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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 1

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By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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~ EPISODE 1️⃣ ~


Eliana, one of the maids was heading to the kitchen when she suddenly heard a scream from one of the bosses room. She decided to check what the matter is.

Standing in front of the door, she opened it gently and looked inside. Only to see her boss Julian, banging a lady really hard. The girl was screaming, and crying at the same time,” You're hurting me Julian! Please slow down! Oh…..! Ahh….!”

” Huh!” Eliana gasped and covered her mouth in shock.

” Eliana! What the hell are you doing there?” She heard a voice and quickly turned to the direction, only to see Aaliyah, staring at her.

She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. Feeling happy that it's not one of the bosses girlfriend.

Without thinking twice, she shut the door with full force and turned to Aaliyah.

” Shh. Be quiet.” She whispered, placing a finger on her lips.

” Who's there?” Julian's deep voice echoed in their ears as he spoke from the room.

Without wasting time, the two girls hurried away.

” What the hell was that?” Aaliyah asked breathing heavily as they arrived their room.

” That's a silly question.” Eliana replied, trying to catch her breath as well.

” What were you doing at the door?” Aaliyah asked, leaning on the wall.

” I don't know what I was doing there actually. I just heard a scream……

” And you went to check. Didn't you know that he's having fun?” Aaliyah asked.

” I knew but…….” She drawled. ” Her screams was too much.” She added.

” You won't get me into trouble Eliana.” Aaliyah said.

” I didn't call you. I was…….” She paused and listen carefully as she heard someone's footsteps.

” No need to be quiet girls, we heard everything.” Catalina said as she walked in with Quinn. β€œRight Quinn?” She glanced at her.

” Of course.” Quinn replied with a smile.

” So which of the boss were you guys spying?” Catalina asked.

” Julian.” Eliana replied.

” I wasn't spying on him Catalina, Eliana did.” Aaliyah corrected Catalina from the words β€˜ you guys β€˜.

” Oh! So how was it Eliana, how do you see him?” Catalina asked.

” Well, I didn't see much. Only his butt***, youno I was watching from behind. He's giving the lady really hard.” Eliana replied, making Catalina to laugh.

” Those guys don't get tired.” Catalina said.

” Not all of them, Xavier isn't like that.” Eliana said.

” Neither is Kayden.” Aaliyah added.

” But he does it, I catched him twice.” Catalina said to Aaliyah.

” Yeah he does, But not as Julian. He does it as if his life depends on it, Kayden does it when his girlfriend travels. You don't blame him for that.” Aaliyah said.

” Hey!! I don't think it's right for you to talk about Julian like that in front of me. Or have you forgotten what he is to me?” Quinn said with a frown.

” Oh! Didn't recall that a love bird is here.” Eliana said.

” What you did wasn't right Eliana. You shouldn't have watch him.” Quinn said, turning to her.

” It's not a big deal Quinn. We all have done it before. ” Catalina said.

” And we have our crush as well.” Aaliyah put in.

” We are one in this. Nothing to hide, nothing to fight about.” Catalina said.

” Don't forget their girlfriends. We are just maids, crushing on our boss.” Eliana said.

” Every lady does. So it's not a big deal” Quinn said.

” One thing keep bothering me. Why do they cheat on their partners, I mean…….” Aaliyah drawled. ” They bring different sluts, almost everyday.”

” I think they're addicted. The girls aren't always around .” Catalina said.

” But it's not right. What if they find out?” Eliana said, raising her brow.

” Who cares. They're rude after all.” Quinn rolled her eyes.

” That's right. They act as goddess.” Catalina added.

” I almost slap one the other day, but sir Harrison prevented me.” Eliana said.

” Those girls are something else.” Aaliyah said.

” Shh…..” Eliana signal them to keep shut as she heard some footsteps approaching the door.

Without wasting time, Catalina quickly picked a broom and began to sweep, singing. ” La la la la la… know you're my friend. LA LA LA LA LA. Me and you are one……..”

Aaliyah rushed to the bed which was already dressed, and dress it again. Getting herself busy. She sings, ” you know I know you. You know you know me. You know I know you. You know you know me………”

Quinn on the other hand rushed to her wardrobe. She opened it and began to arrange some clothes. ” I love this dress, so beautiful.” She muttered to herself. ” Oh, this one is nice.” She said picking another one.

Eliana couldn't stand and watch the others busying themselves. She hurried to the drawer, pushed it open and brought out some things, acting as if she's searching for something.

Just then, the door opened and Julian Sebastian Bryson walked in.

The girls gasped as they stared at his bare body, he's only on trouser. So cute!

” I didn't come here for you guys to watch me like a TV. Someone was at my door few minutes ago, I want to know who it was, and why the person was there.” Julian said, authoritatively. ” I expect the truth.” He added.

” Of course sir.” Catalina said, turning to Quinn. ” I think I saw you there earlier with a broom. What were you doing there Quinn?”

” Of course it wasn't me, You made a mistake Catalina. She's the one sir.” Quinn pointed to Eliana.

” Of course not. What's wrong with you Quinn.” Eliana said with a frown. ” It's Aaliyah sir, she's there with a broom, probably going to sweep a room or two.”

Julian turned his gaze to Aaliyah. She had no one to point a finger at. She was about to deny when they heard a knock on the door.

” Come in.” Julian said, glancing at the girls.

The door opened and Theodore, the gate man walked in. He came to deliver a message to Catalina, but on seeing Julian, he begged to take his leave.

” Good day sir” Theodore greeted.

” Thank you.” Replied Julian.

” I'm sorry sir. I beg to take my leaven now, I didn't mean to interrupt.” Theodore said and made for the door.

” He's the one sir, I saw him with my two eyes.” Aaliyah said, pointing at Theodore.

” Huh!” Theodore turned in surprised, ” Me….. What did I do?” He asked, confused.

” That's true sir, he's the one. How could I have forgotten that.” Catalina said and slapped her head.

” He looks like a lady sometimes, You got the point Aaliyah, I saw him with my two eyes too.” Quinn said.

” That's true. Very true.” Elaina nodded in anticipation.

” I don't know what you guys are talking about.” Theodore said.

Julian grew angry each passing minutes. β€œA while ago, they're attacking themselves, but as Theodore walked in, everyone turned to him. Very surprising.” Julian thoughts.

If not for the rules his elder brother gave, he would've done something nasty. But it's better to control yourself than to go beyond measure.

Turning to Theodore he said, ” follow me.” And walked out. Theodore obeyed, but didn't fail to glanced at the girls with anger.

” That was nice.” Catalina said after making sure that Julian and Theodore were out of hearing.

” You'll get us into trouble one day Eliana.” Aaliyah said.

” You caused it. If you weren't there, I wouldn't have shut the door like that.” Eliana fired back.

” Did you guys see his……..” Quinn couldn't conclude her words because Eliana placed a finger on her lips, preventing her from speaking.

” Someone is coming.” Said Eliana staring at the door.

” You're called Eliana.” Theodore said after opening the door, he shut it back and walked away.

” Huh!” Eliana gasped, widening her eyes. The other girls did the same.

” Seems like he's find out.” Quinn said.

” I'm dead.” Eliana muttered and head to the door. ” Pray for me guys.” She opened the door and walked out.

” Of course we will.” Catalina said.

” Yeah.” Quinn added.

” Definitely, we should.” Aaliyah put in.


What do you have to say guys?
As for me, I'm praying for her already. 😍

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
Love you allπŸ’•πŸ’‹

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