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Debbie Epilogue




Debbie Epilogue

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Meenah writes ✍️


A year after…
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important contract, and this programming is totally different from all the others, we’ve done in the past months.. So we all have to work hard” I said before moving to the projector
“This is what I’m talking-” I paused when the door to the meeting room opened and Sharon peeked her head in.. Her eyes met mine, and she raised a finger.. Indicating one minute
“Please excuse me” I said before walking out of the room and closed the door gently, then faced Sharon my secretary
“Sorry for disturbing you sir, but your wife called, she said you should give her a call,” she said and I nodded..
“Okay, I’ll call her after the meeting, thank you” I muttered turning to head back to the meeting
“No sir, she said it’s an emergency, and that it’s really important” she rushed out and I sighed
“Fine, I’ll call her now, you can go back to your post” I mumbled and dipped my hand in my pockets..

My eyes bulged out when I saw 11 missed calls and several text messages..
God! I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, I hope her water hasn’t broken yet, what am I even thinking, she’s just 8 months pregnant, but still.. I quickly dialled her number whilst pacing in the hall.. She picked after the second ring and I

PAY ATTENTION  Debbie Episode 9

quickly blurted out questions
“What is it baby? Are you okay? Did your water break?, are you feeling pains?, what’s wrong? Talk to me Debbie” I pleaded
“How am I supposed to answer all those questions at once?, please come home, I need your help seriously” she said and I sighed in relief
“Help with what?” I asked more calmly
“Stop asking questions and come home” she said sharply and hung up. I stared at my screen before inhaling..
I walked back to the room and looked at my staffs,
“I’m sorry for that, unfortunately there’s an emergency at home, and it’s very important I go check it out. Michael please head the meeting and give me feedbacks, do have a nice day” I said and walked out as they all replied back.


PAY ATTENTION  Debbie Episode 08

I took a sip of my yoghurt and continued watching the TV.. I heard Henry’s car driving into the compound and smiled..
I knew he would come, I quickly placed my glass on the coffee table beside the arm of the couch I was laid on and arranged my shirt properly to cover my oversized belly.
I heard the door open and footsteps approaching the living room..
“Debbie?, baby?” He called
“I’m here” I mumbled weakly.
“Hey, how are you?” He asked smiling as he leaned down to kiss me briefly
“I’m not fine” I grumbled looking up at him..
“Why?, what’s wrong?” He asked worriedly as he raised my head up so he could sit and place my head on his thighs.. I shifted slightly to get comfortable.
“My legs are aching me” I blurted out acting like I would cry any second.
“Again?” He asked and I nodded
“Can you please massage it?” I asked putting on a puppy face. He blinked and shook his head,
“Is this the emergency?” He asked not getting angry but amused.
“Is it not enough to be an emergency?, I’m pregnant with your child, that you implanted in me, of course it’s an emergency, don’t you know I could fall if I walk around with painful legs? and only God knows what will happen to just me but our baby if that happens” I said
“Nothing bad will happen in Jesus name, you’ll not even fall, stop thinking such negative things please.” he stated and stood up .. Placing my head gently on the couch and moved to my legs, I smiled as he started massaging my bare legs..
Ahh, one of the joys of being pregnant.. I rubbed my stomach as he continued..
“Leave that spot, massage here, softly please” I mumbled glancing at him to see him smiling.

“I’m hungry oo” I complained minutes later.
“OK, what do you want to eat?” He asked
“Uhm.. I’ve already ate pizza, spaghetti and cake.. I don’t want to swallow anything.. So I’ll just manage, party jollof rice” I said and he gaped at me.
He Still hasn’t gotten used to me eating much..
“Uh.. Okay, let me go and quickly make it” he said standing up.
“No o!” I said quickly stopping him in his tracks.
“What?” He asked
“I mean original party jollof rice” I said
“Which one is original party jollof rice again?” He asked confused
“I mean the ones they share at parties, that’s the one I want o” I grumbled
“But baby today is Thursday, they don’t do parties on Thursday ” he stated matter of factly
“So are you saying you won’t get it for me?” I asked as tears gathered my eyes, he swallowed and nodded.
“Yes I will, I’ll just check around to see if there’s an occasion going on” he said and I smiled
“Thank you.. I love you”
“I love you too” he said looking like he would faint as he turned to leave
“Love aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked sitting up.
“What?” He asked
“Go and get a cooler from the kitchen now,” I said and he stared at me for a second, without saying anything he walked into the kitchen and came back out with a lunch flask.
“Bye, drove safely” I mumbled and he nodded.. Before leaving.


