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Boys in love





Boys in love

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πŸ“πŸ“BOYS IN LOVEπŸ“πŸ“

EPISODE 15 πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ˜Š

Written by naijalanded writer ✍️🌈🌈🌈🌈

(he’s a girlπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ˜±)

Kai opened his eyes in the hospital the next morning and saw Ivy asleep on the couch beside him

He sat up and sighed as he recalled how his father was beating up his mom last night

“You are awake” ivy said as she sat up and stretched her body

“Chris brought you to the hospital after you collapsed last night” she added “Are you hungry? Should I order something for you to eat? How about chicken or pasta?” She asked but kai slowly shook his head as a sign or rejection

“No,I don’t want to eat anything” he said with his cold voice and Ivy sighed

“What happened to you yesterday? Everyone was worried about you, you ran out of the practice room and came back to the dorm crying, what happened to you?” She asked and the door opened

They looked up and saw Lucy

“What are you doing here?” Kai asked and Lucy looked at Ivy

“I have something to discuss with kai,could you please excuse us?” She asked and kai scoffed


“Why should he excuse us? If you can’t say it with Jason here, then you can leave” he said

“I will just excuse you guys” ivy said and turned to leave

“I told you to stay here” Kai said and looked at Lucy

“You called off our engagement so why are you here? You shouldn’t be hanging out with a gay” he scoffed

“I’m sorry, I was shocked and disappointed at the position I met you guys, that was why I reacted that way” she said

The door opened and Chris,Audrey and Hayden entered
“Kai, are you okay?” Chris asked and he nod

“You are here too Lucy” Audrey asked and Lucy smiled

“Then….I will leave now” Lucy said and walked out
“I will be back too” ivy said and followed her

“Excuse me” ivy called after Lucy
“Me?” Lucy asked pointing to herself

“Yeah,the position you met us that day was not about us being a gay , because of that word, kai went through a lot in just two days…….although I don’t know what happened but I’m sure it was because you misunderstood………that’s all I’ve got to say” she said and turned to leave when her phone beeped

It was a text from her mom telling her to meet at the nearby cafe



She took a cab to the cafe and saw her mother sitting at one of the tables

“Why do you want to meet up?” She asked and sat down

“I’ve been busy because of my job that I haven’t been able to see my daughter for some weeks now” her mom said and sipped her coffee

“Why are you suddenly getting nice? You are scaring me” ivy smirked

“Ivy, I’m your mother so tell me, why did you join a boys group instead of a girls group, you know how dangerous that could be” her mom said and she sighed

“Fine, I will tell you……… Dad’s greatest wish before he died was for me to become a celebrity , a singer because I had a sweet voice, I tried the auditions for girls group but I failed, I was surprised when I passed Skye’s audition” she said and her mom smiled

“Then why did you lie and told Rose it was because of Chris?”

“To be honest, Chris was also one of the reasons I joined the group” she said
“So? Do you still like Chris”

“Mom…… are asking too many questions” she said and stood up

PAY ATTENTION  [STORIES] Boys in love Episode 8

“Why did you bring me to a cafe instead of a restaurant? Gosh…. I’m starving” she carried her coffee and drank it

“Then let’s go to a restaurant” she said and both her phone and her mom’s phone beeped at the same time

“What’s this?” Her mom said and read aloud

“This is the truth about Jason aldean the fifth member of skyes boys group, Jason is not a boy but a girl disguised as a boy, she shamelessly joined the group and fooled everyone at the company that she was a boy, she also joined the group because she has a crush on one of the members, Chris”

Ivy eyes widened with shock


Chris, Audrey and Hayden were also in their dorm when they saw the news

“What the hell is this” Hayden gasped
“She joined because of Chris?” Audrey added as Chris phone fell from his hand with shock

“He’s ……a girl?” He said


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