Debbie Episode 5


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Debbie Episode 5

2 weeks later..


“Are you sure about this?” She asked looking intensely at me
“Of course she is, why else is she here if she isn’t?” Kiki asked sharply eyeing the lawyer.

“I’m sorry but this is divorce we are talking about, and I want her to be certain about this decision”barrister Cindy said matching her glare with kiki’s.
It’s been two weeks now, I was

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discharged four days ago and until now Henry hadn’t deem it fit to visit me, not even once. I have been staying with kiki for the past few days and I’ve come to see reasons with her, especially after what the doctor said, I was hoping that henry would walk through the door at the hospital to check how I was faring, everyday I found myself staring at the door expectantly, but as the days rolled by that hope began to quench and I found myself hating Henry for not even caring a bit. Kiki was right after all my henry was gone, and he’s never gonna come back.

So instead of killing myself for nothing, I’ve decided to pick my pieces back together.. And this divorce is the first step to achieving that. My skin was already clear of the scars and bruises, courtesy of the cream kiki ordered, it’s an expensive cream but it was worth it, I’ve been applying it for the past weeks and my skin was already back to the once smooth and spotless state it was.
“I’m very sure Cindy.. I want a divorce” I stated and she nodded..
“Alright then, give me a minute” she mumbled moving to her system.

Next day
I haven’t visited Debbie since after my fight with Luke, Daniel had been the one getting info from kiki, call me a coward but I couldn’t bring myself to face her, what would she think of me? How was I going to tell her that Luke was behind everything? That I had Abused her for years because I was so foolish to take the advice of a friend, instead of solving the issue between myself and my wife, how can I face her knowing that I had punched our forth miracle from her womb?!..

And now she has filed for divorce, she gave up on me after all. She had finally had enough, I can’t believe I ruined my marriage, I can’t even blame Luke because he never forced me to do it, I am fully at fault, if I had heard Debbie’s part of the story, or better still hired a private investigator this wouldn’t have happened.
“We are here” Daniel mumbled looking ahead.
I was supposed to meet Debbie and the lawyer here, we were to sign the papers that would officially break our marriage, of course I didn’t want to do it, but that would only be selfish of me. I’ve hurt her enough, it’s only fair if I let her go, so she could heal if not physically but emotionally.
“Thanks ..” I mumbled stepping out of the car, he had offered to drive me here, since he thought that I was not in the right state of mind.

I heard the car beep and I turned to see Daniel walking up to me..
“I’m going to wait, did you think I would leave you here?” He asked and I sighed
“Don’t worry Daniel, I’ll be okay.. You can leave, you’ve done enough already” I mumbled
“I’m not leaving, now let’s go so you can get this over with” he said patting my back, as we made our way into the complex.

After meeting the receptionist and getting directions, we walked to the elevator and I took deep breaths as we moved to the 13th floor.
“Are you nervous?” He asked after few minutes
“This is the first time I’m going to see her after that day, of course I’m nervous” I admitted and he squeezed my shoulder in assurance.

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The doors opened with a ding and we stepped out, I almost choked when I saw two ladies sitting in the waiting area beside a door.
I could tell the brown skinned lady was kiki, but the lady with fair spotless skin, clad in skinny black trousers, Ankara top and black heels, I couldn’t tell if she was my wife or not, she tucked the long human hair covering her face from view behind her ears, kiki whispered something to her and she instantly turned to look at me. I gasped as I stared back at Debbie, she looked so different, like the woman I dated and wedded five years ago, but she was more matured now, something flashed in her eyes but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was until I felt Daniel shove me gently that I knew i had been standing.

I glanced at Daniel and slowly made my way over to the ladies.. Kiki stood up instantly smiling at Daniel, she hugged him and exchanged pleasantries, meanwhile I kept staring at Debbie, she didn’t cower or squirm under my gaze like she used to, she didn’t even react to my presence, since no goosebumps appeared on her fair skin.. She smiled genuinely as Daniel gave her a brief hug and I almost felt jealous.
She glanced at me and her smile was replaced with a frown, she eyed me briefly and looked away. She definitely hates me now.
The door opened and a lady dressed in black and white walked out she smiled when she saw me and stretched her hand for a shake
“You must be Mr Henry” she said and I nodded

“Yes” i breathed glancing briefly at Debbie, who looked like she wanted nothing more than to do what she came here for and leave ASAP.
“I’m barrister Cindy” she said withdrawing her hand.
“Now that you’re here, let’s get started” Cindy said turning to the door.
“I will wait here with kiki okay” Daniel said and I nodded and walked in after Debbie trying not to stare at her hips.

“What?!” Debbie yelled not believing her ears
“It’s just for three months Debbie..” Cindy said and I kept quiet watching Debbie’s reaction
“Just?!.. You’re asking me to spend three months not even 1 day with him in one house under one roof?!.. Do you want to kill me?!” She asked angrily
“That’s usually our procedures here, it’s just like giving you guys another shot at the relationship, after that three months you’ll both come back here and confirm whether or not you still want to carry on with the divorce” the lawyer explained and I watched as Debbie bit her acrylic nails.
“No.. I can’t okay?, he has hurt me for years and that’s enough, I’m not going to let him destroy my life just when I’m starting a new life okay?!.. Let’s just sign these papers right here and now!” She stated and I swallowed at the pain her voice held.
“She’s right let’s just sign the papers” I said for the first time since we stepped into the office.
Debbie didn’t Even glance at me
“You heard the man, he’s tired as well, just let us sign and have our freedom please” Debbie said and the lawyer sighed

“I’m sorry but that’s the procedure” she said and Debbie deflated like a balloon
“He’s going to kill me, I can’t do this” she mumbled almost at the verge of tears.
“Trust me on this Debbie, you both don’t need to act like couples if you don’t want to, you’re both free to do whatever you want individually, all you have to do is stay in the same house and try if you can make the relationship work out, you might be surprised at the results” Cindy said looking at me with a smile.
“So you’re saying we are still couples, but we are free to act like we aren’t?” Debbie asked and Cindy nodded
“We can live like flatmates?” Debbie asked and Cindy nodded again
“I agree as long as I can sue him if he touches me” Debbie said and I swallowed
“Is that okay with you?” Cindy asked looking at me and I opened my mouth to speak
“Of course he is, if he isn’t then I’m not doing this!” Debbie snapped before I could talk,
“Okay then.. You guys have to sign this paper, it’s for your agreement, the divorce papers would be ready when next you come” Cindy said pushing a paper towards Me.. I reached for a pen and Debbie snapped the paper from my hand and signed hastily after running her eyes through the contents.
She frowned and stood up before marching out of the office, I signed and stood up.
“I hope you do the right thing Henry” Cindy said taking the paper from my hands
“I will.. Thanks a lot Cindy” I said and he nodded.
I walked out of the office and saw Debbie talking angrily with kiki.. She glanced at me and glared at me poisonously before looking back at kiki who was saying something.
“Is it done?” Daniel asked,
“We were asked to stay together for three months, to see if we can give the relationship another chance” I summarized

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“Well Debbie doesn’t seem too happy about that” he said glancing at my wife. She was obviously complaining to kiki.
“So it seems” I mumbled as kiki walked over to me
“She said She’ll come directly to your house after she gets her stuffs from my house” she said simply
“Okay” I mumbled staring at Debbie…
She eyed me and disappeared into the elevator with kiki ..

I turned to look at Daniel and he smiled
“Is it just me or is she acting the same way she did when you were wooing her?” He asked staring at the metal doors in amusement.

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