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Entangled Hearts – Episode 22 & 23

( Stand For Love…. )

EPISODE 22 & 23

By; Succie Brown.







“Where does it hurt?” The school nurse asked.

“Every part of my stomach hurts” Paige winces and as Carding pat her back softly, she smiled secretly increasing the wince so Carding can pat her back the more.

“My stomach hurts Carding” She winces, and Carding not knowing what to do hug her.

“She’s in so much pains, do something about it nurse” Carding said worriedly, and not having any idea that Paige was faking it, he wished he could take the pains from her if he can.

“Since the pains is excess, I’ll have to inject her”

And hearing the word INJECT, Paige quickly spranged up.

“I’m okay now” She said.

“You sure?”

“Yes Carding, I’m not feeling pains anymore, I’ve to go” Paige said and rushed out of the ward.

“Sorry for the disturbance” Carding apologize, and the nurse smiles.

“Is Fine, go on”

Carding slightly bows, before leaving.

“Where did she go?” Carding muttered looking for Paige, and he sees her sitting outside the school’s swing, he sighs before going to her.

He pushed the swing from the back slightly and Paige turns, she smiles on seeing him.

“Carding” She muttered smiling.

Carding returns the smile and sits in the second swing.

“Are you sure your okay now? You seemed to be in so much pain earlier” Carding said.

“I’m fine now, You don’t have to worry about me”

“I can’t stop myself from worrying about you because I….”

Paige’s ears stands hearing the word I….

“Because you what Carding?” Paige asked gulping down her saliva.

“Because I… I care about you Paige, Your my friend, that’s what we’re, right?”

Paige let out a little smile.

“Yes, We’re just friends” She said and Carding nods sadly.

“Seems like you and Nadine are close”

“She’s my childhood friend, Our parents also know each other, but I’m more closer to Angelo and Dylan”.

And Paige nods.

Carding looks at her, and her eyes were fixed on the sky, he chuckles before standing to his feet. He went behind her and push her from the back.

Paige’s feet raised from the ground to the air.

“Carding, stop” Paige said holding the chains of the swing.

Carding laughs and push her again, and feets went above the ground.

“I told you to stop!” Paige said laughing, as Carding kept pushing the swing.

Nadine sees them together and crimps her fingers tightly.

Carding might not be an arrogant or rude Guy, but not once in their 17 years of knowing each other has Carding laugh with her (Nadine), the way he was playing and laughing with Paige.

“I won’t sit back and watch you take Carding from me Paige, he knew me first, so he’s mine” Nadine said angrily.


Paige came out from the restroom and Nadine blocked her part.

“Move if you don’t want me to disfigure your face” Paige said.

“You should go into acting” Nadine said and Paige creased her eyebrows.

“Don’t give me that look Paige, I know you pretended to have an ailment just so you can get Carding’s attention.. Too bad Carding is blinded to see your fake pretends”

“And I don’t see it as your business Nadine, so move if you don’t want me to smash your little head on the wall”.

“Carding belongs to me Paige”

Paige chuckles.

“And does it look like he’s a book that you can claim after buying it from a bookshop, huh?”

Nadine smiles.

“I know you are in love with him, Carding is a sweetheart and is hard not to fall for his charms… But don’t forget that you both are from different worlds”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Carding’s Dad. He doesn’t favor those that belongs to the poor background, and unfortunately your in this school because of the scholarship granted to you, if by chance Carding decides to date you, his dad will never in this life time accept you as the girlfriend of his son, cuz you don’t match the standard of the high class. Uncle Vince will prefer me to be Carding’s girlfriend, cuz firstly, he favours me a lot. secondly, I’m from a rich home and lastly, I’m the top third popular model here in Chicago, so you see I fall in place of being the perfect girl Uncle Vince wants for his son” Nadine said smiling.

Paige scoffs.

“Are you done with your speech?”


“You really know how to give speeches Nadine, rather than wasting your time in the modeling world, you should go into newscasting, you really know how to deliver news perfectly, or better still, go into talkshow”. Paige said.

“Are your ears clogged?.Carding’s Dad…..”

“To hell with his Dad Nadine, I don’t give a darn about his Dad, Your right I’m head over heels in love with Carding, and if he happens to love me back and we start a relationship, I won’t f**king care about his dad, I’m going to stand for my love for him. So the better you get it installed in that little brain cells of yours, the lesser headaches your going to get” Paige said and walks away.

Nadine stamped her foot on the ground angrily.


Paige scoffs as she walks alone outside the school’s hallway.

