💝 First time in boarding school 💝
(High school romance 💒)

By Kenneth Queeneth ❤️‍🩹🥰

Chapter Six ❤️‍🩹✍️

Are you crazy? You don’t even deserve to know our names, you little thing. Beauty said angrily.

And I wasn’t interested in knowing your rubbish names and what exactly brings you guys here?

Look brat,am just here to warn you…. don’t you dare cross my lane because you will regret it, Maya said hatefully..

And what will you do huh?

I will….she was about slapping me when someone held her hand.

Noah…why are you stopping me,I need to teach this girl a lesson.

Are you okay? He asked

Am fine, annoying boy, I muttered,So your name is Noah,am really smart….. Lucy said walking away,the rest followed her.

Huh,do you know her? Maya asked

Yes, she is my friend and I advise you to stay away from her.

What!!! Noah….

Am just advising you, because she is not like the other students…..do you think you can bully her?

She disrespected me,I only wanted to teach her a lesson,but you stoped me. Maya said angrily.

Noah walk away without answering her.


You guys are pretty close. Emily asked Lucy.

Who? Noah…we aren’t close.

Well,that’s Mira crush, Elle said

Really,then why are they don’t dating yet? Lucy asked

Because of Maya,she won’t let any girl befriend him…. Emily said

Wow… princess indeed.

I see, you are not scared of her,I like that .. Elle said happily

I couldn’t stop laughing…Mira added

Ok girls let forget about those people and focus on our assignment….Lucy said.


So Noah do you have anything to tell us? Emmy asked.

What do you mean? Noah replied

Stop pretending joor. Michael said

Do you like the new girl in our class,I think her name is Lucy….Emmy asked.

Hell no,I dont like her.

Okay oh… Emmy said.

Okay,you like Maya?

You guys know that I will never fall in love again right? Noah said controlling his anger.

We know…..Emmy replied


Honey,do you think Lucy is doing well? Mr Williams asked.

If you are worried about her,why don’t you pay her a visit? Mrs Charity replied coldly.

Calm down madam,she is our only child okay.

Just let her be please,I want her to be friendly and caring,she is eighteen for God’s sake and besides it’s only one year right….she will be graduating soon….

You are right,just one year… Mr Williams muttered.

Good night… Mrs Charity said

Yeah, same to you, Mr Williams replied


*I must admit that my mum was right,boarding school is the best.I now have friends,just two weeks.I so much love Elle and Mira ,me and Emily don’t get along tho cos she’s always with Sofia….and maya never cross my path….but none of the boys was my friend because I don’t like them especially that annoying Noah.


We were done with our physics test,two more subjects to go.

I’m so tired….Elle said lazily

Lazy girl, Lucy replied

That remind me,you said you have something to tell me..Lucy said facing Mira who was busy with her phone.

Yes…I want you to help me with something….Mira replied.

What is that?

Tell Noah that I love him…she replied and Lucy was shocked.

What!!!you are not serio…..Emmy cut in

Help her Lucy,it’s not a big deal besides you and Noah are actually close.

We aren’t close ok! And I can’t do that,if you really like him,then confess your feelings and don’t tell me it’s because of maya. Lucy replied coldly.

Lucy please….Mira keep begging her

Help her….Elle added

Okay,I will for the sake of our friendship….Lucy replied and Mira hug her immediately.

I love you Lucy…..Mira said happily

I love you too silly girl.

So Mira will soon have a boyfriend…Elle said

Yes,don’t tell me you are jealous…Mira snapped

No….I already like someone…Elle replied

Who??? Mira,lucy and Emily asked the same time

Calm down girls…..his name is Frankie….Elle said smiling

Ohhh Frankie from class B? Emily said

Yes,we actually talk today,after the test…Elle said

Good for you….Emily muttered.

You guys should read….we have test tomorrow. Lucy said .


“Hey noah…”Lucy called.

Noah look up and was suprise to see Lucy, because anytime he try talking to her,she always ignore him…..and his friends always mock him.

Yes….how may I help you…he replied coldly.

Emmm… actually can we talk after class,I have something to tell you please…….

Hmmmm, finally you wanna talk to me not only talk,you wanna tell me something…..Noah replied with a light smile.

Yes….. Lucy replied feeling uncomfortable.

Ok….see you,he replied waving her goodbye.


So what do you want to tell me?

Emmm,the thing is that…..that…..Lucy stammer unable to tell him.

“Do you know that you are so beautiful….”Noah suddenly asked.

“Huh?” Lucy said Shockley