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Debbie Episode 3

Debbie Epilogue


Meenah writes ✍️

Debbie Episode 3

“Are you done with those files I gave you?” I asked
“Yes sir, they’ve all been filled and photocopied.. They just need your signature and we’ll be done with it” Sharon my secretary replied
“Oh.. Alright, bring them then” I mumbled and switched off the intercom..
Minutes later a knock sounded at the door and I called her in
“Good morning sir” she greeted placing the files on my table..

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I sighed and sat up
“Morning.. Is this all of them?” I asked reaching for the files
“Yes sir” she replied
“Okay.. You can leave” I muttered going through the first one
“Uhm sir.. Sorry to ask but are you alright?” She asked and I looked up at her

“Uhm.. Why do you think I’m not fine?” I asked crossing my fingers on the table
“Because you seem a little bothered since you came in this morning and I couldn’t help but notice it” she said and I sighed..
She’s right though, I haven’t been my self since I stepped out of my bedroom with Debbie sprawled on the floor, I don’t know if it’s because of the blood I saw.. It looks too much to come from a small cut
“Well you’re right, I’m not really okay.. ” I admitted
“Why if I may ask?”
“If I’m going to tell you then you have to sit down..I think i need an advice from someone who isn’t related with me” I said gesturing to the chair opposite mine.. She smiled and took a seat.
“So uhm.. Is it right for a husband to hit his wife because of infedility?” I asked and she took in a deep breath
“No.. I don’t think it is, no matter what a woman does in her marriage, domestic violence should not be applied.. Divorce is a better option” she replied and I bit my lip
“Personally I think any man who involves in such is the devil himself, he deserves to rot in jail that’s if the wife is bold enough to sue him though, God knows I cannot take such rubbish from any man, because I’ll kill him myself” she added and I swallowed
“But sir why are you asking such questions?” She asked and I blinked
“Uhm.. My friend’s brother ..he well, caught his wife cheating three years ago..since he still had feelings for her he kicked against divorce and went to seek advice from his friend, who advised him to strip his wife off her job and manhandle her, because according him that is the best way to tame a woman” I muttered looking at my fingers.

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“Best way to tame a woman?! Where the hell did he get that?!” She exclaimed
“That friend is a devil o, to me he’s a demon in Human clothing.. How can you advise a man to manhandle his wife all in the name of taming, sir.. Please tell your friend to tell his brother that he should stop what he’s doing o, cause it’s not good, he’s only scaring her emotionally and physically, as a husband he should know how to handle his wife without hitting her, my husband for example whenever He’s angry with me he gives me the silent treatment and trust me sir that is the worst punishment so far, or better still involve in dialogue and that’s why most times we don’t sleep until we settle our dispute, and everything has been going fine for us.. You said he found out three years ago?” She asked

“Y-yes” I stuttered going through her words
“So he has been abusing for three years now?” She asked and I nodded
“Ah!.. That woman is strong though, I know many women who wouldn’t even tolerate one slap, not to talk of full beating, please sir ask your friend to talk to his brother, before things gets worse, I know what she did is bad.. And probably made the man hate her, it’s not easy but he should try to forgive her, she has suffered enough, a woman should find comfort in her home not depression and I suggest they see their pastor for prayers, one of the key to a happy marriage is being spiritually enforced” she concluded and I took a deep breath
“I’ve heard you..thank you so much, I’ll let him know” I said and she smiled
“Alright sir” she said and walked out.. The minute the door closed I stood up and pushed my chair backwards…

Three years ago..

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I called Luke since Daniel was out of the country and his line was not reachable.. He picked on the second ring and I asked him to meet me at a pub.
“Everything I said is true and nothing but the truth sir” Samson said for the thousandth time after narrating everything to Luke.
“I still can’t believe it.. This is a woman I disvirgined on our wedding night and you’re telling me she started an affair with you a year after our wedding? And you expect me to believe because you brought these nonsense pictures as evidence?” I asked glaring at the fool
“Calm down Henry.. Let’s ask him some vital questions, mister man, you said you have been having an affair with Debbie over a year now right?” Luke asked staring at Samson
“Yes sir” he replied
“What other evidence do you have aside from these pictures?, mind you if you can’t give us any reasonable answer you’ll sleep in jail” he asked
“Uhm.. There’s a birthmark on her waistline” Samson said looking from Luke to me
I scoffed and leaned back on my chair with my hands crossed
“Debbie’s a model, she’s constantly in front of the camera” I stated
“Yes but they do cover marks with a nude tape right?” Luke asked
“Blemishes yes, birthmarks maybe.. Her previous commercial for chi-vita, she was asked to wear a bikini because the shoot was taken at the beach and trust me that mark was very visible so please that’s not an evidence” I said with a frown

