CoinHodux Review if Legit or Scam (earning $500 might just be a scam)

CoinHodux Review if Legit or Scam.

Welcome Guys, we will be looking at CoinHodux Review if Legit or Scam, CoinHodux is a news website that pays its members for reading news posts and commenting on the website.

CoinHodux is similar to Valr a South African cryptocurrency platform, that also gives out sign-up bonuses when you trade with them.


So we will be reviewing CoinHodux to see if CoinHodux is Legit or Scam, if CoinHodux is safe to transact with.

We will also see how CoinHodux works, how to earn on CoinHodux, how to withdraw, what is CoinHodux source of revenue and a lot more.

Note that all things written here are based on interview replies from people who are into this platform.

So we will be writing this CoinHodux review based on real-life experience, to determine if CoinHodux is Legit or Scam.

But before we proceed, please if you have questions, feel free to scroll down and drop them in the comment section. We will attend to them in a Immediately.


CoinHodux Review

CoinHodux is a cryptocurrency platform, where you get paid $500 for first signup (only once) and can also refer your friend.

You can also earn by referring that is sharing your unique referral link and inviting your friends to CoinHodux.


In CoinHodux, You just don’t earn money by completing any activities; you only earn on the first signup after that nothing for you.

The primary objective of the platform is to trade cryptocurrency,

Therefore the “earn $500 dollars on the first signup” is just like a strategy to bring in more people.

Is CoinHodux Legit or Scam?

Yeah, CoinHodux is Legit, but you can only withdraw the $500 sign-up bonus, if and only if you invite 4 more people to the platform.


An unspecified timeframe is also added to your referring before you can withdraw the $500.

Meaning if you can’t refer 4 users within that timeframe then you can kiss your bonus goodbye.

Therefore, the $500 bonus might just be what you can see and not withdraw so it’s more like another “scam strategic luring”.

If you are joining CoinHodux; be prepared to complete this task within the timeframe.

Is CoinHodux Safe?


CoinHodux is safe for transacting cryptocurrency; I think they will thrive in the market as a crypto vendor.

Because the strategy of inviting 4 people before you can cash out your bonus is making them popular.


How Does CoinHodux Works

CoinHodux serves as a platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrency e.g BTC, ETH, etc.

You will earn $500 on signup and you have to refer 4 new friends before you can cash it out.

How to earn on CoinHodux

On this CoinHodux Review if Legit or Scam we will look at the two ways to earn on CoinHodux which are;

  • $500 Signup Bonus
  • And referring your friends to the website.

How to Withdrawal from CoinHodux

Apparently, once you complete the task of inviting your 4 friends to CoinHodux, you can place withdrawal and receive payment before 24hrs.

How to Register on CoinHodux


Below are the steps of How to register on CoinHodux

  1. Click on this registration link
  2. After that fill in your information on the fields
  3. Setup your password
  4. and click register

Who is the owner of CoinHodux

As at when writing this CoinHodux Review, The founder of CoinHodux has not been released to the public.

Conclusion on CoinHodux Review If Legit or Scam

That is all we can cover for the CoinHodux review if Legit or Scam; if you have read this CoinHodux review then you are among the smart earners on this platform.

Please leave a comment in the comment section and help us share this with your friends, so there can learn how to earn on CoinHodux and how to withdraw on CoinHodux.

Thanks for stopping by, do check out other interesting posts of how to make money on this website.

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