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Dataway.Ng Review – Is It Legit Or Scam (Buy Cheap Data)

Dataway.Ng Review – Is It Legit Or Scam.

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Use a moment and calculate how much data you have bought in the past 6 months, probably, you buy 1gb at the rate of 1,000 right?

If you've done your calculations, you'll discover that you have spent a lot of money in the past 6 months on data plan alone. But the good news is that you can buy that same 1gb data for as low as 240 naira on dataway. If you have been buying your data from, you must have been saving as high as 760 naira on each transaction.

In conclusion, dataway is the cheapest data platform in Nigeria in 2022. So in this , we will show you how dataway works and how to register on dataway successfully.

What Is Dataway All About – Dataway Review

Dataway is the cheapest vtu platform in Nigeria where you can buy and resell data plans. On this website, you can buy 1gb data plan for as low as 240 naira. A lot of people are using this website every single day because it's really cheap and also easy to use.

If you are still looking for a good vtu website in Nigeria to buy your data plans from, then dataway is the cheapest vtu platform in Nigeria.

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How Dataway works

You already know what data way is all about. You already know that data way is the cheapest data platform in Nigeria. On this website, you can buy cheap data plans and also resell data plans. Apart from buying data plans you can also buy airtime and perform other vtu services like subscribing your Go tv and bills payment, etc.

Then another sweet part of this platform is that you also earn whooping referral bonus of 1,000 naira [one thousand naira]. This means that you can use your referral link to invite your friends to start using this platform; you make 1000 naira for each referral. Though this is not compulsory, you can only do it if you want to make extra money for yourself.

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Dataway Registration / Signup – How To Register On Dataway

Dataway registration fee is just 2000 naira. There are two forms of payment. You have the option to pay online using your card details and the option to pay using a coupon code.

If you choose the online payment method using your card details, then register on using this link.

Once you click the link, the registration form will open, just scroll down and start filling in your personal details like your full name, email address, phone number and password.

Then select the online payment method and make your payment using your card details.

If you want to pay using a coupon code, you will need to buy your coupon code first before you start your registration process. We can help you buy your coupon code. So send us a direct message on WhatsApp so we can help you get your dataway coupon code.

Dataway Login

Once you have successfully created your account, the next thing is to login to your dashboard. Go straight to dataway login page and login to your account using your email address and password.

How To Create A Pin For Your Account
Immediately you login to your dashboard, you will be prompted to create a pin for your account. All you need is to enter any 4 digit pin you will always remember, then click the create pin button to create your pin immediately. Your pin will be created for you instantly and you will be successfully logged in to your account.

Instant Benefit For Joining

Data way will give you free 2gb just for registering on the platform. So as you can see, you have all to gain. All you need to do is to enter your phone number and claim the free data or you can sell it to someone and make money, this is really interesting. Have you ever seen any vtu website in Nigeria that has done this?

Instant Benefit For Joining
Instant Benefit For Joining

Free 2000mb for signing up Referral Program

When you invite your friends to join data way, you will earn whooping 1,000 naira instantly per referral. That is not all; you will also receive free 1gb data for referring the person. The referral program is optional but you can actually make good money from it. This is one of the best ways that can help you make over 350,000 naira each month from dataway.

How To Copy Your Referral Link And Start Inviting Your Friends

Copying your referral link is very simple, all you should do is to login to your dashboard, you will see your referral link. Copy your referral link and start sharing it with your friends on social media and other places. If you can invite 100 people a say, that is a whooping 100,000 naira in just a day. Then including your  1gb from each referral making it total of100gb.

All Benefits You Will Get As A Registered Member

With Dataway Membership Subscription Of Just ₦2,000, You Will Gain Access To All These Benefit When You Become A Subscriber.
Basic Feature/Benefit Access
(One-time membership fee of ₦2,000 only)

Access to cheapest SME data bundles from
500MB – ₦120,
1GB – ₦240,
2GB – ₦480,
5GB – ₦1200 to
10GB for just ₦2,400.
Access to earning opportunities.
Access to 50% affiliate commission + 1GB data bonus daily.
Access to 2GB data value.
Access to wallet funding for easy buy.
Access to 3-4% discount on VTU airtime/data on all networks.
Access to 1-2% discount on bill payments with ZERO service charge.
Access to reseller/vendor services.
Access to API services.
Access to POS terminal services.
Access to discounted bulk recharge card pins.
Access to recharge card printing business.
Access to recharge card printing portal online without PC or software.
Advanced Features/Benefits Access
(₦2,000 monthly subscription renewal – OPTIONAL)

Access to 7GB data value monthly.
Access to top transaction monthly rewards.
Access to top referral monthly rewards.
Access to free banner advert space.
Access to eCom system / eShop.
Access to business webkits and tools.
Access to Info marketing tools.
Access to top niche products.
Access to monthly cash giveaways and millionaire contest.
Access to loyal active subscribers reward with gift items and a cash bonus.
Access to business branding materials and many add-ons.