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“Ohk.. So do you have another evidence, like what’s her favorite sex position?” Luke asked Staring at Samson, I sat up and looked at Samson, this is where I’ll find out the truth
“Her favourite sex position is…” He paused glancing at me..
“I said it, he doesn’t know..”
“Reverse cowgirl” he said confidently cutting me off.
I froze automatically..
He was right, but how?.. Does this mean he’s saying the truth? But I don’t remember telling anyone about my sex life with my wife, so how?..
“From the look on your face I guess he got it Right.. Uhm, Samson thank you for coming out clean to my friend, you can leave now but please stay away from Debbie from now on, okay?” I heard Luke say and minutes passed before he opened his mouth to speak
“So?, what are you going to do Now?” He asked and I shook my head in denial
“Debbie can’t.. There’s no way Debbie would cheat on me, I trust her.. I know my wife Luke, we have been together for three years now.. Two years in marriage and a year of dating, there’s no way she.. God no, I have to go home.. I need to talk this over with Debbie” I said picking my key from the table
“Wait Henry, wait.. I know you’re having doubts which is good, but I thought you knew this by now.. Women with careers like Debbie aren’t to be trusted” he said
“How do you mean?” I asked eyeing him
“OK let me explain” he said adjusting on his chair
“Models and actresses are like prostitutes, but of a higher grade they cannot be trusted. Mind you I’m not insulting your wife, I’m just saying the truth, in their industry if you don’t give what you have, you can’t get what you want, and for supermodels like Debbie, I can only imagine how many men might have gone that way..” He said
“Do I need to remind you that Debbie was a supermodel even before I married her, so if she was doing those things how did she remain a virgin till we got married?” I asked glaring daggers at him
“Ehn.. Well, I don’t know.. We just heard what that man said before he left, and I believe him totally.. ” he said and I sighed
“So what do you advise me to do now?” I asked tiredly, I just want to wake up from this nightmare
“For me o.. It’s best if you divorce her” he said
“That’s what I think.. ” he mumbled looking away from me
“I can’t do that na, Debbie is my wife and we vowed to stick together for better or worse and I’m not going to abandon her now, besides you and I both know that I’m all she has left .. I can’t divorce her” I stated and he stared at me
“Ehehn(is that so).. .. Okay then tame her properly like a man” he said
“How?” I asked
“See the best way to handle a woman is to be able to control her, from what I’m seeing, the cause of everything is her job.. Ask her to quit that job and handle her properly”
“I don’t understand”
“Handle her na.. I mean handle her like a man if she misbehaves deal with her properly, you’ll see everything will change for your good, show her you are the man of the house.. By the time you continue doing it, she’ll be scared to even stand close to another man” he said
“You want me to manhandle my wife?”
“That’s the only way to contain her.. Just try it out and see how it will work out, just trust me on this one” he said
“Let’s just have few drinks before you leave..” He said and called the waiter..
Should I follow his advise?.. I think I should, but I’ve never hit a woman before..now I want to start it on my wife?…

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“Bro what will you have?” Luke asked snapping me out of my thought.
“Just give me any soft drink” I muttered and he stared quizzically at me
“Which soft drink?.. Please two bottles of hero for him, chilled ones o” he said ignoring my glare.
Flashback ends

What have I done?.. I palmed my face and grabbed my car keys..
I picked my phone and dialed Henry’s number..

