Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 6th May 2022

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords 6th May 2022 (100% free Working)

Here we are giving Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords that are 100% working! The list of Netflix free accounts’ usernames and passwords, will be updated frequently as we arrange more of them.
When it comes to content creation and content distribution, no one can beat Netflix.
It is an American-based production company that offers a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service.
Users get a vast library of films and television series, 40% of which is the Netflix original produced in-house.
There are types of content on Netflix like Netflix Special Netflix original. The first one is the production of other content creators available on Netflix and, the second one is the content created by Netflix itself.
Many of us already know that Netflix is a Subscription-based service. It cost users a specific amount for a month or a year based on your plan.
Usually, users can use Netflix on 5 devices by paying a monthly subscription.
Only 5 active streaming devices can show you the Netflix shows and movies at a time. No matter how many devices are linked to a single account. The First 5 active on a Netflix Account can enjoy.
Through this option, 5 people can enjoy the Netflix shows and movies for the whole month. A good deal for the students and non-earning persons.

How to Get a Free Netflix Account in 2022: Try This:

I have found two new ways to get a free Netflix account, you can get it too.
Keep Reading.

Get a Free Netflix Account with T-Mobile Subscription:

Yup, You Can Too, How?
Well if you are a T-Mobile Subscriber, there is a chance that you get a free Netflix Account.
Just to remind you, Netflix Account is Free but T-Mobile Subscription is not.
I have heard that T-Mobile and Netflix are working on a partnership for quite some time now. The good news is that they have finalized it.
So if you are a T-Mobile subscriber and you have an eligible plan, then you can get the Netflix account for free.
What Qualifies as an eligible Plan?
If you have their Magenta Plan you can get a basic Netflix for free. Also, if you happen to have their Magneta Max Plan, it is possible to get either a basic or standard plan for free.

Xfinity Users Can Also Get a Free Netflix Account:

I am not sure that you know about that, Comcast seems to offer a free Netflix account with some subscription packages.
It’s true, Keep going, please.
You can get it too, contact the support and they will help you with it but keep one thing in mind. Comcast is not giving a free Netflix account with their subscription all over the world.
It’s country-specific, that is why I told you to call customer support and they will help you with it.
We are updating the list by adding more Free Netflix Accounts that you can use in 2022.
But, a person who has to pay alone finds the plan a bit expensive and difficult to pay. So, either they see another person who has Netflix and pays a share for using it. Or, they find another 4 persons through which he can share the cost of Netflix Monthly.
There is good news that you can get the Free Netflix Premium from many sources including us. And, that is legal. I mean you will properly login on to Netflix through your Account and password without paying a single penny.
We have seen many blogs that are providing expired Netflix Accounts and Passwords, which is too old. We are here with the Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords that you can use in 2022.
Use VPN where Netflix is not available.

About Netflix

Netflix has started its voyage in 1997 and it pointed its position as the best online Entertainment streaming on the planet and winds up one of the main Entertainment Media houses among Americans.
In their initial days, it was allowed for specific countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and so on. Now Netflix is available in 190 countries having a massive 214 million subscribers across the world.
Netflix offers three slots [BASIC, STANDARD, and PREMIUM] of plans for the subscribers and ones who wish to subscribe. So the subscribers can pick the package inside their financial limit.
Other than creating their content Netflix also acquires copyrights of other productions like The Friends “One of the highest-rated seasons of all time”.
You can watch Friends on Netflix and many other top-rated sitcoms, tv shows, movies, etc.

Plans and Pricing

Here is the list of shows and Pricing of Netflix’s Different Plans across different countries shown in an image.
These statistics and details will help new Netflix users to understand how cheap we are selling the Netflix Premium Accounts to you. Providing these free accounts and saving you hundreds of dollars!


  • Get a subscription to Netflix, and get entrance to world-class digital content in the shape of Shows and motion pictures.
  • Custom search for Movies, Documentaries, Seasons, Recordings, and other TV shows, here all genres of digital entertainment are accessible.
  • The online stream isn’t high cost. Essentially pay month-to-month charges for limitless content. Million hours of entertainment are more than an average man’s life years.
  • At this time, you can download this App on your iPhone/Android device free of cost.
  • Rating system through which users can make any show popular and suggest that to a newcomer.
  • The variety of Content on Netflix is probably the largest after YouTube.
  • Complete shows with complete seasons.
  • No advertisements will annoy or tease you during the streaming.
  • Save offline options for each movie or season. You can watch offline shows without an internet connection at any time.