PAY ATTENTION  Debbie Episode 09


There’s absolutely no way I’m going to look for an ongoing party because of jollof rice.. Something I can buy at a restaurant or even shop rite.. He he,
After buying two plates of rice and beef I walked back to my car and opened the lunch flask, before transferring the rice In the plate into it.. I covered it properly and placed it back in the nylon.
I’m so smart, there’s no way She’ll suspect I bought it.
I drove out of the parking lot with a smile as I headed straight for home.

I watched as Debbie hurriedly opened the flask, the moment I stepped into the house, she had jacked the cooler from my hands, although she was surprised I had found a place so easily..
She took a spoonful and served it on her plate, I noticed her pause for a bit, inhaling the air around her. She furrowed her brows and took a spoonful into her mouth.. She chewed it and frowned.
“What is it?, don’t you like it?” I asked
“Where did you buy this food?” She asked glaring at the plate and flask
“Buy?.. I- I didn’t..”
“You did henry!” She snapped placing the flask on the table.. She looked at me and her lips started trembling..
Ohmygod.. No no no..
“It doesn’t have the scent of a party jollof rice and it doesn’t taste like one either!” She said
“Is there a specific scent for it?” I asked quietly… I didn’t know there was a scent oo..
“You promised to get me what I want.. And you thought you could trick me right?” She asked as her eyes filled with tears.
“No.. No.. No baby.. It’s not like..”
She burst into tears and cried heavily..
My God, why does she always have to cry about any little thing?..
“Shh.. It’s okay honey, I’ll go and look for it.. Party jollof rice abi? (Right?), I’ll try my best to get, just stop crying now” I pleaded hugging her.. She sniffed and raised her face to look at me, I wiped her cheeks and her eyes
“Promise?” She mumbled and I nodded
“I promise” I said before pecking her lips.
She smiled and nodded
“Okay, go”..

” hey, guy what’s up?” Daniel asked after he picked up
“Daniel, please are there any occasion in your area?” I asked looking at the road
” yes”
“No why?” He asked andi hissed
“Guy, it’s Debbie oo.. She said she wants to eat party jollof, and I’ve been drinking around Lagos for the three hours, still nothing!” I exclaimed.
“I don’t understand, then go buy from a restaurant then” he said and I laughed softly
“That’s exactly what I did the first time, she caught me red handed” I replied and he snorted
“How?” He asked
“She said it didn’t have the scent of a party jollof and didn’t have the taste as well” I explained and he exclaimed
“Your own good o, at least it’s party jollof, anyhow anyhow .. You can get it, can you believe kiki has been craving for cherry since yesterday?” He asked
“Cherry?” I asked confused
“Yes na, agbalumor! (Cherry).. And it’s not the season yet, how am I supposed to get something that won’t cone out until the ending/beginning of the year?!” He asked
“I don’t understand this women, that was how chairlady (debbie) asked for amala last night, she just woke up in the middle of the night and started with her cravings” I said frustratedly
“My guy, your own is good, at least you haven’t cooked with firewood yet, my prayer is that this nine months should end fast, let her deliver safely so I can rest.. If not I will run oo” he said and I chuckled

“I’m telling you I’ll just run and come back after she delivers” I joked.
“Don’t let her hear you o, anyways what about your mom.. She’s a really good caterer right?, I’m sure she can make what Debbie wants” he suggested
“Yes! That’s a good idea, I just pray she’s at home.. Let me call her”
“Alright, later then” he said.
“Yeah” I mumbled and hung up before dialing my mother’s line.
Look at the stress this woman is putting me through, I’m not complaining though, who am I to complain?..
After all this is what I signed for..

PAY ATTENTION  Deddie Episode 10 (Last Episode).

