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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 12

CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 12,

MAIDS πŸ’ƒπŸ’‹

By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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” Please don't use that on me! It's gonna hurt! I don't like needles please.” She screamed, staring at the nurse.

” Don't worry, it won't hurt. I'm gonna be careful.” The nurse said walking towards her with the needle.

” No please!!!” She screamed as the nurse gave her the injection.

” You need this child.” Said the nurse.

” No!!!” She continued to scream, and woke up.

β€œWhere I'm I?” Said Eliana, glancing around the room. She couldn't see clearly because her eyes were blur, but she knew that she wasn't home. It didn't felt like home.

” oh my goodness! She's alive! She's alive! What a miracle? She's alive.” The nurse screamed and ran out to call the doctor.

” Doctor! Doctor!” The nurse called.” The patient! The patient! She needs attention. Please come quickly.” She said as she saw the doctor.
The doctor followed her immediately, leaving the two men he's standing with.


Xavier stood up and walked away, heading outside. He entered his car, and drove to a drinking parlour. He needed to clear his head.

He took a sit and sat down. ” Barman!!” He called, and the young man hurried to him.

” Welcome sir. please what should I offer you?” The boy asked.

” Anything good.” He replied.

” champagne? S…..”

” I'll go with that.” Xavier said, interrupting the boy.

” Alright sir. A minute please.” The boy said and walked away.

Few minutes later, he came back with the drink and a glass in his hands.

” Your order sir.” He said as he placed them on the table before him.

” Thank you.” Xavier said and picked the glass, he opened the drink and pour out some of the content into the glass.

Relaxing his back on the chair, he began to drink slowly.

” Why did you leave Eliana? why did you leave now that I need you most?

Why? Someone should tell me why!” He took a sip.

” I didn't have the chance to tell you anything. How stupid of me.” He took a sip.

” How I wish you'll live again Eliana. But how…..” He gave a sad smile. ” How can it happen? You're gone!

Gone forever Eliana! I'll never see you again. I won't see you again cause you're dead.” Tears slipped out from his eyes. He wiped it off, and took a sip.

” Oh my love! You're gone. If only you knew how much I love you Eliana.

I love you so much. I love you, and I'll continue to love you, even though you're dead.” He took a sip.

It's so hard to bear your lost Eliana. It breaks my heart. I……” He drawled and took a sip.

” She's dead! she's dead! Oh no!” Tears gushed out from his eyes as he cried out. People began to stare at his direction, but he tried to comport himself.

He took a sip and pretended as if nothing happened. But it didn't take long, he broke out again, but not as loud as the previous.

” She's gone forever. I'll always love you Eliana.” He took a sip.

” Barman!” He called as he noticed that the drink had finished.

The man hurried to him again. ” I'm here sir.”

” One more.” He ordered.

” Alright sir.” The man said and hurried away. He came back with the drink and placed it on the table. Then he walked away.

Few Minutes Later……

β€œBarman!” He called again, as the drink finished. By this time, he's really drunk.

” One more.” He ordered again. The man brought the drink and walked away.

” Hi handsome.” A lady who's been watching him from a distance said as he approached him.

” I don't need you here b**tch.” Xavier said rolling his eyes drunkenly.

” Don't be harsh handsome.” Said the girl as she sat down.

” What's wrong. You seem depressed.” Said the girl.

” Not your business!” He blurt out.

” I can help you, youno.” Said the girl, touching him.

” Keep off!” Xavier said and pushed her hand away. He stood up and staggered, landing on the sit again.

” Stop hurting yourself, i'm not here to harm you.” Said the girl. ” You can share your burden with me.” She kissed him.

Xavier took a sip and rubbed his head. ” I lost a friend. She's so dear to me.” He said, almost in a whisper.

” That's bad. sorry about that.” Said the girl. Xavier nodded.

” You can't be like this. You're drunk.” Said the girl.

” That's how I'm drunk for her. I'm drunkenly in love with her.” He took a sip. ” But she's gone now, I'm so disappointed.”

” I know how you feel, but you need to stop hurting yourself.”

” Thank you.” Xavier said and took a sip again. ” Who the hell are you?”

” I'm Carolina.” She replied.

” Hmmm” Said Xavier. ” Why are you here?”

” That doesn't matter. Come let me take you out of this place.” She said.

” No….I don't know you.” said Xavier. ” I can't…..i can't go…….with you.” He stuttered.

β€œThis place isn't save for you, let's leave at once.” Carolina said and stood up, Sho hold his hand and tried to drag him out of the chair.

” Hey! what are you doing, Get off me b**ch!” Xavier said and was about to drink again, but the girl took the glass away from him.

” Give that to me b**ch….I…. don't, I don't…” The girl succeeded in dragging him out of the chair.

” Hey! I'm not drunk, I can't Walk.” Said Xavier as the girl held his hand, leading him outside.

” I know.” Said the girl.

” Then…..let….let go.” Xavier stuttered, but the girl refused to listen.

” My money sir.” The barman hurried to them. Xavier brought out his wallet and removed some money. He handed it to the him without counting.

” It's too much sir. Here.” The guy said and handed back the money to Xavier, after counting out his money.

” Keep it for yourself. You're a good man.” Xavier said and turned to leave.

” This guy is rich. My luck.” The girl said within.

As they reached outside, She wanted to carry out her plans, but decided against it. ” I need to take him to a save place, before doing that.” She said within.

” Hey!” Xavier yelled as he noticed that they're leaving without his car. ” Take me to my car b**ch.” He ordered.

” Huh!” You have a car?” The girl was surprised.

β€œThis guy is super rich.” she said within.

” I can drive don't……” The lady pushed him into the car, and headed to the driver's seat. She entered and drove off….

few minutes later, Xavier dozed off……

” I still love you Eliana!” He said while sleeping. The girl glanced at him, and shook her head.

” I wish I could see a man who truly loves me like this…” She said within.

After driving for some minutes, they arrived their destination. She parked the car and alighted.

There she carried out her plans. inserting her hand into his pocket, she brought out the wallet.

She opened it and took out all the money in it. She returned the empty wallet into his pocket and tried to pushed him out of the car.

it wasn't easy for her to pushed Xavier sleepy body out of the car, but she tried. Gathering all her strength.

She did everything possible to get a room in the hotel.

After getting the card, she took him to the hotel room. She lay him on the bed, and left, without looking back.


Xavier woke up and glanced around the room. ” Where I'm I?” He muttered.

He stood up from the bed and walked outside. There he realized that he's in a hotel.

” How did I got here?” He asked himself, as he moved down the stairs.

He wanted to walk out when the receptionist requested for money.

He put his hand into his pocket and brought out a wallet, he's surprise to see the wallet empty. ” How come?”

” I'm in a mess.” He muttered.

” Are you alright sir.?” The receptionist asked.

” Yeah. don't worry, I'll pay you.” Said Xavier.

” What happened last night?” He said within. β€œI was….I was…..” Then he remembered. ” A lady! Carolina!” But he couldn't recall her face.

In order not to create a scene, Xavier brought out his cell phone and transfer the money through his debit card.
Then he walked out.

He could see his car safely parked. He headed to it, entered, and drove off…..
Heading home.


😳Be careful of where you are…..In the midsts of angels, there are devils.

πŸ˜‹Good thing to know that Eliana is alive πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

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