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Debbie Episode 6 

Debbie Epilogue


Meenah writes ✍️

Debbie Episode 6

Hours later* 5:30pm
“So what do you think?” Kiki asked with a wide grin on her face
“Uh.. I.. I don’t know, seriously I don’t think I can do it” I admitted noticing her excitement go down a bit
“Debbie stop na.. This is a big deal we are talking about, and you have several offers at your feet, commercials, advertisements, runway and so many.. Even Pepsi is offering you so much just for the shoot,” she whined
“I have several models signed into my agency, I’m sure we can pick anyone to go instead” I stated staring at the TV.
“No.. We can’t! Ugh! Come on woman this is the perfect time to make a comeback! It’s been three years, three years! since your last photoshoot.. You belong in front of the camera Debbie and I’m not just saying that because I was -and still am- your manager” she stated staring down at me with hopeful eyes
“No thanks” I mumbled taking a sip from the orange juice before placing it back on the table

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“Oh d–n it!.. ” she yelled frustratedly before slumping next to me on the couch,
“I give up” she sighed taking my glass and gulped down all the juice, I chuckled and sat up.
“Fine, get all the details and forward them to my email, I might reconsider” I said standing up to my full height, I stretched and winced at the slight pain in my ribs, it hasn’t healed completely but I’m good as long as I don’t do anything too stressful to worsen it.
“Meanwhile, I’ve got a ‘husband’ to deal with” I said and she smiled knowingly
“You’re going to make him suffer aren’t you?” She asked and I blinked. Is that even a question
“Of course I will, why else did I accept this whole three months rubbish?” I asked slipping into my heels

“Nice” she said smiling lightly, she licked her lips and stared up at me
“Say it, and don’t ask me what?, because I know that look very well you want to say something” I rushed out raising a brow and she gave a small laugh
“Fine, you caught me” she said mockingly raising her hands
“So.. What is it?” I asked with my hands on my hips

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“Are you sure you won’t fall in the process? If what Daniel said is true about the whole Luke stuff, and that henry already found out the truth, then I doubt if he’s not going to try to make you love him again, that’s if he’s still the henry I used to know” she said and I swallowed.

When kiki told me that it was all Luke’s plan from the beginning to the end, I had not been surprised, I expected nothing less from him.. He was going to pay, according to kiki Daniel said he was currently hospitalized as a result of Henry’s attack, and despite myself I kinda felt proud that he did know how to use his fists on his fellow man. And not only on me, once Luke is discharged I’ll attend to his case,for now I need to focus on not falling for my so called husband. I honestly don’t see myself falling, because as far as i know, there’s nothing filled in my heart for him anymore aside from hate.
“Debbie?” Kiki called snapping me from my thoughts.
“I won’t fall, don’t worry.. Just send me the right details for the offers and I’ll get back to you, I have to leave now” I said picking my handbag from the couch. She smiled lightly and stood up..
“Let me see you out” she said taking hold of my box, rolling it out behind me.
We walked to my car, which I had bought just recently, I didn’t want something too extravagant so I settled for a white Venza, although I had several cars back at the house, but I just wanted to bye something new.. It’s been too long since I did.

After placing the bag in the trunk I locked it and moved to the driver’s side.
“Do take care honey, I’m going to miss you” kiki said hugging me and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes
“My house is just an hour’s drive from here kiki” I pointed out pulling back from the hug.
“I know, but I’ve been with you throughout this week and last, I’ve gotten so used to seeing you once I turn.. It’s gonna be hard not to miss you” she said and I laughed..
“Whatever floats your boat kiki, besides I’m sure Daniel is more than ready to stay with you” I mumbled stepping into the car, she laughed and smacked my arm gently.
“Bye,” she said and I waved back before reversing and driving out of her compound.

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It only took about 45 minutes for me to get to my estate gate, since there was thankfully no traffic jam like I’d expected..
I drove into the estate and sighed when I spotted my house.. Blaring the horn I watched as the gate slid open, revealing my matrimonial home.. Well it wouldn’t be a home, anymore since there was no love or any of those things that made up a home. So I guess it was just a house? Or mansion rather.
I eased into the compound and drove smoothly into the garage, I parked the car and stepped out opening the trunk to get my box, before beeping it close.
“Ah.. Maram, rong time oo, I happy to saw you” (madam long time oo.. I am happy to see you).
Rufus said smiling as he took the box from me
“I’m happy to see you too Rufus, how are you?” I asked walking into the house as he trailed behind me
“Very fine especially now that you come..” he said and I laughed…
“Thank you Rufus, you can go back to your post now” I said taking the handle of the box from him
“Okay ma, welcome back” he said and walked out closing the door behind him.. I sighed and walked towards the living room, the light’s were switched on and the TV was currently on mnet movies zone..

There was an indent on the couch but henry was no where to be seen, I turned to the stairs and almost shrieked, he had been standing at the top all along looking down at me. I frowned and headed up the stairs dragging my bag behind me totally Avoiding his face, thankfully the stairs was wide enough to have about five people walking up or down at the same time.. Without acknowledging him I moved straight to the room next to the one opposite ours, it was the last room in that hall and it’s as big as my older room itself, just empty, aside from the queen seized bed, TV and a couch.
I moved over to the huge expensive curtains and pulled the drapes, exposing the huge window over looking the pool, there were three doors in the room, two glass doors with one wooden door.
The wooden door led to my closet, the glass doors led to the bathroom and balcony which overlooked the garden and the gate leading into the compound.
I turned on the AC and walked out of the room still in my clothes and heels, and moved straight into my old room which I used to share with Henry.

