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CRAZY MAIDS | Crazy Love – Episode 9

MAIDS πŸ’ƒπŸ’‹

By πŸ’—AuthoressπŸ’™ Beauty πŸ’š Ets

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Episode 9️⃣


As they arrived the hospital, the doctor took Harrison to his office, leaving the three others in the waiting room.

” What happened Quinn?” Xavier asked.

” Who was that man, and what did he want?” Kayden added.

” You saw him?” Quinn stared at Kayden in amazement.

” Yes. We saw him in the video.” Xavier replied.

” Well.” Quinn began. β€œWe were in our room when we suddenly heard a voice in the sitting room.

He was shouting and calling for someone to come out. We decided to see who it was.

We were surprised to see him. Catalina asked who he was, and Eliana asked him what he want.

In his reply, he said that he wants us.”

” He want you guys, what for?” Xavier interrupted, astonished.

” I don't know.” Quinn replied and continued. ” He asked us to strip.”

” Wait.” Kayden said. ” You mean that ugly man asked you to strip?”

” Yes sir.” Quinn replied with a nod.

” How silly of him.” muttered Xavier.

” Eliana looked at the door and act as if she's talking to Aunt Lucy, in order to distract him.” Quinn continued. ” And we succeeded.

She made the first move and…..”

” No need to explain everything. We saw it all ” Kayden interrupted. ” Do you guys know this man?”

” Same thing I wanted to ask.” Xavier said.

” No sir. We don't ” Quinn replied.

” Are you sure about that?” Xavier asked.

” I'm really sure sir. I can't lie to you.” She replied.

” Before the incident, did you see Tara?” Kayden asked.

” No sir, we didn't see her.” She replied politely.

” And he didn't tell you the reason he came? that's ridiculous!” Xavier said.

” I love the way you guys defended yourselves.” Kayden said.

” But they would've allowed him to die, why did they brought him here?” Xavier said angrily.

” No it's not right. He needs to be treated, the police will like to get some information from him. We need to know who's behind this.” Kayden said.

” Whatever! But if I was home, it would've been a different story.” Xavier said.

” I just pray that they recover. they're badly hurts.” Quinn sobbed.

” it's okay, They'll be fine.” Kayden said and pat her.

” Can they come with us?” Harrison asked the Doctor as they came out from his office.

” Of course they can, but the patient doesn't need disturbances.” Replied the Doctor.

” Alright, thank you.” said Harrison. ” Come with us.” He said to his brothers.

” Alright.” Xavier and Kayden chorused as they stood up.

” Aren't you coming?” Xavier asked Quinn, who was still sitting down.

” of course I will.” She said and wiped her tears, then stood up.

Together, they walked to their patients wards.

” We did a scan, and we found out that her back bone is broken.” Said the Doctor as they arrived Aaliyah's ward.

” I saw it from the image you showed me.” Harrison replied, as they arrived Aaliyah's ward.

” Her back bone is broken?” Quinn raised her brow.

” She's been treated, she will be fine.” Harrison said to her and she nodded, wiping the tears that threaten to slipped out.

They head to another ward, which Eliana was.

” We removed a bullet from her intestines. it could've lead to a slow, painful death by infection if we didn't conduct surgery.” Said the Doctor.

” Hope she'll be alright?” Harrison asked, staring at Eliana's face.

” Sure.” Replied the Doctor.

They went to another ward, where Catalina was.

” She's suffering from coma, but we've been able to give her treatment.” The Doctor said.

” Thank you so much Doctor, I really appreciate” Harrison said.

” You're a good man sir. You begin treatment even when you didn't see us. We sincerely appreciate.” Kayden said.

” He didn't wait for money, what a good man.” Xavier muttered.

” Life is more important.” The Doctor said with a smile.

” Thank you.” Harrison said.

” Thank you so much sir.” Quinn said.

” My pleasure.” The Doctor said.


The following morning. Quinn and Harrison left to the hospital, leaving the others at home.

Three brothers could be seen in the sitting room watching TV.

β€œI'm so confused. I don't know what to do.” Julian said.

” What's the matter?” Kayden asked staring at him.

β€œI'm thinking of what I'll eat these days, since Quinn is restricted from doing anything.” He replied.

” It's necessary, her health is important.” Kayden said.

” I know. I'm not against the decision but ….” Be paused.

” You have to help yourself Julian.” Xavier said.

β€œ, What do you mean?” Julian asked.

” You need to cook by yourself, wash your clothes, arrange your bed, everything that your maid did, do it to help yourself. it's not a big deal.” Xavier said.

” How I'm I suppose to do that?” Julian asked, raising his brow.

” When you wanna have s**x, do you ask anyone where to insert your d**k?” Xavier asked.

” I'm not a kid in that aspect .” Julian said.

” Oh really! Why…..” Xavier was about to say something, but was interrupted.

” What of Tara, she can be of help.” Kayden said.

” Thanks.” Julian said and stood up. ” Let me find out.”

” Better, Cause I'm not ready to share anything with you.” Xavier said.

” Heartless brother.” Julian said and headed upstairs.

” Lazy brother.” Xavier fired back.


” Hi babe.” Julian said as he entered the room with a frown on his face.

” Are you alright?” Tara asked, sitting up on the bed.

” I just want to ask if you can help me to cook. The maids are sick and Quinn is restricted from doing anything. I can't eat outside.” Julian said.

” Then get a new maid.” Tara said.

” I didn't ask for your advice. Will you help me or not?” Said Julian.

” I'm sorry, I can't. I can't cook.” She replied. ” What if you……” She wanted to say something, but he interrupted.

” Thank you.” He said in anger and walked out.

” Baby! Baby!” She called twice, but no reply.

” What's wrong with this guy?” She muttered.


Try to know your partner and live up to expectation.

Tara cannot cook πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Good morning Lovers β™₯️πŸ₯°
I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’‹

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