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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 8

MAIDS πŸ’ƒπŸ’‹

By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 8️⃣


Catalina, Eliana, Aaliyah, and the strange man were taken to the hospital.
Quinn was able to convince the doctor to begin treatment.

She left the hospital to meet their boss who were having a meeting in one of their companies.

On arrival, she's told that they'd left. She took a cab and hurried home.


Ma'am Lucy and the driver were surprise to see the gate open as they came back from the market.

After blowing the horn for some minutes, they decided to alight and check what the matter is.

First thing they noticed as the walked in was the absence of the bodyguards.

” Theodore! Theodore!” ma'am Lucy called, but no answer.

” Where are they?” The driver asked.

” I don't……”

” Shhhh….” The driver cautioned on hearing a bang from a door.

β€œWait here….I'll be back.” He said.

” No, I can't stand here alone.” ma'am Lucy said.

” Come with me then, but be careful.” He said and she nodded.

They tiptoed to where the sound came from. On getting closer to the door, they began to hear voices from within.

Ma'am Lucy was able to recognize one of the voice.

” Theodore! Theodore!” She called twice.

” Hello can you hear me?” Theodore said. ” Please help us, we're stuck in here. Whoever you are! help us!”

” Oh! no what the hell happened?” said the driver.

” Theodore is that you?” ma'am Lucy asked to be sure.

” It's me Theodore! Please help us open the door please.” He replied.

Ma'am Lucy and the driver tried to open the door but couldn't. They didn't have the keys.

Ma'am Lucy decided to reach out to one of the boss. She brought out her cell phone and called Harrison.

While she's doing so, the driver decided to check on the maids.

πŸ“žβ€Hello sir, please we need your help. Theodore is locked in a room, we can't find the keys to open the door.” She said after placing the phone on her ear.

πŸ“žβ€ What do you mean by Theodore is locked in a room. Who locked him up?” Harrison asked.

πŸ“žβ€ I don't know what happened sir. As a matter of fact, I can't find the bodyguards……”

” We are all here, please help us.” Someone screamed from within.

πŸ“žβ€ The bodyguards are locked up as well.” ma'am Lucy said.

” What?” Harrison exclaimed.

” I can't find the maids ma'am, the room is scattered.” The driver said with a sad look.

πŸ“žβ€What?” Ma'am Lucy and Harrison said at the same time.

The phone slipped out of Lucy's hand, and smashed on the floor. She didn't seem to care.

As quickly as she could, she ran into the house.


β€œI'm sorry guys, this meeting is over. I have an emergency call and i have to leave now. We can have this meeting some other time please.” Harrison said as he walked into the boardroom.

” Thanks for your understanding.” He said and walked out hurriedly.

Everyone began to murmur, including his brothers. They stood up and followed him.

Entering the car, the driver zoomed off.

β€œWhat's the matter?” Xavier asked.

” What's the emergency call about?” Julian asked.

” The maids are missing.” Harrison replied.

” What?” The three brothers exclaimed.

” How?” Kayden asked.

” When?” Xavier asked.

” What happened to the bodyguards?” Julian asked.

” They're locked up in a room, including Theodore.” Harrison replied.

” How could that happen?” Julian muttered.

” Who told you this?” Kayden asked.

” Ma'am Lucy.” Harrison replied. β€œShe wasn't at home when it happened ” He added.

” We are not safe.” Xavier muttered.

β€˜Did you call the police?” Kayden asked.

” No, not yet. I'll do that when we get home.” Harrison replied.

” I just hope that they're safe.” Xavier said.

” I knew that this will happen.” Julian said. ” We were followed.”

” What do you mean?” Harrison turned to him.

” The guy who tried to drug the girls at the party. He's the one behind this.” Julian replied.

” How sure are you?” Kayden asked.

” hundred percent! I don't need anyone to tell me.” Said Julian.

” Be careful of what you say. The police will investigate.” Harrison warned.


The driver opened the gate for them and they drove in.

ma'am Lucy rushed to them as they alighted from the car.

” Sir.” She said, almost in a whisper.

” Where are they?” Harrison asked.

” In the security room sir.” Replied the woman.

” Let's go then…..” Harrison said and they began to walked to the security room.

Xavier and Julian went to check the main house.

Harrison brought out a key from is pocket and opened the door. Theodore was the first to come out, followed by others.

” What happened?” Kayden asked.

” Who locked you up?” Harrison asked.

” We don't know sir, we woke up to see ourselves there.

” You don't know who locked you up?” ma'am Lucy asked.

” No ma'am.” Theodore replied. ” The last person we saw here's Miss Tara.”

” And she left after we tasted the cake she brought.” One of the bodyguards

” No one came in after that. We woke up to see ourselves locked in the room.” Another bodyguard added.

” And this happened after Tara came?” Harrison asked.

” Yes sir.” They chorused.

” Why did she asked you to taste the cake?” ma'am Lucy asked.