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This room is filled with so many bad memories as well as good ones, my eyes automatically went to our wedding portraits and other pictures of us hanging on different part of the walls, I had thought then that he would be my first and last, that he was the right one.. I was really so wrong and stupid.
I frowned and walked into the closet packing all my clothes from my side of the closet.. And walked out moving to my new room and threw the clothes on the bed, I walked back to the room and packed my other clothes, I heard footsteps approaching and as I walked out and headed for my room I saw henry standing beside the door, staring at me with his mouth slightly open.. I do hope flies go in and die there.
“..de..Debbie what are you doing?” He asked trailing behind me like a lost puppy
I threw the clothes on my bed and matched back to his room
“What does it look like?” I mumbled without glancing at him as I emptied all the drawers, packing my undies and remaining clothes before heading back to my room
“You’re moving out of our room” he answered
“Good to see you Haven’t lost your sight” I muttered throwing all my shoes, bags and accessories in my empty boxes.. Zipping them close before dragging them out.
“Baby you don’t have to..” He said holding one of the handles.. I stared at him before moving my gaze to his hand on my box, he quickly retrieved his hand and I matched on to my room.
“Debbie, please I know I’m a jerk and you totally hate me now, I probably don’t deserve your forgiveness but please don’t move out of our room, you can have it to yourself, I don’t mind packing out.. I can even have it renovated if you want, but please don’t move out of that room” he rambled as I arranged my clothes on the bed

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“I’m not staying in that room and that’s final, if you want to stay in peace in this house for the next three months then please stay away from me!.. Cindy said I can do whatever I want and that’s exactly what I’m doing now, you always complained that my clothes were occupying too much space, now that I’ve given you the space you desired you’re complaining, I honestly don’t know what your problem is” I said without looking at him.
“..I didn’t mean that, okay.. I never meant that, Debbie I’m sorry for everything I put you through.. I’m..”
“Get out” I mumbled cutting him off
“I said get out!” I screamed glaring daggers at him, he had a painful expression on his face and I almost scoffed.
“Debbie.. Please just..”
“Ooooh!” I whined and stomped towards him, I held the door open and gestured for him to leave
“Henry don’t get me upset, I said leave!” I snapped watching as he slowly advanced towards me.
He opened his mouth to say something
“Leave!” I snapped cutting him off.
He walked out and turned to face me looking like he would cry any moment from now.

He turned to Leave and I spoke up
“And I don’t want to see you anywhere close to this room again!” I said eyeing him before banging the door shut at his face..
I exhaled and pushed my hair back.. I feel so bad, he’s still my husband even if we are going to divorce in three months, and I feel bad for talking to him like this but I must admit, it kinda felt good.
Next day..
Henry’s POV
This is the worst punishment ever but I deserve it, I almost cried when she threw me out of her room yesterday and banged the door at my face.
I had waited in the living room downstairs hoping she’d come down to maybe eat or anything but I gave up around to 1 early this morning when I didn’t see her.
And even this morning I didn’t set my eyes on her, well until I was ready to leave for work, she was making her way to her room with a cup of tea. I greeted her and she didn’t even blink at me,
I sighed as I walked out of my office and into the elevator, heading for the last floor.

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It opened with a ding and I stepped out only to hear gasps and murmurs, I followed the direction and froze when I saw her catwalking towards me.
She was clad in a white jump suit, it was sleeveless and had two long ropes like scarf, tied at her left side around her neck, to keep the top of her suit from falling, although I doubt if it would anyway seeing that the outfit clung to her body like a magnet, thereby exposing her smooth spotless fair shoulders and hands, her weavon was packed in a ponytail swaying behind her, her white penciled heels clicked as she made her way majestically towards me swaying her hips, I can’t believe I had forgotten how breathtaking Debbie was for the past three years.. Even though she isn’t wearing makeup.

I rolled my eyes to her face which held a stern but elegant look, looking at her now I could see the old Debbie I fell in love with, the Debbie who carried herself with so much pride, dignity, confidence and self esteem.
She came to a stop right in front of me and rolled her eyes.
“Are you done gawking?, close your mouth before it falls off” she said meeting my eyes and I quickly closed my mouth.
I looked at the my staffs who openly stared at us
“Get back to work” I said glaring at them before turning to my beautiful wife.
“Debbie?.. What..what are you doing here?” I stuttered and she licked her lips.
“I want all the heads you placed in my companies dropped, starting from today.. I’ll be the CEO of each and every one of my companies, I’ll hire whoever I want to head my companies for me by myself, and do tell them to make their accounts of how they’ve been running my company for the past three years, what they’ve achieved, added or subtracted from the companies.. And if I find any of their accounts good enough to satisfy my taste, they’ll continue as the heads, but do well to let them know that I’m the rightful owner of each companies, oh and I’ll be having a meeting with each of them on different days, that’s after I’ve gone through their accounts” she said going straight to the point.

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“Okay, I’ll ask someone to do that right away, is there something else?, why don’t we talk in my office?” I asked pointing to the elevator…Hi Gift on 09020348099 to be added for more interesting stories.
“That will be all, oh and they have until Friday to submit their accounts,” she stated glancing down before leaning closer to whisper in my ears
“You should do something to that man down there, it would be embarrassing to walk around with that bulge, wouldn’t it?” She asked and moved back with a smirk on her lips, before putting on her sunglasses which I didn’t even notice. I discreetly looked down and sure enough she was right.

She smiled mockingly and turned on her heels walking out, with her phone pressed on her ears as she called someone.
I quickly turned and stepped into the elevator, it closed with a ding and I exhaled, looking down at my trousers again.
God! This is so embarrassing.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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