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Entangled Hearts – Episode 42 & 43

( Stand For Love… )

EPISODE 42 & 43

By; Succie Brown.







Nadine was still coughing and sneezing so hard. Her face were reddish and her eyes were producing painful tears.

“Someone please get me out of here. I’m dying!!” She screams crying.

The door of the basement opened and Nadia rush to her.


“Nadia, please get me out of here” Nadine said in low voice.

Nadia place her hand around Nadine’s shoulder and took her out of the basement.


Nadine was still coughing so hard despite being out of the basement filled with Teargas.

“Drink this, it will calm you down” Nadia said giving Nadine a bottle of chilled water.

Nadine quickly took it from her and gulped down everything in a sec.

“How did you know I was in the basement?” Nadine asked.

Nadia sighs.

“I saw Carding taking Paige to the school’s clinic, and she was unconscious. So I asked Desiree and she told me Paige was locked up in the art lab with smokes circulating inside, and I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me is was your handwork. When I saw you leaving with Carding, I knew he definitely wants to get back at you”.

“Can’t believe he tried to kill me because of that Paige girl”.

“You hurt his girlfriend Nadine. Were you expecting him to give you candies for what you did to Paige”.

“That’s the more reason why I want to hurt that Paige the more”.


“I met Carding first Nadia. Carding knew me first before knowing that a certain Paige Castillo existed in this world. I should be Carding’s girlfriend and not Paige. I should be the one he’s protecting not Paige!!!” Nadine yells.

“Just give up on Carding, Nadine. If he wanted to love you, he will have done so, even before Paige came into the picture. Stop acting like a desperate bitch” Nadia and Nadine landed a slap on Nadia’s face and pulls her hair forcefully.

Nadia winces.

“Did you possibly think simply because you saved me from the basement you can now lecture me, huh!!”

“Let go off me Nadine” Nadia said between pains.

“Is a good thing we aren’t identical Nadia, Cuz I will have long disfigured your face. Carding is mine, and I’m going to make sure he ends up with me!!” Nadine said and push Nadia to the ground.

Nadia falls to the ground, hurting her knee.

“Mind the words you say to me Nadia. Since I don’t consider you as my sister, it won’t be hard for me to take you out of this earth” Nadine said and leaves.

Nadia sits on the ground, crying slowly.


“Paige, Are you all right?” Desiree, Sabrina and Stacey asked at the same time.

Paige heaves and sits up on the bed.

“Yes I’m. Where’s Carding?” Paige asked.

“He said he needed to take care of something. He’ll be right back” Angelo answers.

“I was so worried about you Paige. You scared me big time” Desiree said worriedly.

“Sorry I made my best friend cry” Paige said cleaning Desiree’s tears.

Carding enters the ward, and when he sees Paige awake already, he quickly went to hug her.

“Are you all right? Did you get hurt anywhere? Should I call the nurse?” Carding asked worriedly.

“Carding” Paige whines like a baby.

“What’s wrong Paige?”

“My eyes hurts” She said pouting.

Carding quickly kiss her eyes.

“Sorry Paige”

“My nose hurts too” She whines.

Carding kiss her nose.

“Does it still hurts?” He asked worriedly.

“My lips hurts too” Paige whines like a child, and Desiree hits her head.

“Ouch!! Carding she hit my head” Paige said faking a cry.

“Desiree, do you want to kill my baby?” Carding asked and Paige sticks out her tongue for Desiree resting her head on Carding’s chest.

“Is obvious she’s faking it. She’s not hurt anywhere” Desiree said.

“Wow. I didn’t know my best friend can be this romantic” Dylan said.

“I know right. While growing up, he has always been distant from girls, I even thought he was going to die as bachelor, but it turns out he got a girlfriend before us” Angelo said.

“Then go get one. Nobody’s stopping you from having a girlfriend” Carding said.

Angelo chuckles and looks at Sabrina. Sabrina quickly coughed looking somewhere else when she sees Angelo looking at her.

Stacey takes in her lips, wearing a sad face.

“Carding” Paige calls his name childishly.

“Yes sweetheart” Carding said caressing her hair.

“This is the height of it, I can’t watch a live romance anymore” Desiree said and leaves the ward.

“Wait for me Desiree” Sabrina said going after Desiree.

Stacey just looked at Angelo, before leaving too.

“We will go ahead now” Dylan said.

Carding nods, and both Angelo and Dylan left.

“Are you sure your okay now? You scared me big time” Carding said, packing her long hair Into a ponytail.

“Yes I’m fine”.

“But your Paige Castillo, right? So how on earth where you locked up in that lab, without the Paige I know doing anything about it?” Carding asked.

Paige sighs and looks at him.


“Why is the art teacher not here?” Paige asked the junior student.

And all of sudden, the junior student pretended to be having difficulties in breathing.

“Kid. Are you all right?” Paige asked.

“Please help with my backpack… My inhaler is inside” She said pointing at a backpack that was at the extreme of the lab.

