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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 5


By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 5️⃣


In the early hours of the night, four beautiful ladies could be seen walking down the street with some packages in their hands.

With the mode of their dress, one could tell that they're going to an important occasion.

” What if we are catched?” Catalina asked with a frown on her face.

” Are you praying for us to be catched?” Aaliyah asked.

” of course not. But we must consider everything.” She replied.

” One thing amazes me Cat. you said you don't feel like coming, then why are you still following us?” Eliana asked, glancing at her.

” It's not as if I don't want to come, but my problem is sir Harrison's instruction. I have a punishment already, I don't want to add more salt into my injury please.” She replied.

” Can you guys stop talking. If you continue like this, how will we know if someone is following us?” Quinn said, glancing around.

” are you scared already?” Eliana asked.

” of course not. it's just that I'm seeing my rose flower and I don't want any trouble.” Quinn replied.

” Rose flower?” Eliana raised her brow. ” oh! I remember” she said and smile.

” What does it mean?” Aaliyah asked.

” ladies monthly visitor.” Catalina replied.

” oh! I forgot. I've heard it before.” Aaliyah said.

” I'm not afraid of anything out here. my problem is sir Harrison's instruction.” Catalina said.

” We won't take long, we will get home before they do.” Eliana said.

” I pray so.” Catalina muttered.

Just then Eliana stopped a cab which was about to pass.

” Isn't it risky?” Quinn asked.

” No one tries shit.” said Eliana.

” What if he's with a gun?” Catalina asked.

” Then one of us die.” Replied Eliana. She opened the door and went in, gesturing to others to do the same.

” You're crazy.” Catalina muttered.

reluctantly, Catalina went in and shut the door. The driver drove off…….

” Going to party beautiful ladies?” The driver asked, staring at them from the mirror.

” what is your business with that?” Eliana asked angrily.

” I mean no harm guys.” The driver said.

*There's silence afterward*

*Few minutes later*

The arrived their destination. The four ladies alighted from the car, Eliana paid the driver and he zoomed of……

With the packages in their hands, they went inside.

” Long time Eliana Kingston.” Someone said behind them and they turned to the direction immediately.

Only to see the monster who tried to rape Eliana some years ago. It was a good thing that she gave him a red eye.

” Do you remember me?” He asked.

” Who wouldn't remember a devil in sheep's clothing.” said Eliana glaring at him.

” A green snake in a green grass.” Catalina added.

” A son of a bitch.” Aaliyah said.

” A shameless he-goat.” Quinn added.

” it is good to know that you guys haven't change. And I haven't change either.” He said.

” who cares if you do.” Catalina said.

” I'm wondering.” Quinn added.

” Why are we wasting our time with this fool?” Aaliyah asked.

” My name still remains Anthony Dylan.” He reminded them.

” Listen to me Holy devil!” said Eliana pointing a finger at him. ” If you try any shit here, you won't live to tell the story. My blood hot every two seconds, don't try me”. She said and walked inside.

” That is a warning, don't mess up.” Catalina added and followed Eliana.

” We are not here to cause trouble Anthony, but if you want it, we are always ready.” Aaliyah said and joined the rest.

” Stay clear from us Anthony. We are not your type. Don't say we didn't warn you.” Quinn added and walked away too.

” Your threats is nothing to me. I am Anthony Dylan. I'll never change. I've been longing for this day, and finally……

it is here. No matter what it cost Eliana, I will f**k you. What I'll do is beyond your imagination.” He muttered, and went inside as well.

After knowing where the ladies sat, he called a Waiter.

” I have something to tell you. Can we talk in the private?” He asked.

” I'm sorry sir, but I…….

” It's very important. it concerns someone's life.” Anthony blurt out. The guy was shock.

” We need to save a life bro. think!” He added.

” Okay. where?” Asked the Waiter.

” Come with me.” He said and began to walk towards a door, heading to the rest room.

The Waiter dropped the tray of wine on a table and followed him.

Anthony waited for the people who were in the rest room to leave before he carried out his plan.

” I want you to do something for me.” He said.

” Excuse me! what do you mean?” The Waiter asked.

” Here.” Anthony showed him something which was in a white paper.

” What should I do with that?” The Waiter asked.

” I want you to…….” He glanced around. ” I want you to put it in a drink and take it to someone, I'll pay you.”

” I'm sorry sir. I don't do things like that. Besides, this is not what you told me.” Said the Waiter, annoyed.

He was about to walk away, but Anthony grabbed him by the neck and strangled him. He struggled to free himself, but he couldn't. He gave up.

Anthony dumped the corpse in one of the rest him. He took the waiter's dress and put on, leaving his own there.

With a cap on his head, and a tray of wine his hand, he walked to the ladies.

” Hi ladies.” he changed his voice. ” A drink for refreshment.”

” Thank you.” Catalina said and took a glass, not looking at his face. The rest did the same and he walked away grinning.

Sitting at a corner, he watched them.

” If Colton wasn't a good man, I wouldn't have been here.” said Eliana.

” Me too. If not for him, we wouldn't have gotten this job.” Catalina said.

” But he didn't invite us. why?” Quinn asked.

” Sir Harrison said he doesn't trust him, so he warned him to stay away from us.” Eliana replied.

” That's bad……but he's still our friend.' said Aaliyah.

” yeah.” Eliana said.

” How did you know that?” Catalina asked, staring at Eliana.

” My ears.” Eliana said and chuckle.

” How will we give him our present then?” Aaliyah asked.

” We will.” Eliana replied.

” What if he's with our boss?” Catalina asked.

” There's always a way.” Replied Eliana. ” Let's drink! For love.” She raised the glass of wine.

” For peace.” Aaliyah added, raising hers too.

β€œTogetherness.” Catalina said and lift hers.

” For Life.” Quinn added.

Anthony's heart began to race as he saw the ladies taking the glass of wine to their mouth. He couldn't wait. How happy he felt……..


Awwwn☺️ so sad 😭😭

If they didn't go to the party, this wouldn't have happenπŸ™„

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

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