Apply For The AFDB 2020 Internship Program For Young Africans

As a pan-African development institution, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is accepting applications from Nigerians and young Africans.

The AfDB’s mission is to promote economic growth and social progress across the African continent.

The internship program is also a component of a larger talent management framework that enables the bank to perform on its ten-year strategy while also improving the lives of those who are selected as interns.


The Fields Of Study Required For The Internship Program Are As Follows:


It is necessary that the fields of study from which interns are recruited fall within the job families of the bank and governance sector, or that they fall within any other subject of study that the bank deems important to their operations.

It is also important to highlight that special consideration will be given to students who are working on initiatives that have a direct impact on the bank’s purpose.

An Overview Of The African Development Bank


The organization was founded in order to support initiatives to promote economic and social development on the African continent.


In total, there are three entities that make up the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group.
More Specific Information On The Internship Program
*The internship kind is for students in college or universities.
*The African Development Bank Group is the organization in charge of the project (AfDB).


*The name of the school and the course of study are not yet known.
*All nationalities should be of African origin.
*The only genders that are required are males and women.


The Internship’s Purpose, As Well As Its Advantages
Providing students with the chance to gain professional and practical experience at the African Development Bank is a top priority.

This will provide the bank with a pool of possible candidates to draw from in the future for future recruiting.


However, applicants should not assume that their internship will result in immediate employment with the bank when they complete it.

To Be Eligible, Applicants Must Meet The Following Criteria:

Participants in the internship program must be at least the legal age of majority in their country of nationality or origin.


A master’s level degree program in a recognized public or private educational institution of higher learning is required for consideration.

They must be citizens of one of the African Development Bank’s member countries.


Applicants must be fluent in at least one of the two working languages of the banks in order to be considered.


The Internship Will Hold Interviews On The Following Dates And Locations:


During the calendar year 2022, the bank will have two internship sessions. Specifically, this announcement is for session 1, which will take place from March to June 2022.

It is anticipated that the announcement for session 2 will be made in April 2022, and that session 2 will continue from June 2022 to December 2022.

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