Paige quickly went to where the backpack was. She was busy searching for the inhaler, when she heard the sound of the door closing.

She turns around and couldn’t find the junior student anymore. And when she tried to open the door, smokes from nowhere began penetrating Inside the lab.

She began coughing so hard, trying to find a way to get out from the lab, but it was to no avail. And when the smokes took charge of her, she lost consciousness.


Carding hugs her tightly.

“Sorry I wasn’t there, when you needed me. I’m so sorry Paige”.

Paige smiles and broke the hug.

“Is not your fault Carding. I was caught off guard. And speaking of that little girl, I’m going to confront her and ask her why she did that to me. I’m sure is all Nadine’s doings”.

“You don’t have to Paige”.

“And Why not? That Nadine almost killed me” Paige said.

“And I already returned the favor”.

Paige looks at him and Carding told her what he did.

“Really? You used Teargas on her?” Paige asked smiling.

“Anyone that dares hurt you will really get it from me. I’m not a fighter, but I’m ready to become one, if someone dares try to hurt you. So don’t ever get hurt again, ok. I was very scared earlier”.

Paige smiles and kiss his forehead.

“I really made the right choice, in picking the best boyfriend for me”.


And Paige nods smiling.

“Yes. A handsome caring boyfriend, just like you”.

“I didn’t plan to have a crazy girl as a girlfriend” Carding said and Paige frowns.


“I have always wanted to date a girl who’s not a noisemaker… But somehow in the line, I met a crazy oomph girl, and she stole my heart the very first day I saw her. And I found myself loving everything about her. I was always whipped by everything she does”.

Paige smiles blushingly.

“Who is she?” She asked smiling, when she already know is her.

“Paige Castillo” Carding said with a smile.

“Paige Castillo? Do I know her?” Paige asked and Carding laughs.

“Really Paige?” Carding asked laughing.

Paige giggles and rest her head back on Carding’s chest.

“I’ll be looking for a job again, when school ends. I couldn’t get one, the last time I searched for a job”

“Don’t over stress yourself, all right?”

“I won’t. Do you want to go back to class?”

“No. Let’s just stay like this. Your chest is so comfortable” Paige said balancing her head on Carding’s chest.

Carding smiles and began stroking her hair softly.


“Are you all right Dylan?” Angelo asked giving him a soda.

“Yes I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“You look a little bit sick to me”.

“You were quick to notice it, but my parents couldn’t” Dylan muffled.


Dylan looks at him and smiles.

“Is nothing Angelo, I’m fine”.

“You sure?”

And Dylan nods with a smile.



“So your Parents owns this place?” Sabrina asked as she looks around the quiet museum.

“Yes they do” Angelo answers admiring her beautiful face.

Sabrina looks at him, and he quickly change his eyes from how it was admiring her.

“So what should we go for? Painting or Photographing?” He asked.

“Hmm, we should go for Sculpture” Sabrina said.


“Yes Angelo. A lot of students will be going for photographing, painting, music and many more. So we should make a difference by going for sculpturing” Sabrina said and Angelo looks at her smiling.

“Why’re you smiling?”

“Nothing, I just… I just find you incredible”

“Stacey is more incredible than I am”


“Stacey is a sweetheart Angelo. She’s not just beautifull, but intelligent too. If you get to know her more, your going to love her”.

“Why are you suddenly talking about Stacey? I was complementing you. So why did you suddenly start talking about Stacey?”.

“I just… I just thought you should know more about her. She’s really…..”

“I don’t want to know anything about her Rina” Angelo said cutting her short.


“I don’t want to know anything about her, So don’t mention her name anytime we’re together”.

“But she…. ”

“What kind of sculpture should we go for?” Angelo asked, purposely changing the topic.

“How about we go for an Angel’s statue?”

“Should we get to work then, since sculpturing is more difficult than other artworks?”

Sabrina nods smiling.


“How long will it take for the clay to be soften?” Angelo asked as both scrunched on the ball clay.

“Pretty soon” Sabrina answers, focused on what she was doing.

Angelo looks at her and smiles.

“Your beautiful”.

“Huh?” Sabrina said and looks at him. Angelo smiles and rubs the clay in his hand on Sabrina’s nose.

“What’s that for Angelo?” She asked with a smile.

“You look like a sculpture now” Angelo said smiling.

“Don’t do it again” Sabrina said cleaning the clay from her nose.


“Yes” Sabrina answers looking at him, and he rubs more of the clay on her face.

“I told you to stop” She whines and Angelo laughs.

“You look like a baby sculpture” Angelo said laughing.

Sabrina crimps her lips. She pack a some clay in her hand and rubs it on his face.

“Now you look like santa” Sabrina said laughing.

“I see you love playing just like me, right?” Angelo said taking some clay.

“No I don’t. I don’t like playing” Sabrina said laughing, running away from Angelo.

And Angelo went after her with the clay in his hand.

“Angelo!!!” She screams laughing, as Angelo designed her face with the clay.