NOTE: Who referred you will get ₦1,000 commission + extra 1GB data bonus.
This opportunity is also applicable to you. If you wish, you can refer more subscribers to us while you also earn ₦1,000 + 1GB data bonus per referral. The more subscribers you referred to us, the more money, the more free data bonus.

How To Fund Your Wallet

How To Fund Your Wallet
How To Fund Your Wallet

How to fund wallet on dataway

How to fund wallet on dataway
How to fund wallet on dataway

Before you can buy data plans, airtime, and other vtu services, you will need to fund your account. The money in your account is what you will use to do your transactions. Funding your account could be starting from 100 naira and above. To fund your wallet, follow these procedure below.

Login to your dataway dashboard
Click on “fund wallet”

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your bvn number. This will be used to create a virtual account number with Providus Bank. So enter your Bvn number and click the submit button
You will see a message that tells you that your bvn number has been submitted successfully
Then click on “fund wallet” again
You will now see your virtual account number from Providus Bank. Copy the account number and transfer any amount of money you want to use to fund your wallet. The money you transferred will appear automatically in your dataway dashboard.
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How To Buy Data Plans

How To Buy Data Plans
How To Buy Data Plans
How To Buy Data Plans
How To Buy Data Plans

buy data plans on
Follow these procedure below and buy your data plan

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on “buy data”
  • Select the network you want
  • Select bundle
  • Enter phone number
  • Input the amount
  • Click proceed

Follow other instructions to purchase your data plans

How To Buy Airtime

How To Buy Airtime
How To Buy Airtime

buy airtime
Follow the steps below to buy your airtime

Make sure that you are logged in to your dataway account

  • Click on buy airtime
  • Choose the network you want
  • Enter phone number
  • Input the amount
  • Click the proceed button and finalize your transaction

How To Pay Bills

How To Pay Bills
How To Pay Bills

pay bills on dataway
Ensure that you are logged in to your dashboard

  1. Hit the pay “bills button”
  2. Select category which includes, Tv bills, Electricity bills, Betting
  3. Select service such as GOTV, DSTV, Startimes
  4. Select bundle
  5. Enter the smart card number
  6. The amount will be automatically be selected
  7. Then press proceed button to finalize your transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Get My Data After Purchase?

You get your data immediately upon payment confirmation

How Much Is The Minimum Withdrawal For Referral Commissions?

You can withdraw your referrals commissions from as low as 1,000 naira and above. This means that you need only one referral to withdraw your referral bonus.

How Long Will It Take Dataway To Credit My Earnings After Withdrawal?

Your withdrawal will be credited to your bank account instantly. All you need to do is to transfer your earnings to your wallet and then transfer to any bank account and get credited.

Can I Resell My Data Bonus And Make More Money?

Yes, you can resell your data bonus and make even more money for yourself. What you do is to request to any number and it will be credited in minutes.

How Much Does It Cost To Register On

You only need a registration fee of 2000 naira to join If you think that 2000 naira is too costly to join this amazing platform, then you need to think again. If you are still buying data at the rate of 1000 naira for 1gb, then you need 2000 naira to buy it twice right? But with dataway, you can actually buy it at the rate of240 naira. This will enable you to buy it 4 times that will amount to 960 naira, can you see, it's not even up to 1,000 naira. We don't think that you need a prophet to tell you that this is the cheapest data platform in Nigeria 2022.

Is Dataway Legit Or Scam?

Honestly, this is 100% legit vtu website in Nigeria. If you are still looking for the cheapest data platform in Nigeria, then here is it.


Don't ever buy data plans at a high rate again; is here to provide you with the cheapest data rate ever. This is a one solution for all your vtu services in Nigeria. It enables you to buy data plans, airtime, pay bills and subscribe your Tv cables.

Don't be left out on this amazing and life changing opportunity that can earn you over 350,000 per month. Are you satisfied with our dataway review and ready to register now?

Thanks for reading our data way review. We hope you enjoyed reading this review, kindly share with your friends on social media. Also if you find this review very helpful, consider leaving a comment in the comment section below.

It is now your own turn. Are you already making use of this amazing vtu website in Nigeria, consider sharing your own experiences in the comment section below. We will like to hear your own part of the success story.

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