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Golden High Episode 4

[ High School ♡♡ Drama ]



” That's bad,,,,,” Florence said while Lisa kept quiet
” Let's go back to class,,three more classes and we are done,,” Juliet said and they all walked back to the class.

Florence suddenly bumped into someone and the books she was holding scattered all over the floor
” Are you f**king blind ??!!” The student yelled
” Am not blind okay?? Am going to help you with it,,” Florence said
” Don't you dare use your dirty hand on my notes,,”
” Hey Vanessa ,you should calm down,it was a slight mistake” Juliet tried to save the situation

That was when Lisa discovered that it was the same Vanessa she just told them about,,,
Wow she's so rude,,she thought within herself
” Next time you try that,, I will make sure you regret it,,bunch of empty heads ” Vanessa said angrily and walked away
” Did she just call us,,empty heads??” Lisa asked
” let her be,,that's how she is,,let her not spoil our mood ” Juliet smiled

They nodded and finally entered the class,, this time Michael and Rowan were there,, and soon,Vanessa also came in. Lisa shook her head as she tried sitting down beside Michael but another girl was there,,,

” Can you get up,,that's my seat ” Vanessa said
” And you can see am busy,am talking to him,,I thought you're brilliant, you should be able to interpret this ” The girl sitting beside Michael said and rolled her eyes
” Are you talking to me like that?? How dare you ” Vanessa half yelled
” Who are you?? ”
” It's okay,,she's right here,,we will talk later ” Michael told the girl sitting beside him

” Am watching you,,,,” The girl said to Vanessa before standing up
Vanessa hissed and sat down,,,,She didn't hear what Michael said but Vanessa rolled her eyes.
” Are those two in any relationship?? ” Lisa find herself asking Juliet
” Well,,I don't think so,,but am sure Vanessa have a huge crush on Michael ” She replied
She looked back and saw Rowan starring at her,,she smiled at him and he returned the smile

” I guess he's calm now ” She said
” What are you saying??” Juliet asked
” It's nothing,, ” Just then the teacher came in

School is over,, half of the students groaned and walked out of the class,while the rest stayed to talk and laugh,

” Come with me,,I want to see the school counselor ,,she told me to come after school ” Juliet said
” Am sorry I can't,,am really tired ” Lisa replied
” Am coming with you ” Florence said and they both walked out of the class
” This school is just,,,why are they f**king hard on studies?? Damn am tired ” She said to herself

” Hey,,” A voice said beside her and she turned to see the person
” Rowan ” She called with a smile
” Am glad you remember my name ” Rowan said
” Of course,,,”
” What are you doing right now??” Rowan asked
” I should be asking,, what do you guys do after school?? ” Lisa asked
” Everyone is different,, but I always go to the practice field,,, ” Rowan said

” Wow,,Soccer right??”
” Yeah,or you wanna come with me??” he asked
” Wow,that will be great,,,but with uniform??” She asked
” No,,,you can go and change,, but we have our practice wear,,,,”
” Oh,,I will just go and get ride of this uniform, ”
” Let's go together ” Rowan said and she wide her eyes

” What are you thinking?? I won't go in with you,I will stay outside and wait ” Rowan said and she smiled shyly
” Okay,let's go ”

They both went out of the class still chatting and laughing at the same time,,
” You don't have any friends?? ” Lisa asked
” I do have friends,, they are probably Waiting right now ” He replied
” Okay,,I won't waste time ” Lisa said and went into the dorm

She immediately brought out a shirt and short skirt,,she took off her uniform and dropped it in the laundry room,she put on the skirt and then the shirt, she tucked it in slowly and rushed out of the room with the school shoes still on,,
She was about going out of the dorm when she heard voices and decided to listen.

