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life story of a man_ Kennedy
There is a man call Kennedy he loves chatting in Facebook all day,he them find a sweet lovely girl on Facebook
He chat she up,
They met each other and both fall in love with each other.
Kennedy love her very much and he cares for her and he don’t allow anything to touch her painful.
Both of them started dating to each other for one year, Kennedy promise to marry her but there is no money to buy engagement ring for her
In the other side of the girl,she loves Kennedy and she would die if he is not around her all the time,at least once per day.
Kennedy is a loving caring man but he promised her wife never to touch her till after marry.
But in the other side of Kennedy he loves sex and he could like to have it every day but do to the promise and love he have for her girlfriend he tried his best to keep it

One day he got a call on his so call ex girlfriend joy, which tell him to come over to his house that she is in trouble with her parents.kennedy been a kind person he want there.
When he reached he was very surprised to find out that is only one room apartment,he started imagining how could she lives with her parents in one room.

When he knocked at the door and enter inside all to see joy neaked,he tried to run but joy grub him and said,

“See Kennedy if you like beat me but I tell you I will screen to people to find out you are taping me”

Before she could have finished Kennedy started feeling sex again,so he see it as opportunity to have sex.they have sex to there own satisfaction .
life story of a man_ Kennedy

When he got home and see her girlfriend he couldn’t hold his tears
She asked her
My love what all this
Is it because I come to your house with out informing you
Kennedy keep on cring till when she what to leave and he grub her and kiss😘 her and then said
I love you so much and you know that, but money is my problem.
I what to marry you and be us forever.
life story of a man_ Kennedy
She console him that money will soon come
So she promised to sleep on his house today.
Both of them went to kitchen to cook together,play, but one thing happened
On there play they started kissing that made it loss those there mind so the when to beg
After both seen their nakeness
The Kennedy regain himself and said my love remember what I promise you, never to touch you till after marriage.am sorry I can’t do it,she was very angry with him through out that night that made her sleep in the ground.

In the morning Kennedy got a phone call from someone who tell him to come over as soon as possible, when he reached it was the manager that call him.

The manager said
Kennedy we have watched you grow up and you are a good person to run this company as a manager
I want you to replace me.
Kennedy was feel with joy and he with home happy
He discussed to embrace girlfriend with love,so he went to the market a plan with some people to take him home with one cheap ring and till his girlfriend that he stoled it .
After the arrangement
The bought a ring that what to 100,000 and package it understand the cheap right and they want home with to two car that what 3.5 milloin

When dey reached home they started shouting
A thief
Kennedy is a thief

When all the village comes out her girlfriend called him Kennedy why doing this to me.
When she ask what he stoled they told her a ring to engage her girlfriend to wife.
she cried out and what to run before someone hold her
And Kennedy said,
My love and all that was shouting thief that laughing why others started drinking experience wine.
The village becomes confused

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With a surprise to all
Kennedy said will you marry me
She accepted and dey make a happy home

My question is that how far will you go to engage your wife
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