” She said that she made the cake by herself, and she doesn't know if it tastes good. She decided to ask sir Julian by making him eat the cake.

But unfortunately, she didn't meet him at home when she arrived. That's why she asked us to taste it.” Theodore explained.

” How long have you been in the room?” Kayden asked.

” We don't know sir.” One of the bodyguards answered.

” You all ate the cake?” Harrison asked.

” Yes sir. She said she isn't satisfy with the answers given by few people.” Replied a bodyguard.

” The cameras will tell us everything.” Kayden said.

” That's an unfortunate expectation.” Xavier said as he walked back to them.

” The cameras are stolen.” Julian added.

” What do you mean by that?” Harrison asked.

” We have a little hope big brother. The girls were not kidnapped, the…..” Xavier was interrupted.

” I think they should watch the video by themselves.” Julian said as he opened the laptop, which he had in his hand.

” Yeah.” said Xavier. ” It's only the rooms Camara that we found. The cameras outside are stolen.”

” How come? who else knew where the Cameras were hidden?” Kayden said in surprise.

” The attacker is a closed person.” Said Harrison.

Just then…..
Someone knocked on the gate. Theodore rushed to the gate and opened it, Tara walked in.

” Hi guys.” She said smiling.

” Hi Tara.” Xavier replied.

” Is everything alright?” She asked glancing at everyone. No reply.

β€œHere.” Julian said as he kept the laptop on the stairs. The video played.

” Who is this man?” Harrison asked.

” I don't know.” Kayden said.

” My problem is how he got into the house.” Xavier said.

” You were here earlier Tara.” Harrison turned to her. ” Did you see anything?”

” No I didn't.” She shook her head negatively. ” everything was fine when I left. right?” She glanced at Theodore and the bodyguards.

” Yes Miss.” They chorused.

” We woke up to see ourselves locked in a room.” Theodore added.

” Huh!” Tara exclaimed. ” That's awful.”

” The happiest thing is that the maids have been taken to the hospital. They're save.” Xavier said.

” Which hospital?” Kayden asked.

” if only they'd a cell phone.” Julian muttered, but clear enough for everyone to hear.

” I need to call the police.” Harrison said and brought out his cell phone. Then he moved to a silence place.

” Whoever that did this, will pay.” Xavier said.

” Strong girls, l love their skills.” Julian said, causing Tara to rolled her eyes.

” You guys aren't doing your job.” Kayden said, staring at the bodyguards.

” We are deeply sorry sir. Please forgive us.” They bodyguards said kneeling on the floor.

” This whole thing is confusing.” Said Tara. β€œWhere you guys sleeping?”

” We weren't. We don't know how it happened Miss.” They replied. β€œPlease forgive us sir, we will put more effort.”

” The police will be here soon.” Harrison said said as he walked back to them. Just then, Quinn walked in.

” Sir.” She said in tears. Everyone turned to her direction.

” Quinn!” Harrison rushed to her, including the others.

” What happened?” Kayden said.

” Tell us everything.” Julian added.

” The doctor want to see sir. You have to come with me.” She said, ignoring their questions.

” Let's go then, which hospital?” Harrison asked as they began to walk towards the car.

” Keck medical center.” She replied.

” I'm coming too.” Xavier said.

” Some people should stay behind. The police will be here soon.” Harrison said.

” Yes, But not me.” Kayden said.

” I'll stay behind then.” Jayden said.

” Good of you.” Kayden said and entered the car.

Few minutes later, they drove off…….

” come with me Tara. I have something to ask you.” Julian said and walked into the house with the laptop in his hand. Tara followed.

” Do you know anything concerning this
….?” Julian asked.

” What are you trying to insinuate?” Tara said staring at him with a frown face. But Julian wasn't looking at her.

” I asked you this question because it's only you that knew about the cameras, placed outside.

Remember the day you asked me how trustworthy the bodyguards are. I did tell you that we don't trust them entirely, that's why we have the cameras.

You asked me where the Cameras are placed in order to advise us, if the place aren't good and I…….

” Listen…..” Tara interrupted.

” Let me finish.” Said Julian. He continued. ” I told you everything, and you said that we made a right decision by placing it there.

” Nothing happened until today. The cameras are missing, all of them. The guards said you're the last person they saw.”

” Are you suspecting me Julian?” She asked.

” I'm not suspecting you, but I want you to answer this question. Do you have anything to do with what happened?” Julian said.

” Of course not. why would I do that?” She replied. ” For the fact that I knew where the cameras were placed, doesn't mean that I took them away.

Besides, what if another person knew of it?” She asked.

” Did you tell anyone?” He asked.

” of course I didn't.” She replied. ” But what if your brothers did?”

” They can't do that.” Said Julian. β€œThey can't.” He muttered.

” Someone is after our lives, we need to be careful. Excuse me.” Julian said and excused himself. Heading to his room, she followed.

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Tara has denied. 😳 Who else do you suspect?

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I Love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

Sorry for the long break guys, I was sick but I'm better now.

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