💝 First time in boarding school 💝
(High school romance💒)

By Kenneth Queeneth ❤️‍🩹🥰
Chapter seven ✍️❤️

I mean….what do you want to tell me…he reply nervously.

Can you be serious for once,I have something important to tell you okay. Lucy said dragging his right and left cheek.

What…are you doing silly girl….do you want to kiss me? He smirked.

Huh??? Are you craz…..

Noah immediately shut her up with a kiss.

Lucy immediately broke the kiss and gave Noah a heavy slap on his right cheek.

Are you insane? Is something wrong with you?Lucy said angrily.

Noah was speechless for that moment.

You know what, forget about what I was planning to tell you…she said and ran away without looking back.

What is wrong with her? It just a kiss but why did her kiss…..oh mine am so stupid,I don’t wanna fall in love again after what Sofia did to me…..

Noah what are you doing here….Emmy asked him.

Emmm,you know Lucy….

Lucy again? Emmy cut him off.

Don’t tell me you are falling in love with her???

Noah left him without a reply.

F**k this boy is something else. Emmy muttered.


I smell problem. Elle said fearfully.

What problem…Mira asked.

I don’t know,but I feel like something is wrong.

Just then Lucy rush in breathing heavily,Mira and Elle rush to her.

Why are u breathing heavily? Mira asked.

Did you run? Elle asked.

Girls am fine… Lucy manage to reply.

So did you tell him. Mira said bitting her button lip.


Actually lucy kiss Noah…. Emily said walking in.

What!!!! Mira and Elle said the same time.

I didn’t kiss him,he was the one who kiss me…Lucy explain.

So there was actually a kiss scene right….Mira said walking close to Lucy.

I thought we were friends,oh I see you also likes Noah right. Mira said hatefully.

It’s not like that Mira….

Don’t you dare call my name ,you snitch. Mira shouted.

Calm down, at least let her explain….Elle said.

Really,I saw everything okay…. Emily said.

So….what if you saw everything? Elle replied.

Lucy was speechless….she just walk to her bed.

You see,she doesn’t care… Emily said.

Goodnight guys Mira said.

Yeah…all good…. Elle said.


Guess what…Mimi said smiling.

What again. Maya asked.

I overheard Emily saying that Lucy kiss Noah.

What….. Maya said standing up from her chair.

Tell us you are joking. Micky said.

Obviously, she’s joking…. Beauty said while enjoying her lunch.

Sit down princess…am speaking the truth,and I also heard Mira calling her a snitch…..Mimi added.

Why don’t we ask her….Micky suggested.

Yes,I second that… Beauty said.