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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 4

Crazy Love β™₯️

By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 4️⃣


Tara kept pacing around the room with a glass of wine in her hand, waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive.

” Relax Tara, they will soon be here.” Bella said.

” We don’t have time Bella. I’m……..”

” Hi girls. Sorry for coming late I was…….” A lady said walking in, but was interrupted.

” Where’s Evelyn?” Tara asked.

” Hasn’t she arrive?” The lady asked.

” She’s not here, and…….”

” So. so. so. sorry” said a lady whose name is Evelyn as she hurried in. ” There’s an hold up, don’t blame me.” She added.

” Please sit.” Tara said and sat down.

” Thank you.” The two ladies replied.

” So…..where did you guys stop?” Evelyn asked.

” We were waiting for the both of you.” Bella replied.

” We don’t have time to waste guys, the party is tonight. We need to carry out our plans tonight.” Tara said and glanced at them.

” So, what plans do you have?” The first lady who came in asked.

” That’s why I call for this meeting.” Tara replied. “We have to bring out our ideas.” She added.

” I begin with you Bella.” Tara said staring at her, the others did the same.

” Well,” Bella said as she sat upright. ” I….
I don’t know what to say actually.”

” You should know. This matter concerns
all of us.” Evelyn said.

” If you have an idea, you can bring it on.” Tara said.

” They should be poison I think.” The first lady who came in said.

” It’s a good idea Fiona.” Bella said.

” No it isn’t. I have reasons for saying that.” Tara said.

” Yeah. Those girls are smarter than you think.” Evelyn said.

” It’s not about being smart, they’re not smarter than me.” Tara replied. ” The only thing is that their kitchen is always lock. It’s a bad idea for now.”

” But we can still do it when we have a chance.” Bella said.

” That means we will carry the poison around, the slightest chance, we…… Youno.” Tara said.

” Definitely.” Fiona replied smiling.

” That will be long, it needs patience and I don’t have that, i need a quick work.” Tara said. ” if we wait any longer, I’m afraid something bad will happen.”

” Those girls are something else.” Bella said.

” The most annoying part is that they don’t even act as maids, gosh!” Evelyn said.

” To me, the most annoying part is that, our so called men has refused to sack them.” Bella said. ” I mean….. I just don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

” Something tells me that they’re having an affair.” Fiona said.

” I told Harrison that if he truly loves me, he should fire her. If not, I’ll not return to him.” Bella said.

” He asked of you.” Tara said smiling.

” You went there?” Evelyn asked.

” Silly question. How did I know about the party?” Tara said.

” I won’t go back if he doesn’t do what I said.” Bella added and roll her eyes.

” You think he’ll do it?” Fiona asked.

” Those girls have poison their minds with s**x. They’re too blind to see, deaf to listen, and dumb to speak.” Evelyn said.

” I was having fun with Julian, but that silly girl walked in, spoiling my mode. I so much hate her.” Tara said angrily.

” Eliana?” Evelyn asked.

” Yeah.” She replied.

” I knew it. She almost slap me once. Blessed heaven! Harrison came in and she retract. ” Evelyn said.

” You mean……..” Tara drawled. ” That Eliana tried to slap you?” She asked and Evelyn nodded.

” Why?” Bella asked.

” I told her that I don’t like the way she usually stare at Xavier, she should stay away from him if not, I’ll show her the bad side of me.” Evelyn said. “Guess what she said.”

” What?” Fiona asked.

” She asked me if it’s now wrong to look at someone . If I don’t want her to look at him again, I should plug out her eyes.

I was so angry. I quickly made for her eyes, but she was quick to grab my hand. She was about to slap me when Harrison came in.” She replied.

” Are you kidding me?” Bella said in surprise.

” Of course not, I’m serious.” Evelyn replied.

” I’m totally shock.” Tara said.

” I don’t think they’re maids guys, their mode of dressing and their actions tells it all.” Evelyn said.

” They don’t look like maids at all. I…….” Fiona said. ” I don’t know.”

” That’s why we need to act fast. We were there before they came. They can’t take our men away from us.” Tara said.

” You’re right Tara. I can’t lose my man for a silly girl. Never” Bella vowed.

” What if we gang up and beat them up?” Evelyn asked.

” Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Tara said. ” I think I have someone who can do that, we don’t have to reveal our identity youno.” She added on second thought.

” I think we should confront them first.” Fiona said.

” What if fight break out?” Evelyn asked.

” We show them what we are made of, or are you afraid of fighting?.” Said Fiona.

” Of course not.” Evelyn replied.

” What of kidnapping them?” Bella asked.

” That’s hard to do tonight Bella.” Tara said. ” Where will you take them to?”

” It needs lot of planning.” Fiona added.

” We can consider that some other time, if the rest of our plans doesn’t work.” Evelyn said.

” Yeah. It’s all good.” Fiona said.

” I need something to do tonight! Something evil.” Tara said, almost screaming.

” Let’s confront them.” Bella said.

” We can fight them too, give them bruises. Disfigure them. something evil” Fiona said.

” We can try them with acid, what do you think?” Evelyn asked.

” I think that’s a good idea.” Tara said. Turning to the others, she said. ” What do you think guys?”

” Nice. But let’s be careful.” Bella advice.

” Of course we will.” Tara said. ” What about you?” She referred to Fiona.

” As long as we are not catch, I’m in.” She replied.

” Then we’re good to go.” Tara said. ” Two heads they say, is better than one.

Let me get you guys something to drink.” She said and walked away.

Tbc. β™₯οΈπŸ’šπŸ’™

Something is about to happen tonight 😭😭😭

He that sow evil, shall reap evilπŸ™„πŸ˜€

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you allπŸ’•πŸ’‹


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