[STORIES] Egg of life Episode 4

πŸ₯šπŸ₯š EGG OF LIFE πŸ₯šπŸ₯š

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πŸ’šπŸ’š EPISODE 4 πŸ’šπŸ’š


The meeting is over. Everyone went back to their offices. Susan and tony were also about to leave when brenda and chinasa, tony’s sisters, surfaced.

-Hold it right there young man, Brenda fired. What was that all about?

-What was what all about? Tony replied. Are you insane? Have you gone mad? How dare you address me in such manner?

-Well, chinasa intruded, mr tony *Nnajiude, you are a big fat disappointment. Gosh!!!!!!. How dare you make a total stranger the C.E.O of* our father’s company? Tony you have started reasoning from a perferated brain.

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She hasn’t finished her statement when tony fed her with a good dose of his Dirty slap. *Come and see argument. The board room was on fire. Hanty susu just jejely went to her NEW OFFICE, put on the A.C and kept a WETIN CONCERN* ME FACE.

Tony called the *security to bundle his sisters out of the premises. He was just shouting GO GET MARRIED OLDIES* !! YOU ARE FIRED!!!!! BLACK OUTTA HERE LOOSER!!!! IT IS MY COMPANY YOU HEAR ME!!!! I DO WHAT I LIKE, WHAT I WANT, GET OOOOUUUUUTTTTT!!!!! chai!!! egg, look what you made him do.


Brenda and chinasa got home. No be small gobe o. Madam silvia nnajiude was mad. She picked up her phone.

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-Hello. Tony, are you mad? Were you drunk or something? Who authorized you to make that witch of yours the C.E.O of a company i laboured so hard for with my late husband?

TONY….MUM, the company is now mine. I do what i wish with it. And….did i just hear you call my wife a witch? Mum, you must be out of your mind. Now listen and listen real well, i do not ever want to see and your daughters near my house, my company, and near my life. Leave me alone. (He dropped the call).

Susan walked in looking so unhappy

-HEY angel……what’s wrong? Why are you like this?

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-baby , susan replied. can’t you see? Everything is falling apart. Maybe i should just step down

-No no no no, listen to me love, i got this right? You don’t have to worry. You are my C.E.O nothing is gonno change that ok?

Susan nodds

–Good. Now give me a smile. (She smiles) that’s my baby girl. Now, what would you like to eat?

..NOODLES and fried chicken. It has to be spicy.

–perfect. I love you.



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