“She thought I was going to get swayed by her words. If Carding loves me just like I love him, his grumpy Dad won’t be a problem, I’ll just have to plunk out his eyes” Paige said and kicks an empty can of soda.

“But what if I’m the only one who loves him?” Paige said and sighs.


Paige turned and sees Odessa waving at her with a smile.

“Ma Odessa” She muffled looking surprised, Odessa smiled.



Odessa smiles as she watch Paige slurping the noddles she was eating.

“Do you want some more?” Odessa asked.

Paige looks at her and slowly shakes her head.

“I’m sorry if I eat so noisily”

“Is fine Paige, and I like everything about you”.

Paige gulped down her saliva, and continues eating slowly, but after some minutes, she drop her cutleries and looks at Odessa.

“Why did you take me out for lunch?”

“Why? Do you find it awkward?”

“No, I’m just surprised your treating me out for lunch” Paige said.

“Your my son’s friend and your the first girl, he hanged out with”

“What about Nadine? Both are childhood friends”

“Yes they’re, but Carding isn’t close to her, the way he’s close to you” Odessa said smiling.

Paige looks sideways and continues eating, Odessa smiles.

“I’ve have something to give to you” Odessa said and Paige looks at her.


“I can’t accept all of this Ma Odessa” Paige said looking at the tons of bags in front of her.

“And why not Paige?”

“Cuz is too much and expensive too, I possibly can’t accept all of this”.

“I insisted on getting them for you Paige”

“But Ma Odessa I…”

“There’s no but in this Paige, I’m going to get hurt if you turn down my gifts… I brought them for you wholeheartedly, so you should accept it okay”

And Paige slowly nods her head, Odessa smiles caressing her cheeks.

“And instead of calling me Ma Odessa, call me mom instead”


“Yes. That way we can interact more better” Odessa said.

Paige looks at her and smile.



Dylan came out from the class looking exhausted. His head spins from listening to all the medical lessons being taught.

And if he’d say he understood everything being taught, then he’s a big liar, he’s forcing his brain to get acquainted with Medical school, and is killing him slowly.

He massage the sides of his head, trying to bear the pains of stressing his brain. His parents will be blamed if peradventure he develop a brain tumor.

He was still massaging his head when a car pulls into a halt in front of him and Barney came out from it.

“Dylan!” She screams excitedly.

Dylan tighten his face on seeing her.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“I came to see you” Barney said smiling.

“The last time I checked, I didn’t ask you to come here, so just go home Barney”.

“But I want us to go on a date Dylan”

“If your so desperate to go on a date, Then divide yourself into two and go to the date” Dylan said leaving, but he stopped halfway when he heard his dad’s voice, he turns and Barney waved her phone at him.

“Did you just turn Barney down?” His Dad asked.

“I’m tired from attending the night lessons dad, I want to rest, my head spins”

“I don’t care about that Dylan, take Barney on a date and do whatever she wants”

“But Dad I….”

“Do as you have been told Dylan, if Barney cries because of you, your going to answer to me” His Dad said and disconnected the call.

Barney smiles.

“Will you rather go on a date with me, or get scold by your dad”

Dylan glared at her with so much hatred.



“Wow I’m so ready to eat the food made by my one and only Dad!!!” Paige screams hitting the table with her spoon.

“You should go back to Taiwan, ever since you came back, our ears are always aching” Greg said.

“Having a lively child is much more better than having a timid child” Edward said.

“High five Dad” Paige said and both jambed hands laughing.

“Tsk tsk tsk, you both are really something else… Let’s just eat” Helena said.

Paige and Edward looks at each other laughing.

“Paige what with those bags in your room? Are you planing on quiting school and go into selling of handbags?”

“Handbags?” Helena asked, meanwhile Edward isn’t surprised, Paige already told him it was a gift from Carding’s mom.

“Yes, a lot of are in her room, and it’s not just any bags, but handbags from expensive brands” Greg said.

“Where did you get all of that Paige?” Helena asked.

“Well I…”

Paige was cut short by a knock on the door.

“I think is Desiree, I’ll get the door” Paige said and rushly went to the door.

“Desiree I’m so glad you came…..” Paige stops talking when she opened the door and sees it was Carding.

“Carding” She muttered with surprised.

“Can I come in?”

“What’re you doing here?” Paige asked.

“Who’s at the door?” Edward asked going to the door.

“Good evening sir, I’m Carding… Paige’s classmate”.

“Carding? That’s means your the one my daughter is in…..”

