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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 7


By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 7️⃣



A man could be seen outside the gate with a phone, placed on his ear. Probably talking to someone.

πŸ“žβ€Can I come in now?” He asked.

πŸ“žβ€ Yes, Everything is set. And please…….. don't mess up.” The other person on the line said.

πŸ“žβ€ You've done your part, everything is under my control now. Trust me.” The man said.

πŸ“žβ€ I trust you.” The person on the line said and hung up.

After glancing around, he covered his face with a mask, pushed the gate open, and walked in.

The place was quite. He didn't see the bodyguards, neither the gate man.

” You did a great job.” He muttered as he headed to the main building.

He pushed the door open, and entered. But was greeted by an empty room.

” Hello! Who's here.” He screamed.

” I want to see you, all of you. Where ever you are, come out!” He kept shouting.

” Come…….” Before he could say something else, the four ladies emerged.

” Who are you?” Eliana asked in surprise.

” And what are you doing here?” Catalina added, surprise as well.

The man couldn't respond because he was lost, staring at the figures before him.

β€œIt wouldn't be a bad idea to get down with them.” He said within.

” Hey! You. Are you deaf?” Aaliyah said.

” β€œWhat do you want?” Quinn asked.

” Good question.” Replied the man. ” I want you. All of you.”

” Why don't you remove the mask then, let's see your face.” Catalina said curiously.

” What business do we have with you?” Eliana said angrily, perceiving danger.

Suddenly, the man brought out a gun, and the ladies gasped in shock and shift back.

” This is the business.”He said pointing the gun at them.

” On your knees.” He ordered.

Reluctantly, they obeyed. Shaking in fright.

” β€œGood.” He said and began to walk towards them, smiling wickedly. Eliana made a move.

” If you try shit, I blow off your head.” He said.

” No offense.” Eliana said and faked a smile.

” What should we do now?” Catalina whispered.

” shh…..” Eliana cautioned.

” I think I'm scared.” Quinn said.

” Relax.” Said Eliana in a whisper. β€œI'll make the first move. Be active.”

” No, it's risky.” Aaliyah said.

” planning to do something?” He said and laughed. ” I'm not the type to mess up with girls. Strip!” He ordered.

” Aunt Lucy you're back!” Eliana said staring at the door in other to distract him.

Still pointing the gun at them, he turned to check who Eliana was talking to. Without wasting time, Eliana kicked the gun out of his hand and gave him a hard blow on the face, making blood to gush out from his nose.

Quinn quickly picked the gun and point at him, but didn't know how to use.

The man returned the blow back, hitting Eliana with all force.

She felt something dripping out from her nostril. Using her hand to check, she found blood.

Catalina stepped in, but he saw it coming. He grabbed her hand and gave it a twist.

” ah!!” Catalina winced in pain.

Eliana kicked his leg, at the same time punch his tummy.

The man draw Catalina to himself, and send her with full force to Eliana. Causing the two girls to fall.

He was about to go close to them, but Aaliyah stopped him by hitting his leg with a wooden chair.

He turned to her immediately, but she's quick to land the wooden chair on his d**k.

” ah!” The man screamed in pain, touching his d**k.

Catalina stood up and punch his back. Ignoring the pain, he turned swiftly and grabbed her.

Aaliyah wanted to hit him again with the chair, but he quickly took it from her and use it to hit her, drawing Catalina by the hair at the same time.

” ah! oh”. Aaliyah screamed.

” Let go of me.” Catalina yelled, trying to free herself.

Eliana stood up and jump on him. Giving him a hard punch on the head. She took off the mask and exposed his face.

But unfortunately, they didn't recognized him.

He let go of the two girls and faced her.
This time around, Eliana punch his eyes.

The man was about to return the blow, but Eliana dutch and hit his d**k with a fist. Turning around, she hit his butt** with her legs.

Without giving him chance, The Three ladies grabbed his leg and send him landing on the floor.

He quickly stood up and kicked Catalina in her tummy.

” ah!” She held her tummy in pain.

She draw Quinn by the hair and plastered her cheeks with a blow. Her face turned red.

Eliana made to punch him again, but he was quick this time.
He dutch her blow and grabbed her legs, causing her to fall.

Eliana winced in pain as she landed on the floor.

Aaliyah came forward, but he grabbed her and threw her aside. She hit her back and her head on the wall. Unable to get up again.

Eliana made to stand up, but he stopped her by kicking and punching her at the same time.

Catalina intervened by dragging his clothes. He turned and hit her b***bs.

” Oh my!” Screamed Catalina touching her b**bs.

Eliana, not minding the pain she's in, stood up and pick the wooden chair which Aaliyah used earlier and land it on his head. Blood gushed out.

He turned to her, but she hit his tummy with the wooden chair.

Then she proceeded to his back, his head again, and his legs.

The man couldn't endure the pains anymore. He brought out another pistol from his back pocket and pulled the trigger. The bullet landed on Eliana's tummy, she fell down and blood began to dripped out.

He was about to shot Catalina, but she collapse on the floor in shock. But that wouldn't have stop him from shooting.

Quinn quickly picked the wooden chair and hit his face, causing him to back tumble. The gun slipped out from his hand.

Quinn picked the gun and mistakenly pulled the trigger twice, it landed on his leg, and arm. ” ah!” He screamed, holding his leg and arm at the same time.

She was surprised at what she did. She wanted to try again, but Eliana's voice stopped her.

” Help me! somebody help me!” She cried.

Quinn rushed to her. ” Eliana!” She called shaking profusely.

” Somebody help me, I'm dying.” Eliana cried in pain.

” You won't die, hold on Eliana. You can't die like this. Let me get a cab and take you to the hospital.” Quinn said and stood up.

” My head. oh! what I've I done to deserve?” Aaliyah cried.

Quinn rushed to her. ” I'm here for you Aaliyah. hold on, I'll be back shortly.” Quinn said and rushed to the door.

Glancing around, she saw Catalina lying helplessly on the floor. Tears gushed out from her eyes. She opened the door and ran outside.

” Theodore! Theodore!” She called, no reply and the gate was open.

She didn't see the bodyguards as well. ” What's happening?” She asked herself.

Remembering the conditions of her friends, she opened the gate and walked out……….

Who is this guy, And what does he want?

What happened to Theodore and the bodyguards?

A secret to be unfold 😀

What will happen to Eliana now?😭😭😭

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
Sorry for the short episode πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I'm really sick. Just managed to drop this…..

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