Carding keeps crimping his hand under the table as the lady in front of him kept looking at him.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to work here at this restaurant?” The lady asked.

“Yes I can”

“But it doesn’t seem like you can. Your body shows you haven’t done this kind of jobs before. Did you run away from home?” The Lady asked.

“Is a long story ma’am, but I’ll try my best. If I set my mind on something, I’m really good at it” Carding said.

“Alright, let’s give you a try. Can you start today?” The lady asked.

“Yes I can. Thanks a lot ma’am” Carding said smiling.

“Ma’am you sent for me” A young of the same age with Carding said, approaching them.

“Oh yes I did. Carding this Ashely, she’s going to give you guards on how we work around here, okay”.

And Carding nods smiling.

“Ashely, you know what to do, right?” The Lady asked.

“Yes I do ma’am” Ashely answers as her eyes were fixed on Carding’s face.

“That’s good to know then” The Lady said and leaves.

“Hi” Ashely said blushing.


“My name is Ashley” She said keeping up with her smile.

“I already know. What and what should I know about this restaurant?” Carding asked, finding her irritating already, seems Paige is the only girl that attract him.

“Come with me” Ashely said trying to take his hand, but Carding withdraws his hand.

“I can walk without you holding my hand” Carding said.

And Ashely nods.

“Do you understand everything now?” Ashely asked when she was done explaining everything to him.

“Yes I do. I will always work here at night since I always go to school at day, right?”

“Yes. Do you have a girlfriend?” Ashely asked smiling, trying to get closer to him.

“Yes I do.

“You do?”

“I’ve a girlfriend Ashely. She’s so beautiful, very beautiful. She’s not just beautifull but crazy too”

“Why’re you telling me?”

“I just want you to know, I know I’m handsome and my face can’t be resisted, but don’t fall in love with me, you will only get hurt. And my girlfriend is so jealous too. She’s going to break your head, if you try come anywhere close to me”

“A glass of lemonade” A customer said.

“Right on that” Carding said and leaves to get it.

“Who the heck is his girlfriend?” Ashely muffled with a frown.



“Why’re you closing the store Desiree?” Bryan asked.

Desiree sighs and looks at him.

“So you finally know my name? You have been acting like you don’t know for the past two days”.

“Give me the keys and go hang out with your friends like you’ve always done” Bryan said trying to take the keys from her, but Desiree quickly hides it inside her b**bs.

“What’s your problem Desiree? Do you want to call me a freeloader again, if I don’t look after your dad’s convenience store?”

“I’m sorry I called you a freeloader Bryan, Can’t you just accept my apologies?”

Bryan looks at her and looked somewhere else.

“I don’t want to do this before, but I guess I should do it”.

“Do what?” Bryan asked and Desiree looks at him and smiles.

“Let’s go out”.


Desiree screams out loudly as she and Bryan rode on the rollercoaster.

“Are you having fun?” She asked Bryan smiling, and Bryan looked away.

“BRYAN!!!!! I’M SORRY!!” She screams loudly.

“What’re you doing Desiree?” Bryan asked as the heavy wind blew their hair.

“I’M SO SORRY BRYAN, BRYAN!!!, I’M SORRY!!” She screams loudly.

“Stop screaming out my name” Bryan said.

“Not until you forgive me” Desiree said and was about screaming again, but Bryan quickly covered her mouth.

“Fine. I forgive you”.

“I can’t hear you Bryan”.


“Happy now?” Bryan asked and Desiree giggles happily.

They also rode on the boosters, Derby Racer, The ghost train, skyscreamer and many more.

And for the first time in decade, Bryan had so much. And it was also the very first time Bryan and Desiree has spent hours together, without fighting or arguing with each other.

“Did you have fun?” Desiree asked smiling.

And Bryan nods smiling.

“Wait here, I’ll get us ice cream. Rolled ice cream is still your favorite, right?”


“I’ll be back” Desiree said and leaves to get the ice creams.

“What has gotten Into her?” Bryan muttered and chuckles.

👤 He’s so handsome

👤He looks like a superstar

👤 He’s lips are killing.

Some girl admired Bryan’s look. It was worth admiring, cuz Bryan is very handsome and cute.

Bryan looks at them, and the three girls waved at him and he smiles lightly at them.

One of the girls took up courage and walked up to him.


“Hi” Bryan said.

“Your so handsome, Can we take a picture together? You really look like a superstar and I want to boast my insta account. Let’s take a picture together” The girl said smiling.

And Bryan willing gave in.

Desiree came back with the ice cream in her hands, and for a reason she couldn’t tell, the smile in her face disappeared when she saw Bryan with another girl.

And this will be the first time, she’d be seeing Bryan with a girl.

She walked up to them and push the girl away from Bryan forcefully, dragging Bryan to her side.

“What’s your problem!!” The girl yells at Desiree.

“My problem is you. Try to touch him again, and I’ll send you to your great grandmother!!!” Desiree yells jealously.

Bryan looks at her Speechlessly.


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