Day of divorce..
“Are you sure about this Debbie?” Lawyer Cindy asked after we took our seats
“Yes I am” Debbie replied and I breathed in
This is it then.. I’m going to loose my wife forever.
Cindy nodded curtly and brought out two files, placing one each in front of me and Debbie..
“Who’s signing first?” She asked
I exchanged glances with Debbie and took the pen from Cindy, without going through the paper I signed and Debbie took the pen,before signing on hers.. She smiled back at Cindy who had a grin on her face.
Debbie started laughing and I looked between the two women confused.
“He didn’t even bother going through the paper, and neither did he object to signing it.. Is that how much you’re tired of me?” Debbie asked looking at me.
“I don’t understand,” I admitted
“Of course you don’t.. Read the paper you just signed” she said and I hesitantly picked up the paper..
Skimming through it..

I sat up as I read the words..

‘I Debbie ifeoluwa Henry, has forgiven Henry Ayomide Lawson and will only get back with him if he signs this agreement and does the following;

1) court me again for a month
2) renew our wedding vows by getting married again
3)promise to never hurt/hit me till death do us part, and will be punished if he does
4) agrees to make me happy always
5) always try to make sure we both involve in dialogue whenever we have a misunderstanding,
6)promise to never let us sleep with a grudge.

Another list will be added after the second wedding.’
I stopped reading and stared unbelievably at Debbie she smiled and stood up.. She stood in front of me and hugged me.
“I gave you another Chance, because it was the right thing to do, for the past three months you had proved to be the man I fell in love with,my Henry.. You proved to be a changed man, and worthy of a second chance, I’m happy you didn’t give up on me, I’m happy you realized your mistake and wrongs.. I forgive you already, but you still have to do those things in printed on the paper okay?” She said looking down at me.. I smiled and nodded before standing up to hug her
“Thank you so much Debbie, for not giving up on us, on me” I said and Cindy smiled giving me a thumbs up.
End of flashback
I smiled at the memory, I still don’t know what I did to deserve a woman like her, although she’s a little bit annoying now, but I understand it’s because of the pregnancy hormones.. But I love her either way, and even though I don’t admit it, I like seeing her round with our baby..


Hours later**
I walked into the house with the big cooler, with Rufus dragging the other behind me.
I walked into the sitting room to see Debbie sleeping,.
I placed the big cooler beside the table, Rufus placed the one he was dragging beside it and left to go back to his post. I walked into the kitchen and moved back to the living room with a breakable plate, spoon and water
I softly tapped Debbie to wake up and she groaned tiredly.
“What now?” She grumbled
“I’ve brought the rice o, come and eat” I said opening the cooler.. I must admit my mom did a good job.. The whole house was engulfed in the scent of the food..
“Jesus!, how did you get two big coolers of jollof rice and beef?” She asked with her eyes wide as I filled her plate with rice and beef, I had specifically asked mom to prepare this much.. Because, there’s nothing that’s going to make Me drive out this night because of jollof rice.. I know Debbie, she must request for it in the night.. And maybe tomorrow.
“That’s not important, take eat,” I said placing the plate in front of her.
“Thank you, but I’m no longer hungry,” she said and I laughed
“Baby, you be joking” I said, she better be because I know how I suffered before I got this two big coolers of party jollof rice, something I can always cook at home here for her.. She asked me to move around Lagos for it and now that I’ve gotten it she’s telling me what I don’t even want to understand
“No I’m not.. I’m not hungry” she said adjusting in the chair.

I looked at her for a second and started unbuttoning my shirt.. I pulled it off, then removed my trousers, all the while she looked at me confused
“Uhh.. What are you doing?” She asked as I kicked my shoes to the side, now left in my singlet and boxers
“If you think you can make me suffer my self for nothing, you’re wrong, think again o.” I said as i sat on the glass table, caging her legs in between mine.. I picked the plate and scooped a spoonful.
“You see this rice, Debbie you must eat it today and now!” I said smiling at her
“I don’t want to eat, leave me alone” she said as tears gathered her eyes.

PAY ATTENTION  Debbie Episode 7

“You like cry, baby this two cooler you’ll finish them.. Whether you like it or not, open your mouth for me… I’ll bite you o” I threatened and forced the spoon in her mouth.. I rolled her eyes as she chewed on the food
“Oya fast fast, hurry.. You still have two more coolers to go” I said putting another spoonful in her mouth, she eyed me but continued eating anyway.
At the end of the day she ate almost half of one cooler.. And didn’t bother waking up in the night, to request for more.


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