” What are you looking for??” A female voice asked
She knew the person was referring to Rowan
” I didn't come here for you Sharon,,,” Rowan replied
” I never said you came here for me,,why will you come for me in the first place??” Sharon said and opened the door. She flinched

” Oh my heart,,,who the f**k is this!! ” she shouted still panting
Lisa remember her,,it was the same girl who Vanessa shouted at because she was sitting beside Michael
” Hi,am Lisa your new roommate, I hope we get along well ” Lisa said bringing out her hand for a shake
” Wait,,you mean,I have a room mate now??” Sharon asked
” Yes”
” oh my God!!!! Am so glad!” She shouted and hugged Lisa tightly

She wasn't expecting that though,,

” You're going somewhere with Rowan??” She asked
” Yes,,I will be back ” Lisa said and went out

” Am back ” Lisa said
” Thanks to you am late,,,I have to go,,just follow me with your eyes,,” Rowan said and ran off
She chuckled and followed the direction he ran toward with her eyes,,
She continue walking and then finally got to the practice field,,,it have roof,and it was very large,,the sun can't even get to them,,,

” Watch where you're going sweetheart ” Someone said in front of her and she looked up,that was when she discovered that she almost bumped into him and it's no other person than Michael.

” Am,,sorry ” She said nervously
Why is she suddenly nervous in front of him??
” It was you,the new student,, ” Michael asked
” Yeah,,that's me,,”
” Why are you here?? You play soccer?? ” Michael asked
” What?? Of course not,,I came with a friend ” She replied
” Who??”
” Rowan ” She replied

” Oh,,okay,,See you later sweetheart ”
” Am not sweetheart ”
” Well,I can't remember your name,,and if you tell me am still gonna forget ” Michael said
” Then how come you're brilliant when you forget things easily?? ”
” Am not brilliant,, am only smart,,being smart is better than being Brilliant,,, brain ” He said touching his skull before walking out of her sight

” What does that mean?? Smart and Brilliant,, are they not the same?” She asked herself
She sat down on one of the benches which look more like a stadium ,,the large field was below and she wonder how the main field will look like if this is just the practice one,,

Rowan waved at her and she waved back,, he was already changed,it was the same thing Michael was putting on.

” Wow,,who's that hot chick you just waved at??” Jayden ,one of his friends asked
” The new student in my class,,,” Rowan replied
” Wow,now I wish am in 5B and not 5A ” Nolan said
” Good for you all,,let's just start the practice before that old man get here ” Rowan said and they chuckled
” Don't call that man old,,he's still our coach. Am sure he's not even 30 yet,,” Jayden laughed

” Who cares,,” Rowan replied and just then Michael and his best friend Gavin came in,,the two were always seen together ,,
He have other friends but Gavin is his best and maybe it's because they both play Soccer, his other three friends are in the basketball team.

” I hate him ” Rowan said after starring at them for a long time,,
” I don't know why,,but I don't like him either ” Jayden scoffed
” He's not bad,,,but he hardly talk to others, ” Nolan said
” Just shut up Nolan ” Rowan said and hissed

” Okay boys!!! Get together,, am here now,,” The coach said in a loud voice ,,another lady was beside him
The boys came together as he commanded.

” Boom!” Someone screamed into Lisa's ear and she almost freaked out and fell
” Come on,,it's me ” Sharon rolled her eyes and sat down beside her
” What are you doing here??” Lisa asked
” I just came to talk to Michael,he promised to talk to me after the practice, I don't want him to forget that's why am here ” She explained

Lisa took her lips in ,,,
” What are you thinking,, we are nothing ” Sharon smiled
” I wasn't thinking about anything ” Lisa said even though she knew it was a lie
She actually thought they are in a relationship
” He's my cousin ” Sharon said and Lisa turned to her
” Your cousin??” She asked
” Yeah,,so there's no how I can date my brother okay?? Even if he's as cute as that,, he's still my brother ” Sharon smiled

” So,,Vanessa?? ” Lisa asked
” I hate her,,I hate the fact that she's close to him,, I hate seeing them together. I just wish it's someone else and not Vanessa ” Sharon said angrily
” By someone else,,that means,they are dating?? ”
” No,,,I am saying that, I wish he's close to another person and not Vanessa ”

Lisa was about talking when they heard a loud yelled ,,they faced the boys and it was Michael and Rowan yelling at each other while the other boys are trying to hold them back

And as far as she could see,,it was Rowan who hit Michael first on the face,,,
She gasped as Michael fell on the ground holding his already bruised face,,he was about hitting Rowan when the coach shouted.

” F**k ” Sharon muttered under her breath
What the hell just happened?? Just Now?? She asked herself inwardly.

End of Golden High Episode 4
To be continued

This time,no mercy😑😑

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