“No Dad!!!” Paige screams covering her dad’s mouth, signifying to him not to say anything and Edward smiles.

“What brings you here Carding?” Edward asked.

“Paige had a stomach ailment ealier today at school, I just wanted check if she’s okay now”

“You had stomach pains earlier?” Helena asked.

Paige bits her lips.

“Yeah, but I’m fine now… You should go home” Paige said facing Carding.

“Why’re you chasing him away Paige? He came all the way here to ask how you were, and your just going to send him away?” Edward asked.

“Then what should I do then?” She muffled.

Edward looks at Carding with a smile.

“Join us for dinner”

“Is fine sir, I’ll just leave like Paige said” Carding said.

“Don’t mind my little sister Carding, we’re about to eat, so you should join us” Greg said

“Since your Paige’s classmate, I’d like it if you joined us for dinner” Helena added

“Don’t force him if he doesn’t want to” Paige said.

“Since I’m here already, I’ll join you all” Carding said.

Paige looks at him with wide opened eyes, and he smiles.

“I know this isn’t the kind of food your used to, but this is all we can afford” Edward said.

“Is fine sir, deep fries are my favorite” Carding said.

“Really? Then have some more” Edward said putting more fries on Carding’s plate.

“Enjoy okay” He said caressing Carding’s hair smiling, and Carding looks at him.

“If you want more don’t hesitate to speak up, Alright”. Edward said patting him softly with a smile.

Carding nods as his eyes slowly became glassy.

“And this is for you my love… ah” Edward said feeding Helena.

Helena smiles and galdly opens her mouth.

“Your cooking are always the best love” Helena said playing with his cheeks and Edward laugh.

“Dad feed me too” Paige said pouting.

“Me three” Greg added.

“Fine, one after the other” Edward said.

Carding watch as they feed one another laughing, they were so happy as a family.

Tears falls down his eyes and he quickly cleaned it.

“Are you all right Carding? Why’re you crying?” Greg asked.

Carding sniffs back his tears and smiles sadly.

“I’m sorry, is just that I just got emotional, You’re happy with one another, this is what I never get to experience all through my years of growing up… I don’t have a happy family like you do” Carding said.

And they looked at him with pity eyes.


“Here you go” Paige said giving a can of soda.

Carding smiles and takes it from her.

“Thanks Paige”.

Paige nods and sits beside him. Both were sitting outside her house.

“Were you serious about what you said earlier?”

Carding looks at her.

“Family is the best thing one could ever ask for… So why aren’t you happy having the family you have now?”

“Because is a family created cuz it’s didn’t have a choice”


“My dad doesn’t love my mom, he didn’t even get married to her, he only accepted her to live with him because I was born from one silly night mistake he made with my mom… If I had turn out to be a girl he said he’d have thrown I and my mom out”

Paige looks at him.

“Not once has my dad shown me that he loves and cares for me as his son… He’s always angry for little mistakes I make, and some times he pours it out on my mom, by hitting her so badly”.

Carding sniffs.

“I guess money can’t buy happiness, we’re rich and can afford everything we want in a blink of an eye, but we’re not happy, I have a dad who hates me and always remind me that I am a product of a mistake, a dad who use I and my mom as his punching bag, and also a mom who doesn’t want to leave him, despite being physically abused by the man who doesn’t have the slightest feelings for her”.

“Carding” Paige muttered his name.

“Your family isn’t rich, but yet is filled with love and care for one another, your dad don’t know me that well, but he treated me like his own son, a thing I never got to experience from my own dad, if I had my way, I’ll choose being poor knowing the fact that we’re happy and love one another, not having a rich home but filled with hatred and pains, I wished I had a lovely family like yours Paige, I wish I wasn’t the son of Vince Wendell… it hurts so much not getting any fatherly love from the man you call your dad, it hurts a lot” Carding said crying.

Paige blinks back her tears and hugs him, patting him gently, while Carding’s head were on her shoulder as he sobs.

“I don’t know how you feel because I never experienced such from either my dad, mom or brother, you can’t choose the family you want, but you can always create a new one” Paige said.

Carding looks at her with eyes filled with tears.

“My Dad can be a father to you Carding, since you don’t have the perfect father, I can share mine with you, he’s always ready to listen to you… He’s the best” Paige said smiling but Carding only looked at her.

“Why’re you looking at….”

Carding cut her short with a kiss, but it was just a peck on the lips.

“Sorry” He muttered, But Paige pulls him closer and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Carding kept his free hand on her waist, And as they deepened the kiss, more tears falls down from Carding’s eyes.


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