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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 10

CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 10,

MAIDS πŸ’ƒπŸ’‹

By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode πŸ”Ÿ


Later in the day.
Julian decided to go and visit their maids in the hospital.
With the car keys in his hand, he hurried outside.

He was about to open the car when he heard a voice behind him.

” Can I come with you?” Tara said, making Julian to turn to her in amazement.

” You?” He pointed a finger at her. ” Do you know where I'm going?” He asked to be sure.

” Of course I do.” She replied. ” Aren't you going to the hospital?”

” Wait.” Julian demonstrated with his hand.

” I thought that you don't like them?” He asked.

” Well…..” She drawled. ” What if I've changed?” She said, standing beside him.

” I'm surprise.” Said Julian, faking a smile.

” Can I?” She pressed.

” If you want.” Julian said and opened the door.
He entered, and she did as well.

Theodore opened the gate and he drove off……


β€œHow are you feeling?” Quinn asked Aaliyah as she woke up. She was sitting beside her on the hospital bed.

” I'm feeling bet……” She wanted to reply, but something crossed her mind. β€œWhere are we?”

” In the hospital.” Quinn replied.

” Hospital?” Aaliyah shift her head to look at her very well. ” Since when?”

” hmm….” Quinn drawled. ” Two days now. yeah” Quinn replied nodding.

” Oh!” Aaliyah exclaimed. ” I think I recall.” She said and balance her head on the pillow.

” I was very excited when the nurse told me that you've woken up.” Quinn said smiling.

” It's a good thing.” Aaliyah said. ” What of Eliana and Catali…..”

” They're fine.” She replied. β€œAccording to the doctor.” She added.

” Were they badly hurt?” Aaliyah asked.

” Catalina's case isn't that bad, but….”Quinn paused. ” Why don't you relax for now. Let me get a nurse.” She said and stood up.

” I'm hungry.” She said and Quinn smiled.

” I'll get you some food.” Quinn said.

” Chicken broth, With…….

” I'll bring you anything my hand reach.” Quinn said, already at the door.

” That's what my tummy want.” Said Aaliyah.

” You're sick.” Quinn said and chuckled.

” That's why I'm lying on this bed.” Replied Aaliyah.

Quinn walked out smiling. Wishing the other two to get well soon.

She called a nurse and headed outside to get some food. There she met Kayden.

” Where are you going?” Kayden asked, walking towards her.

” Oh! I wanna get some food for Aaliyah.” She replied.

” She's awake?” Kayden asked in surprise.

” Yes sir. She woke up this morning.” She replied.

” You said you wanna get some food?” He asked.

” Yes sir.” She replied. β€œShe request for it.”

” Ok.” Said Kayden. ” Let me drop you then. Come with me.” He said heading to his car, Quinn followed.

After buying the food, They headed back to the hospital.

” Chicken bro…..” Aaliyah was about to say something, but her eyes landed on Kayden. She stopped. β€œSir.”

” Aaliyah.” Said Kayden. ” How are you?” He asked.

” I'm getting better.” She replied.

” Okay.” Kayden said, turning to Quinn he said. β€œGive her the food.”

β€œYes sir.” Quinn replied and brought the food to her.

” Was the nurse here?” Quinn asked.

” Yes, she left some minutes ago.” replied Aaliyah. ” oh my…..” She winded her eyes in shock as she saw the food placed before her. ” You bought it?”

” I didn't.” Said Quinn. ” Sir Kayden did.”

” Oh! Thank you sir.” Aaliyah said smiling.

” Anything for you.” said Kayden, He turned to Quinn, ” If she wants anything, let me know.”

” Alright sir.” Replied Quinn.

Aaliyah began to eat. ” Aren't you joining me?” She asked Quinn.

” I'm fine, eat.” Said Quinn. β€œYou really need it.”

” β€œHow's Eliana and Catalina?” Kayden asked.

” They're fine.” Quinn replied.

” Are they awake?” He asked.

” No sir.” She replied. ” But the doctor said very soon.”

Okay.” Kayden said and sighed. ” Where's my brother?”

” The last time I saw him, he's with the doctor.” She replied.

” Let me check him.” He said and stood up.

β€œAlright sir.” Quinn said.

” Thank you sir.” Aaliyah said.

” Don't mention.” Kayden said and glanced at Aaliyah, then he walked out.


Julian and Tara alighted from the car and walked into the hospital.

” Hi Kay.”Julian said as he saw Kayden.

” Oh! You're here.” Kayden said.

” Yeah. where are you going?” Julian asked.

” I'm searching for Harrison.” Kayden replied. ” The Doctor said that he's in one of the ladies ward.”

” Hope there's no problem?” Kayden asked, glancing at Tara.

” Not at all.” Julian said glancing at Tara as well. ” We only come to see them.”

” Alright. Let's go together.” Kayden said and began to walk away. Julian and Tara followed.

The first ward they entered was Eliana's ward. There she lay sleeping peacefully.

” Eliana.” Julian muttered on seeing her.

β€œShe will soon be alright.” Kayden said, almost in a whisper.

” Yeah. I believe so.” Julian said, nodding.

” She's not badly hurt anyway.” Tara muttered, but Julian heard every single word clearly. He glanced at her, but she adverted her eyes.

” Let's go to the next ward.” Kayden said. ” Harrison isn't here.”

” Is there something you wanna tell him” Julian asked curiously.

” Yeah.” Kayden said. ” I got a call from Grandma. She will be here in three weeks time.”

” What?” Julian exclaimed. ” Good news.” He added.

” Yeah.” Said Kayden as they walked out. ” Aaliyah's awake.”

” Really?” Kayden raised his brow.

” I left her some minutes ago with quinn.” Kayden said.

” That's a good news. I'm happy for her.” Julian said.

They arrived Catalina's ward. Fortunately, Harrison was there.

” Big bro.” Said Kayden walking to him.

” Wassup?” Harrison said, turning to them.

” How's she?” Kayden asked.

Harrison sighed. ” Getting better. Her breathing is normal now.” He replied.

” She'll be fine, just like Aaliyah.” Kayden said.

” I believe so.” Harrison said.

” I wanted to tell you that Grandma called.” Kayden said. ” He sent a message to you.”

” What did she say?” Harrison asked.

” She said that I should tell you that she's coming in three weeks time.” He replied.

” Really?” Harrison raised his brow. ” Quite well.”

” We need to prepare ourselves. Corrections and advice.” Julian said smiling.

” Of course.” Kayden said.

” She's a discipline woman.” Harrison said, smiling as well as he remembered his Grandma's teachings.

Just then, Julian turned around to see Tara, but she wasn't in sight.

β€œWhere has she gone to?” He asked himself. ” Excuse me guys.” He said to his brothers and walked out.


β€œAfter everything you did to me in school, you still come here to take my man away from me huh!

I hate you so much Eliana. And it will be my delight to have you dead.” Tara said angrily.

Searching for a weapon to kill Eliana, an idea got into her head.

She removed the pillow from Eliana's head, and placed it on her face.

She pressed the pillow so hard that it became difficult for Eliana to breathe.

Eliana began to shake, trying to shift her head, but she couldn't.

” I want you to die! Die now.” Tara muttered, still pressing harder until……


Tara why??…….😳🀭😭😭😭

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

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