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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 2


By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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~ Episode 2️⃣~


The girls had a sad expression on their face as they thought about their friend, Eliana.

” What do you guys think he'll do?” Quinn asked.

” No idea.” Aaliyah said.

” I don't know. Can't predict.” Catalina said.

” I just pray that he forgives.” Aaliyah said.

” Me too.” Quinn added, while Catalina sighed.

Just then, they heard a knock on the door.

” Come in.” Quinn said and the door opened, Theodore walked in with a package in his hand.

” What did you tell him?” Aaliyah asked, staring at Theodore's face.

” Nothing.” He replied.

” Don't lie to us Theodore. What did you tell him?” Catalina asked.

” Nothing.” He Repeat. ” I didn't tell him anything.” He added.

” Then what did he say?” Quinn asked.

” Erm…… He actually warned me to stay clear from his room. The next time I'm catched, he won't fail to rip off my head.” Theodore replied.

” That's awful.” Aaliyah said.

” Can he really do that?” Quinn raised her brow in surprise.

” He might. Youno they don't joke with their words.” Catalina said.

” Why did you girls accused me when you know that I wasn't involved?” Theodore asked.

” Are we suppose to answer that?” Aaliyah asked.

” Not necessary.” Catalina replied.

” Whatever, but it isn't fair. You guys should stop drawing me into your problem.” Theodore said.

” Which problem is that?” Aaliyah asked.

” Someone was at the door. Nobody knows who it was, so….everyone is a suspect.” Quinn said.

” Whatever. But I pray that I should not get into trouble because of some people.” Theodore said. ” I came to give you this Catalina.” He handed the package to her.

” What is that?” Catalina asked.

” I don't know. Someone gave it to me, he asked me to pass it to you.” He replied.

” Who?” Quinn asked.

” His name is Mateo Wyatt.” Theodore replied.

” Mateo Wyatt, Mateo Wyatt….. Who could that be?” Catalina tried to recall.

” Your boyfriend?” Aaliyah said, slightly smiling.

” Of course not, how could you say that?” Catalina said frowning at her.

β€œSo who's he?” Quinn asked.

” I don't kn…….” She drawled. ” I think I remember now. He's a good Samaritan.” Catalina said.

” A good Samaritan.” Aaliyah repeated.

” How good was he?” Quinn asked.

” I don't know what you guys think, all I know is that he'd helped me once when I was coming back from mar…….”

The door flung open and Harrison, Julian's elder brother walked in. He bit his lips and leaned on the door, staring at them. Fear gripped everyone.

” Good day sir.” They chorused facing the floor, but he didn't reply.

” What are you doing here Theodore?” Harrison asked.

” I…..I came to deliver a message to her sir.” Theodore replied pointing at Catalina.

” What message is that?” He asked.

” The package sir.” Theodore replied, pointing at the package in Catalina's hand.

Harrison turned his gaze to Catalina, she quickly adverted her eyes.

” Let me have it.” He stretched out his hand and Catalina quickly handed the package to him. He tore it open, brought out a letter and began to read, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

” Hello, my name is Mateo Wyatt. Your sheer beauty took my breath away when I saw you for the first time. Please do not be offended by all of this, but I just wanted to let you know that you're an amazing person and deserves to be told by someone who truly cares about you.

When I saw you that day, my heart skipped a beat and my face lit up with a smile that could not fall off. It was then and there that I knew that I've fallen in love with you.

It's been a week now since we met, and I'm already missing you. I can't hold it any longer Catalina, I love you.

I wish you to give me a call, I cannot wait to hear your melodious voice. My number is 092***********. Hope you love the present?

From your crush
Mateo Wyatt”

After reading the latter, Harrison couldn't utter a word. There's silence in the room for more than five minutes.

” Who's he?” He finally broke the silence, but she couldn't reply.

She didn't know how to explain. She felt embarrassed after he read the letter. ” Catalina.” He called.

” Yes sir. He's……. he's a good Samaritan sir. He'd helped me once when I was coming back from the market.” She said sincerely.

” How did he help you?” Harrison asked.

” The driver wasn't around that particular day and it's getting late. I decided to hurry to the market on foots. So….he helped me by giving me a ride. That's how I met him.” She replied.

Harrison stared at her for some minutes. Then he advert his eyes and decided to check the so called present.

There, was a beautiful diamond necklace. ” Wow!” Aaliyah blurt, causing Harrison to look at her. She quickly used her two fingers and locked her lips.

” Where does he live?” He asked.

” I don't know sir. He didn't tell me.” She replied.

” But you told him where you live?” He asked, no answer. ” Huh?” He yelled.

” Yes sir. I……..”

” You disobeyed one of the rules Catalina. And I'm sure you know that there's punishment for that.” He interrupted.

” I'm sorry sir, I……i didn't mean to, please pardon me. It will never happen again.” She pleaded.

” Should I really do that? Nay, not possible. There has to be a punishment.” He said. ” Just in case you've forgotten, rule number five (5) NO ENGAGEMENT WITH STRANGERS.

Meet me in my room Catalina.” He said and opened the door, about to walk out, but something came into his head. He turned to them again.

” Bring me your cell phones.” He ordered.

” Huh! They opened their mouth in shock.

Without wasting time, Theodore brought out his cell phone and stretched it to him, but he refused to collect.

” Not you.” Harrison told him, still staring at the girls who were searching for their phones.

” Here.” Aaliyah said handing it to him.

” Mine.” Catalina said, handing hers too.

” Here is mine sir.” Quinn was the last.

Harrison glanced around the room. That's when he realized that they weren't complete.

” Where's Eliana?” He asked.

” She's…….. she's…. actually sir…..” Quinn stuttered.

” She was called by sir Julian sir.” Theodore said.

” Okay. Can someone give me her cell phone?” Harrison said.

Catalina scratched her hair. Aaliyah and Quinn glanced at each other.

” I think she's with……….” Catalina was about to reply when a phone rang from under the pillow.

Quinn hurried to it and brought it out. ” Who owns it?” Harrison asked.

” It belongs to Eliana.” Catalina said.

” Let me have it.” He ordered. Quinn handed the cell phone to him. ” From now on, you're ban from going out.” He said and they gasped.

β€œMa'am Linda will do all the buying.” Turning to Catalina he said,” Meet me in my room.” He opened the door and walked out.


Hmmm 😏 I'm speechless πŸ₯Ί

Meet me in my room, seizing of phones, banned from going out. 😰 Ah!

Is that not wickedness??😭

What kind of punishment does he want to give her sef?

Good morning guys β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you allπŸ’•πŸ’‹

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