First Method: How to get Netflix Free Subscription For a Month:

Such a diversified content from all genres and different productions. Are you expecting Netflix is giving all that for free! Never!.
Users will only get a chance to enjoy the one-month trial free of cost. Netflix isn’t a Free source Application so you have to pay the amount according to the subscribed plan every month unless you pay it on annual basis.
However, Netflix offers one month of free membership for each user, after the total that you pay the cash according to your Plan.
For this free membership, you may pursue the beneath method and make an Account for Netflix.
Step 1: Open the Netflix official website on your Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS.
Step 2: On that page click or tap on the “Email Address” bar, enter your Email, and click on get started.
Step 3: Now another Window is opened, here you can see the choice for the “Choose your Plan”, essentially Click on Next.
Step 4: Here you can see the Netflix month-to-month membership plans list, select the premium or any Plan according to your budget. Click on the Next Option.
Step 5: Now another New window is opened for “Setup your Payment” You have the option of using a Credit Card (Visa/American Express/Mastercard), you can set up your account using the Postpaid Mobile bill.
Step 6: Now, give your “Visa details” in the necessary spaces.
Step 7: Congratulation you successfully made an account on Netflix, now you can enjoy the Free one-month of premium plan. In the first month, not a single penny will be charged.

Second Method: Share Your Netflix Account Easily (Or, get it from another person)

As we told you earlier you can use the Netflix Account subscription for 5 devices. In such a case, we can say that we can use free Netflix on up to 4 accounts.
So, you can share the password with yourself on different devices. Or, you can also request a friend who still has slots for sharing. Ask him or her to share his Netflix Account and password with you.
He will add you to his/her account through your email and you are ready to use Netflix Premium for free.
Note: If you have free space for people on your Netflix Account don’t forget the needy ones. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Step 1. Each user can create upto 5 profiles on a single Netflix account. Here we want to make it clear that only 2 profiles can stream at the same moment. And also, the Mobile plan subscriber can’t get this option.
Step 2. There will be hidden or apparent charges or there is nothing illegal thing if you use this method.
Step 3. Many people around the world share their Netflix accounts with their family or friends and it is not against any legal policy of Netflix.
Step 4. No error will appear during the streaming unless more than 2 users try to stream anything on Netflix at the same time.

Third Method: Airtel and Jio Give you Free Netflix Subscription to their Users.

We are ranking this method of using Netflix Premium for Free the third because this is only for the Indians. Airtel and Jio Network are very popular SIM networks in India.
They are also the famous rival in India. Both of them try to surpass each other every time through their services and user ease.
Now both Airtel and Jio Network users can enjoy Netflix Premium for free because the cost is included in some of the packages already.
If any Indian subscribes to the Airtel Package that costs rs 499 or above, he or she will get the Netflix Premium for free. Offers are valid for both Prepaid and Postpaid users. Rs. 499, Rs. 649, Rs. 799, Rs. will be able to access the popular video streaming service for free. 500 Rs Airtel Plan users will get free 3-month access to the base Rs. 500 Netflix plan, only SD quality videos.
To avail of this offer, users need to download the My Airtel App on their phone. It is available on Google Play Store and App Store. If you already have the app make sure it is up to date. The latest version of the app is available to update.

Free Netflix Accounts Giveaway
Here are the free Netflix Accounts that we updated on the 6th of May 2022. Every day between 12 AM to 12 PM we update this list.
Please keep visiting our list of Netflix Accounts Free every day and whenever you remember. Be the first one to enjoy Free Netflix services through itsdailytech giveaways.

Passwords are given below
Please don’t change the password of the Free Netflix Account if you got one.

May of 2022 is here and we are hoping to update the new Netflix Free Accounts soon. If any of our visitors have an empty slot on your Netflix account for one or more persons please share it with us. We will give the credits.

Latest Free Netflix Premium Accounts May 2022 – List Update

Here are the newly added Free Netflix Accounts on 6th May 2022

Other free Netflix Accounts Updated on March 17

Username  Password
[email protected] Door3056
[email protected] kipoplol
[email protected] Ninamyers123
[email protected] Morfeusz20
[email protected] pot389
[email protected] miami0013
[email protected] Mobilepayments3
[email protected] D14m0nDs
[email protected]

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