[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 12

πŸ₯šπŸ₯š EGG OF LIFE πŸ₯šπŸ₯š

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πŸ’šπŸ’š EPISODE 12 πŸ’šπŸ’š

The police stormed madam Sylvia’s house very early the next morning.

Madam Sylvia stepped out in her night gown.

-how may i help you gentle men of the police?

-you are under arrest for attempted murder and destruction property of MR/MRS TONY NNAJIUDE whose wife is currently lying lifeless in the hospital.


-You say? Madam odeshi, lying lifeless. PUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good for her. So why are you here? Which property are you talking about?

-The warehouse at park avenue caught fire last night.

-Hahahahahahahaha, chai, NKEA ATOM BULLSHIT.(this one sweet me die) and you are here to do what ? Arrest? Who? your father and your mother. Bia, Nwoke m,(my friend) before you embark on some stupid journey, Juo ase(ask questions ) Have you no brains *? Did they tell you they saw women like us there? Bia enyia, i mara ebe ichere iru, che azu there now o(you better go back to where you’re coming* from) because if i make this call, you loose your Job.

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-Are you done talking? (To his boys),cuff them.

BRENDA *TRIED CALLING ASP of police, his number wasn’t reachable. She and her sister, including* her mother was cuffed and taken to the station on their nighties.

—————-AT THE STATION—————–

-Mum, chinasa called. Nothing must *happen to susan o. Mum, hmmm, nothing must happen to her o. I hope* you know what we stand to loose. Mum, i don’t want to die o.

-chinasa shut *up and let me think. Heeey!!!! May thunder strike who ever introduced* that idiot to ISHI-ISHI.

-Hmmm, you see, Brenda replied. Thank God i did join that thing. ISHI-ISHI na pure scam.

-will you shut-up your mouth? Do you want to die? Replied her mum.

-sis, don’t bring calamity upon yourself o. chinasa added.

-Abegi, **replied Brenda. What about what she did? Is she not the one telling tony all he is doing? And ishiishi is not punishing* her.
-That’s the *point. Tony is the one doing it. She knows the rules. She is now using Tony who is not a *member to perpetuate* her plans. My hands are really tied. And i hate. Susan is an ant compared to people i have dealt with. Hmmm, i pity Tony. If* only he knew. Said madam sylvia.

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-mum, brenda whisperd. if i kill susan, will you and Nasa be affected ?

-No. But *don’t kill her now. The time is coming. I will so deal with that fool. I will tell her that this music she just learned to.sing, i have been dancing* to it.

-chai, this place stinks. Mum do something, I’m choking. Chinasa complained.

-like I’m in some palace enjoying myself. Chinasa endure it.

——————AT THE HOSPITAL ————

SUsan has regained consciousness.

-baby, Tony called, please I’m sorry. I will make up to you.

-Tony( *crying) goods worth millions burnt down just like. That was my money. Not the NNAJIUDE’S. And they burnt it down* . I’m done with this marriage.

-oh no baby please (crying) I’m *on my knees. Please my love. Forgive me. Ok, what *do you want? How* much is involved. I will pay back. Baby please, name your price, i will pay. But please don’t* leave me please.(crying) ok, as we speak, they are in the custody of the police. No lawyer will be granted them and no bail too till i decide.

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-Good, susan replied but not enough. I need money to put my warehouse in other and buy my Goods. The NNAJIUDE’S MANSION is good enough. SELL IT with everything in it, then release them.

-just that? Piece of cake. The document of that house is in my name. DONE DEAL my queen.

-one more thing, change all properties in your name to mine.

-baby it is done. Whatever you want but please don’t leave me.


To be continued………

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