Vagina Is Not a Valid Christmas Gift. Say No!

This goes out to all Unmarried people in a relationship.

It’s Christmas again and Almost All Ladies Who are Yet to be married but in a relationship would expect a gift from their boyfriend, Crush, Bestie or friends with benefits.

Yes, na true! Most of these Ladies do not share a gift back to the guys. They feel given sex or their body in return is a way of saying thank you or showing appreciation.

This Christmas Season, Say No even if there’s a ribbon on it and voila, it becomes the best thing that existed since sliced bread

Aunty, please close your legs…And try to deliver something of value for once.

Not a snail that has body hair. Sadly about 80% of Nigerian girls only have this to offer.

Aside from Sex, Which Tangible Thing Have You Received As A Christmas Gift?

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