnecessary things… Why can't you you like your sister”

Valerie rolled her eyes..

“Here we go again” She mumbled.

“Your sister at a young age, succeeded to be among the top 10 female model in Mexico now look at her… She's the first.. You too you're a model, why can't you just take your career seriously” Oliver said.

“When will you stop comparing me to her… I'm nothing like my “perfect sister” and I'll never be” Valerie rolled her eyes.

“She's right love, you should stop it… Each human being is different” Hailey said, coming downstairs.

“And here comes Valerie's advocate.” Oliver sighed.

“I'm just being a good mother” Hailey said.

“Being a good mother doesn't mean you'll have to abide at everything she says.. At this rate you're spoiling her” Oliver said.

“Says the father who gives her all the money she wants” Hailey retorted.

Oliver opened his mouth to speak but closed it back since he didn't know what to say. He just left for his room.

Valerie smiled and hugged Hailey.

“Thanks for having my back mom” Valeria said.

“Always my baby” Hailey replied, patting her hair.



Brittany got home at the early hours of the morning. Well Aidan dropped her off before leaving since she spent the night with him..

She went upstairs and stopped to knock on a door.

“Dad? Are you awake?” She called.

“Come in” She heard his voice..

Brittany opened the door and went in, she met him sitting at the edge of his bed. Looks like he was deep in thoughts…

He smiled when he saw Brittany.

“Britt” He called.

“Good morning daddy” She said and sat next to him before hugging him tightly.

“I see you spent the night with Aidan” Oliver said.

Brittany bit her lips and looked down.

“I understand. He's your fiancée after all” Oliver said. He sighed.

“What's wrong dad? Why the sad face” She asked.

“Britt, I want you to be honest to me… I'm I a bad father?” Oliver asked.

“Hmm no, not at all… To me you're not a bad father. You're just a father who loves showing his love and care to his children though sometimes you tend to overdo it but you're not a bad father” Brittany said.

“Thanks my little pie” Oliver poked her nose.

“Let me guess.. You argued wih Val and mother” Brittany said.

“Yeah” Oliver sighed.

“Don't worry, it'll be fine. You know Valerie is a short tempered person and mother is overly protective of Valerie” Brittany said.

“I really hope it's that” Oliver said.

“Stop worrying… It makes you look older and less handsome” She pecked his cheek.

Oliver smiled and hugged her.

“You always know how to cheer me up” He said.

“It's normal… My name is Brittany” She chuckled

“Have a meeting by 7 wanna come with me?” Oliver asked.

“Sure!, I'm free today so it's a yes..” Brittany said.

“Cool. After that, I can take you to go choose your wedding gown. It's next week right?” Oliver asked and Brittany nodded.

“Can't believe you'll soon be leaving me. I'll miss you” Oliver pouted.

“Me too dad”



“Here's the change Anna” The vendor handed her the money.

“Thanks ma'am.. Bye!” She waved and left

She was putting the money in her pocket when she bumped into someone. She looked up and gasped, the man immediately frowned as he recognized her.

“I've seen you somewhere… Yeah!, you're the b*tch that stole my bike!!” The man said angrily.

“Oops…” Savannah said inwardly.

The man grabbed her hand before she could escape like the other time.

“Where's my bike!! Where's it!!” He yelled.

“I kinda…sold it” Savannah hesitated to answer.


“I didn't even make alot of money from it though” She blurted out without knowing.

“How dare you!!” The man slapped her.

The bag of apples she bought fell from her hand. She held her cheek.

“How dare you slap a lady!!”

“Where's my bike?! Where's it!!” He yelled…

He raised his hand to slap her but someone caught his wrist midair. Savannah slowly opened her eyes and saw Connor.

“Connor…” She whispered.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

“Just tryna protected a lady.. You can't blame me for that, no hard feelings for what I'm about to do” He said.

He swiftly brought out a bottle of pepper spray and sprayed it on the man's face.


He grabbed Savannah's hand and scurried out of the scene with her. They stopped at a safe area, breathing heavily.

“Are you stalking me?” Savannah asked, breathing heavily.

“Do i have a choice? When are you gonna stop this habit of yours, it's getting annoying… Must you steal?” Connor said, looking pissed off.

Savannah looked down sadly..

It's not like she loves to steal. Actually, it's like an addiction to her… Each time she set her eyes on something, the urge to take it pops up and she just can't control it.

Connor sighed and touched her cheek which got slapped.

“Does it hurt a lot?” He asked.

“Do you have a crush on me?” Savannah suddenly asked.

“Huh? What?”


Not me falling in love with Kenneth😍

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