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Debbie’s POV..
“Thank you” I mumbled to the driver and slowly walked to the gate.. I knocked and waited for the gateman to open.. He open the small hole on the small gate and looked out to see who it was, when his eyes landed on me he smiled.
“Oh aunty.. Sorry” he said and opened the gate for me to step into the compound
“No problem is kiki in?” I asked and he nodded
“Yes ma” he replied
“OK” I mumbled and winced as I continued walking, almost leaping towards the door.
I got to the door and pressed the door bell.. The door opened and kiki smiled at me..
“Oh my goodness Debbie, I was about coming to your house.. You forgot Henry’s cloths here” she said pulling me into a hug.
I yelped in pain and she moved back sharply
“What’s wrong why are you even wearing sunglasses and this long coat” she asked looking worried
“Please help me inside, I’m thirsty..” I said tiredly..
She nodded and took my bag and slowly led me to her living room. She placed me on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to get water..

I gulped down the whole content, and sighed in relief..
“What happened? Why aren’t you saying anything?” She asked worriedly sitting on the loveseat beside me.
“Can you please help me take off this coat, my body is on fire” I croaked out and she quickly came to my side and carefully slipped the coat from my body
“Jesus!” She screamed and I flinched
“What is it?” I asked confused as she sat beside me with her eyes wide and mouth open. Her eyes began to water and I looked around .
” kiki What’s the problem?!”I half yelled
“W-what.. Oh my goodness.. Wait, I need to breath” she mumbled slowly moving to her former seat.. She took in deep breaths and looked back at me.. Tears fell from her eyes and I stared on confused..
“What happened to you, why are those ugly scars and bruises on your skin?” She asked wiping her eyes.
Realization dawned on me and I swallowed the lump forming in my throat.. Now that the coat was off, you could see my shoulders and hands since I was just clad in a straight black gown with tiny hands, leaving the scars and bruises open to the eyes,

“It’s nothing.. Really” I muttered blinking back the tears, I took off the glasses and she gasped
“Nothing?!.. Debbie this is too much!!.. Why? What did you do to him, that made him do this to you?.. What?!” She yelled standing up
“His work clothes, I forgot them here and he got angry, you’re seeing the result of that anger” I said calmly
“Henry is mad o!.. Henry is insane! How can he beat you up because of clothes?!.. A pregnant woman for that matter, hope nothing happened to the baby o?” She asked and tears fell from my eyes
“Wait.. Don’t tell me.. You lost it didn’t, didn’t you?” She asked quietly with her hands on her waist
I nodded as tears kept rushing out of my eyes

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“This is the height of it!.. I’m calling the police whether you like it or not” she said grabbing her phone
“No!..” I yelled standing up to grab the phone from her only to fall as pain shot through my legs to my stomach
“Debbie are you okay?!” She asked dropping her phone on the table.. She tried to lift me up but I shook my head
“I’m fine, don’t call anybody please..” I begged looking up at her

“No woman deserves this Debbie, you’ve been experiencing this for the past three years in your five years of marriage and I’ve only kept quiet because you believed he would change, but why can’t you see.. Henry is far gone, he can never change.. Why can’t you file for divorce?, he stopped you from working as a model, employed people to work as heads in your companies, You Debbie ifeoluwa the once no non sense woman, with beauty and brains, you have billions you have companies you inherited from your father, you have houses, cars and so much more… Yet you decide to let a man break you down, just because of one idiot that claimed you were having an affair with him .. Why?!”
“I love him kiki.. Because I love him, I believe he will change, okay? I’m not giving up on him. Marriage is for better or for worse..”
“Is it by force, will you kill yourself because of marriage?!” She asked cutting me off
“I can’t file for divorce, I won’t.. Henry will come back to me I know he will..God will not let Samson and his accomplice win.. I’ll stay with henry if he wants to kill me then let him kill me.. He’s the only one I have after all” I said wiping my tears..  I feel so dizzy
I shook my head but it only made it worse..

“Can you please help me up?” I asked reaching my hands out for kiki..
She sighed and helped me to my feet.. A pang of pain shot through my stomach and I screamed as I fell to the ground .. I clutched my stomach, doubling over and zoning out of whatever kiki was saying.. I yelled as unbearable pain shot through every part of my body I tried to pry my eyes open,but every thing was getting dark.. I heard voices sounding very distant and instantly blacked out.

To Be Continued… . . .

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