Global Excellence Undergraduate And Masters Scholarship For African Students.

University College Dublin (UCD) funds this scholarship program, which attempts to recruit outstanding applicants to UCD’s undergraduate and graduate programs while also encouraging early application.


It is important to note that the scholarship awards are only available to students enrolled in full-time Masters programs; this excludes all clinical programs as well as master’s programs in the Smurfit School of Business.


Benefits Of Winning The UCD Global Excellence Scholarships


The chosen candidate would be eligible to receive a full tuition fee scholarship from the Global Excellence Scholarship Foundation.

Some students will receive a 50% Global Excellence Tuition Fee Scholarship, while others will receive a 25% Global Excellence Tuition Fee Scholarship.

Be Aware Of This Prior To Submitting An Application For The Scholarship

The University College Dublin, also known as UCD, is a research university in Dublin, Ireland, and a member institution of the National University of Ireland. It is the oldest university in the country

The university in question is widely regarded as Ireland’s largest and most prominent, as well as one of the country’s most prestigious universities overall.

The University was founded in the year 1854, and on the Feast of Saint Malachy, it was officially inaugurated as the Catholic University of Ireland, with John Henry Newman serving as the institution’s first rector.


The name of the institution had previously been hidden from the public eye, but it was later resurrected in the year 1880 when the university was renamed.

In addition, the university renamed its constitutional act in 1997 to “National University of Ireland, Dublin” to reflect the new name of the institution.

More Specific Information Regarding the Scholarship Program

*This particular award is designed for students pursuing a postgraduate degree.

*The University College Dublin (UCD) is the institution in charge of the project.

*Ireland is the country in which they would conduct their research.

*University College Dublin is the institution where you will be studying.

*There has not yet been a decision on which approach will be pursued.

*Applications for the scholarship are open to both male and female applicants in equal measure.

*The deadline for the submission of applications has been set for March 31, 2022.

Qualifications For The Scholarship At The University Of Dublin’s Global Excellence Program

All applicants for the scholarship program must be African citizens or residents.

Not only that but he or she would be currently resident in an African country, which would be classified as a non-EU country for the purposes of the tuition fee when submitting their application.

The candidates should be given complete freedom and a fair chance in terms of when they are selected to receive the scholarship award.

This program is only available to students who are based in Dublin and who do not have a portion of the program conferred by another institution.

All clinical programs are ineligible for the Global Clinical Programs Award.

Additional Information That Should Be Taken Into Consideration

The interview date, process, and location for the UCD Global Excellence Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships will be notified to all successful candidates after their applications have been reviewed.

Guidelines For The Scholarship Selection Criteria

Successful candidates will be chosen on the basis of their merit, which will be combined with a thorough evaluation of their scholarship application.

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