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Golden High Episode 2

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[ High School ♡♡ Drama ]


Episode 2
 As soon as they got home,Lisa went upstairs into her room.




Golden High

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[ High School ♡♡ Drama ]



As soon as they got home,Lisa went upstairs into her room. She pull off the trouser and the top,, she sat on the bed thinking of what to do,what the hell is she going to read?? She really have interest in the school,if not,she will just ignore it.

Nevertheless, she tried to read her old school text,she knew some basic topics in each subject which is likely to come out,,even though she dislike reading, she still studied.

Maybe she can still pass,,,after studying for some hours, she gave up and walked out of the room. She went downstairs and entered the kitchen to get something to eat,she checked the time and gasped

” What?? 6:30pm?? Did I study for that long??? ” she shook her head
She opened the freezer and brought out some snacks
She walked back to the sitting room as she eat,,she turn on the TV and started watching the random programs,,, and then the school came on.

They were advertising the school,,GOLDEN HIGH and a picture came up. She immediately remember him,he was the one a teacher was talking to, his name is Michel. He looks so handsome in the school uniform,,his smile came up and she almost blushed like he was smiling at her.

” Am sure some people will wanna attend this school just because of him,he’s so handsome ” A voice said behind her
Yeah he’s handsome but a trouble maker,she thought.
” Sis,you’re back ” Lisa stood up and hugged her
” So,,,how did you see the school. Am sure you love it ” Anna said and she nodded
” Yeah,am going to write the test tomorrow. I wish I pass ” Lisa said with a sigh
” Of course you will ” Anna said and pat her hair

Anna went upstairs looking tired ,,Lisa suddenly pity her. Soon she will be leaving her ,,how will she cope alone?? But she still have to leave anyway,she just hope she will be fine..

…………Next Day

She got down from the car and walked into the school, she was able to see the picture in front of the large beautiful,, it’s the same guy,Michel,but in this one,another girl was beside him. She’s also beautiful and she wonder maybe she’s there because she’s pretty or because she’s brilliant. She ignored it and walked in. A lot of students were there already ,,she have to wait for some minutes before it got to her turn.

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They called 6 of them at the same time and they all went in,,they were given the text and a seat for each one of them,just on a system.

Minutes later ,they were done

” You can go out,,you will be seeing the result In the next one hour,,the pass mark is 70% so if your mark is less ,,,no admission. If you get 70% and above,,come back to this office.

Lisa sighed and walked out of the way office,,she have never experienced any stress like this before getting admission into any high school, why is this one so different??

She carried her bag and decided to take a walk round the school,, she continue walking and was amazed by the school building.
” So large and beautiful ” She said inwardly
She heard some voices getting close to her and she looked up,,

” Oh ” She gasped
It’s the guy,,Michel talking with another female student, she suddenly recognize the girl. Her picture was also pasted at the entrance of the school with Michel beside her,
” Wow,,,it’s the two ” She said watching them as they chat and walked beside her,they didn’t notice her because they were really talking about something serious. They passed but she still turned and stared.

” I love the uniform ” She smiled still starring at the girl,,she look really beautiful and she suddenly wonder if the students are in this school because of their cuteness or brilliancies. She find a bench beside her and she sat down,she brought out a chocolate from her bag and started munching on it while waiting for one hour
” This is so boring ” She sighed and just then she felt a presence beside her,she flinched and turned to the person sitting beside her

” Who are you??” She asked and the student faced her,,,she gasped immediately
” Oh my,,,,,” She kept quiet without completing her sentence
The guy beside her look so hot,,she can’t even decided who is more handsome between this guy and Michel, just that Michel have a cute face like a female,,he looks younger than the one sitting beside her.

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” Am I that handsome?? ” The boy asked
She cleared her throat and looked away
” You’re a new student?? ” He asked
” Yeah,,the result will be out in the next one hour” She replied like the cool girl she is
” It’s less than 30 minutes now ” he said
” Oh,,,,,”
” Are you sure you’re going to pass?? How sure are you?? ” The boy asked facing the other side
” Am not so sure,,but I hope I pass,,,” She sighed

” What’s your name??”
” Mona Lisa ” She answered.
” Yours?? ” She asked
” I will tell you after you see the result ” He smirked
” Oh,,okay ”

They both sat down talking about some random stuffs,She really enjoyed his company because she keep on smiling at every word
” I think it’s the result ” She suddenly said when she heard her phone making a sound
” Check ”
” I can’t,,,check for me. Am so nervous ” She said and gave him the phone
He took it from her and breath out,,,,

” Pass??” Lisa asked but he kept quiet
” What’s the pass mark??” He asked
” 70% ” She replied
” Pass??” She asked again
” Fail??” She asked
” Hi,,,am Rowan ” The boy said bringing out his hand for a shake
” Does that mean I passed??” She asked immediately

” You got 75% ,,,that was just pass ” He smiled
” Wow,,am happy ”
” You should try harder,,I got 88% when I got admitted here ” Rowan said
” Wow,,you’re so brilliant ” Lisa shouted
” No,,,there was someone who once got 99% ” He said with a little smile which faded immediately
” Who’s the person?? ” she asked
” You should know by Now,am leaving, I have a class. See you tomorrow ” He said and walked away

She started walking back to the office but at the same time thinking about who got 99% out of 100%

” Did the person cheated or what?? ,,but what does he mean by I should know by now??” She asked herself
” Wait,,is he talking about Michel?? Wow,,he’s the one,,his picture was used as,,,,no,,,maybe it’s the girl. ” She sighed and decided not to think about it.

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” Hey Lisa,,,you’ve gotten your result?? ” The girl who introduced herself as Florence the other day asked
” Yeah,,am not really bright,,I got 75% ,,” She said
” Wow,,that’s great,,I got 78% though,am just glad I passed,,I will study better when I finally get admitted ” Florence said

Lisa smiled,,she seem like a nice girl

They both entered the office since they were the last,, the lady inside gave them the admission letter,,

” Come here with either of your parents tomorrow,,, you are starting class tomorrow,, so when coming, you should be ready not to step out again ” The lady said with a smile

Lisa and Florence bowed their heads before heading out,,

” Wow,,check the other note,,it include the things we should bring when coming tomorrow,,,, ” Florence said
Lisa turned the notes over and gasped

” But,,the uniforms and shoes are not included,,, and besides why are dresses included,will there be party or something?? ” Lisa asked and chuckled at her own question
” I don’t know,,, but right now,,mom will be busy at work,,how do I get all these?? ” Florence pouted sadly
” Same with me,,my aunt will be busy,,but we can go together Right?? I just have to withdraw out some cash ” Lisa said

” You’re right,,let’s go,,but to my house first ” Florence said

They both walked out of the school,,Lisa told her driver to go home,,and he left

” I guess we are friends now ” Florence smiled
” Yes of course ” Lisa nodded as they entered Florence car
” Wow,,I can’t believe I won’t be seeing this car for a long period of time,am gonna miss you baby” Florence said hugging one of the seats
” That’s funny,,” Lisa chuckled

End of Golden High Episode 2

To be continued


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