Chy mall Review: what happened To Chymall | It Is Scam Stay away

Chy mall Review: Chymall  is a SCAM | Stay away.

Chymall as they call it is an online marketing platform which promise you 5% of your investment every 10 days.

Timplies that in a month you have 15% of your investment, and 90% in 6months. which means they are just giving you back your capital gradually without adding any profit for more than 6 months.

What is Chy mall all about.

This keeps your capital with them as long as they wish, while you on the other end trying to earn from referral brings people to invest into the business which earns the company more investors who won’t make their capital investment if they do not refer people.

CHY Mall is pure scam.

Chymall site has a very poor development, it doesn’t even fit to screen of a phone when browsing through because it is not mobile friendly.

It has poor layout and has every signal of scam on it. It FAQ page looks childish and poorly developed with errors in the words written on it.

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No professionalism, no proper organization, no verified online payment method supported in their site

What happened to Chy mall.

Their CEO is a self acclaimed billionaire who is not on Forbes list of billionaires in china as a well know business man, he is not even on wikipedia, when you google up the name of the CEO on google,

you only see him on chymall related site, not on top sites we all know that has good credits. chymall do not have policy page neither do they have a verified means of online payment in their site,

like paystack, money gram quick teller just other e commerce websites.

Poor development, with poor ICT knowledge.

Here on this post I will prove to you that both chymall and sairuimall is a scam, They are scam project which is projected to scam innocent people.

chymall review, Chy mall is scam or legit.

Chymall is a scam, and I have to prove it to you with few points. First, the site name was registered June 2020. This is their top site of which they claim was a new site which has all data of old sites and user friendly.

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This is a very big red flag, as the site looks very poor with a lot of vulnerabilities in it.

They have different packages that ranges from the sales of perfume to glass to pendent, which its health benefits remains unproven by health authorities. The company claims to sell the products for you, in 10 days,

Prove that Chy mall is scam.

please who do they sell it to? this is a big lie as no business has a specific days of selling, business has seasons.

chymall was making sales even in corona virus era and i was wondering who was buying pendants during lock down?

This company uses new investors money to pay old members, And that’s what makes it a pyramid scheme, They will tell you referral is not compulsory, but you will refer to earn bonuses,

if you do not refer, you will end up staying in the company for 6months without making your capital.  Stay away from them.

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Why couldn’t chymall engage in other businesses or products, like phone,  home accessories just like other MLM, like longrich and so on? Because they are not coming to last.

Of cause after they read my review, they will try to make changes to their site, which still doesn’t justify them.

Stay away!! Yes, it might pay you and others for now, but eventually with time it will crash.

This company claim to be registered with CAC with no proof of that in their poorly developed site, Being registered with CAC is not a criteria that justify its legitimacy. Any one can Register any company with CAC.

You can leave a comment on comments box for us to tell you more about Chy mall.

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